Dr Arthur Tjandra signed up for a YouTube user account in 2008, but it was not until June 2013, that he started taking videos of his surgeries and published them on YouTube. As of August 2020, one month before YouTube terminated our channel, our YouTube channel was Singapore’s 5th most popular YouTube channel, with more than 329 million views and has more than 746,000 subscribers. Compare this with the top 20 Physicians Social Media Influencers in the world, published by Medscape.com, which have followers typically in the range of thousands to tens of thousands only.

Within a span of 3 years, from 2013 to 2016, Dr Arthur Tjandra went on to publish more than 3,000 videos on his YouTube channel. However, in 2016, YouTube went on a rampage to remove some 1,000 of his videos. His YouTube account was even terminated, before it was reinstated 1 month later, after Dr Arthur Tjandra made an appeal. The more than 1,000 deleted videos, unfortunately, were never reinstated. Why did YouTube went on a rampage to remove so many of Dr Arthur Tjandra’s videos back in 2016, and still continues to do so every now and then? To find out why, please read: Why does YouTube keep removing all your videos?

Anyway, from 2013 through 2016, Dr Arthur Tjandra has published surgical videos of Patients No. 001 to 415 on his YouTube channel, many of which were later removed by YouTube in 2016.

This video blog was launched after YouTube went on a rampage to remove our videos in 2016. We started the publication of our case studies on this Vlog with Patient No. 399, not Patient No. 001, as it was impossible to re-post all the 3,000 over videos we have posted on YouTube on this Vlog again.

But, as some patients prior to No. 399  returned for subsequent surgeries to complete their whole body transformation journeys, we re-posted selected cases which had previously appeared on our YouTube channel, on this Vlog again. We also produce highlight videos on interesting cases for selected patients below.

Patients No. 001 to 049

Patients No. 050 to 099

Patients No. 100 to 149

Patients No. 150 to 199

Patients No. 200 to 249

Patients No. 250 to 299

Patients No. 300 to 349

Patients No. 350 to 398

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