Patient No. 54

This young Chinese Singaporean student came to Dr Arthur Tjandra at a tender age of 18 to embark on her whole body transformation journey, and completed it 4 years later, as a 22-year-old stewardess. The result of her body transformation is breathtaking!

After having visited Dr Arthur Tjandra for 2 sessions of surgeries, she eventually graduated, and worked as a stewardess. As a student, she did not have much money, so she chose Dr Arthur Tjandra because he was cheaper than Korean surgeons. But, when she started working and had more money, she did not want to go to cheap surgeon anymore, although his result was good! She chose Seoul as her destination to get calves liposuction done. But, alas! She did not see any difference at all after liposuction! When she confronted the surgeon, she was told that there was no more fat in her calves, hence if she wanted to make them smaller, she had to get  calf neurectomy done, a procedure to destroy/cut one of the 2 major nerves innervating the calf muscles so as to partially paralyze the calf muscles, resulting in muscle atrophy (muscle shrinkage). This is what exactly happens to a person who suffers from stroke and becomes bed ridden. As he is unable to walk and move, his limb muscles will shrink in size (atrophy). In Dr Arthur Tjandra’s opinion, this is too drastic a procedure to do for the sake of vanity. Besides, based on his experience, if all the fat in the calves and ankles are removed completely, most patients do not even need to get their calf nerves destroyed! Ironically, this patient was still unhappy with the size of her calves and did not think there was any difference in their sizes, even after liposuction and neurectomy! She had no choice but to return to someone who had performed liposuction on her before, someone who had produced results she could appreciate, and whom she actually trusted. When Dr Arthur Tjandra examined her calves, he was shocked that there was still thick layer of fat which was not removed! Had her previous surgeon properly removed all the fat in her calves and ankles, she would not even have to get her calf nerves destroyed! The irony is that her Korean surgeon insisted that there was no more fat, and urged her to get neurectomy done. The implication of getting neurectomy done is that her athletic performance becomes compromised. As she ages and starts to lose balance and strength on her lower limbs, she will regret that she has intentionally destroyed her calf nerves to weaken her calf muscles. It is too high a price to pay for slim calves! Especially when a simple liposuction with thorough removal of fat can also make the calves slim without having to paralyze the muscles! The fact is, calves and ankles liposuction, as well as forearms and wrists liposuction, are the most advanced liposuction technique, which only the most experienced surgeons can perform successfully! When a non-experienced surgeon performs liposuction on calves/ankles or forearms/wrists, there are only 2 possible outcomes: no difference, or serious complications!

This is a list of her case studies:

Session 1:

Patient No. 54, Session 1: Abdominal liposuction and autologous fat transfer breasts augmentation

Session 2:

Patient No. 54: Result of abdominal liposuction and autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation, 7 months later

Patient No. 54, Session 2: Inner thighs liposuction

Session 3:

Patient No. 54: Result of autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation and abdominal liposuction, 3 years later

Patient No. 54. Session 3: Calves and left thigh liposuction with autologous fat grafting breasts and buttocks augmentation

Session 4:

Patient No. 54: Result of 2 sessions of autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation, A to  C cup

Patient No. 54: Result of abdominal liposuction, 3 years 2 months later

Patient No. 54: Result of left thigh liposuction and Brazilian butt lift, 2 months later

Patient No. 54. Session 4: Right thigh liposuction and autologous fat grafting breasts and buttocks augmentation: Finally, A Masterpiece!



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