Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie is world-renowned for his expertise and experience in dealing with anything to do with fat! When he started his private practice in 2008, he was just like everyone else: the jack of all trades. He performed surgeries from heads to toes, from blepharoplasty, to otoplasty, to rhinoplasty, to lip reduction surgery, to breasts augmentation, to buttocks augmentation, and of course, liposuction! Basically, he offered everything under the sun and moon! But, in the last 5 years, he has decided to focus on only 2 surgeries: liposuction and autologous fat grafting. He is the expert and one of the most experienced surgeons in liposuction surgeries and autologous fat grafting in the world. He performs liposuction on any parts of body, which no one has ever thought possible, such as forearms, calves and ankles! You may watch this on our YouTube channel, provided YouTube has not already removed those videos, as well as on this blog. Dr Arthur Tjandra also injects fat into areas which no one ever thought possible, such as the vagina and penis! He has performed close to 10,000 liposuction surgeries from mid-2000 till end of 2016. During the same period of time, he has performed more than 2,000 autologous fat transfer breasts and/or buttocks augmentation procedures. And this is the catch: he performs liposuction with a mere cheap plastic syringe which costs less than USD 5! Again, which no one actually believes is possible! He has campaigned for the use of syringe for liposuction since mid-2000s. He explains why he thinks syringe is the best and safest way to perform a liposuction surgery on his website: Liposuction Case Studies. He provides evidence for his statement. He was lucky enough to learn this almost extinct and obsolete method of performing liposuction, which was last taught in plastic surgery residency training in the early to mid-1990s, from his mentors: Prof Fong Poh Him, who was the first surgeon to perform liposuction in Singapore, and Dr Pierre Fournier, the father of modern liposuction. No one took him seriously when he went around the world telling and showing people how safe and effective syringe liposuction was. He was seen as a big joke. He was seen as a loser. His colleagues and friends even predicted that his private practice would not last more than a year or two if he did not embrace the latest technology and purchase the latest devices. It was Prof Fong Poh Him who convinced Dr Arthur Tjandra to trust his own surgical skill and stick to the obsolete, primitive, but extremely safe and effective way of performing liposuction: a plastic syringe! Without Prof Fong Poh Him‘s encouragement, he would have joined the rest of the pack by performing machine-assisted liposuction.

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