Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie performs liposuction with just a plastic syringe, an outdated method which was practiced back in the 1980s and 1990s, which hardly any surgeon practices anymore these days. However, he has explained in great detail why “back to basics” is still be the best and safest method in liposuction, with the highest satisfaction rates and lowest risk of complications: “Liposuction Case Studies @ Elixir de Vie“. You will never be able to find this page on all major search engines, because it has been black-listed. Why? Because the liposuction devices industry, which is worth tens of billions of dollars a year, does not want prospective patients to learn the information on this page! After all, a set of liposuction device costs at least US$100,000, while a piece of plastic syringe costs less than US$2. There is too much to lose if patients start asking for syringe liposuction! What you see on your search results from search engines are determined largely by advertisers’ dollars to either promote or suppress any website(s) and/or information. You must understand that search engines’ revenues come from advertisers! With tens of billions of dollars profit every year, liposuction devices manufacturers would not mind spending a few hundred million dollars, a small fraction of their profits, to aggressively promote machine liposuction, and to suppress information on syringe liposuction!

Besides performing liposuction with nothing but just a plastic syringe, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie also performs all his liposuction cases under awake anesthesia, which means that patients are completely awake during the procedure! But, as local anesthesia, also called tumescent anesthesia, is being administered, the procedure is almost painless. We have posted a number of videos of patients getting liposuction done under local anesthesia on our YouTube channel, but most of them have been removed by YouTube for reasons we have stated above. You may still see a few working links to those videos on our website: Elixir de Vie Liposuction Case Studies.


Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie even performed awake liposuction under local anesthesia on himself, twice! Unfortunately, he did not film it when he did it the first time round in 2008. He only started filming his surgeries and posting them on YouTube in the mid-2010s. When he performed a second liposuction on himself in December 2019, he made sure that it was filmed, and the case study was also published on his Vlog. He is Patient No. 532.

Almost all surgeons in the world perform liposuction under deep sedation or general anesthesia. Performing liposuction with a mechanical device under deep sedation/general anesthesia is a recipe for disaster. There have been a few high profile cases of liposuction death in the region:

  1. The first liposuction death case in Singapore. The patient ended up dead because he could not breathe due to deep sedation and his intestines were punctured multiple times with ultrasound-assisted liposuction device. As the patient was under deep sedation, he did not show any sign of distress at all, as the surgeon punctured his intestines times and times again.
  2. A dance instructor who died after liposuction in Hong Kong. She was morbidly obese, weighing 136 kg. As Dr Arthur Tjandra has explained on his website, Vlog and all the videos he has published on his YouTube channel, liposuction is not a tool for weight loss. It is merely a sculpting tool to sculpt the body of a person who is already within his/her ideal range of weight into a much desirable shape! If one is overweight or obese, one has to lose weight through sensible dieting and exercise, not through liposuction! This patient was obviously not a candidate for liposuction, as she was not only obese, but morbidly obese! During search, prosecutors found 165 ampoules of pethidine, a dangerous pain-killer, in the clinic. The liposuction might have been performed with a cocktail of dangerous anesthetic drugs without the presence of an anesthetist.
  3. A 34-year-old granddaughter of a Hong Kong tycoon who owns Bossini, died during liposuction in Seoul. Just like the high profile case in Singapore, the Korean surgeon also used Propofol, a strong anesthesia. As the patient was still moving, he added a cocktail of 2 more sedatives, ketamine and midazolam, which killed the patient instantaneously.

In the 3 high-profile cases above, we see one striking similarity. All 3 surgeons performed liposuction under deep sedation, almost like general anesthesia, in a clinic setting, without the presence of an anesthetist. The first surgeon even went as far as puncturing his patient’s intestines 13 times, without realizing it, as the patient was deeply sedated, hence did not respond to pain.

It is because of all the high-profile liposuction deaths, if you are getting liposuction done in Singapore, it is required by law to get it done under general anesthesia or deep sedation in a hospital operating theater, or in a day surgery center. Why does Singapore authority impose such stringent measure? Because everyone knows that the safest way to perform liposuction is with a plastic syringe. Almost nothing could ever go wrong if a surgeon performs liposuction with nothing but a plastic syringe. The downside of this method is, however, the surgery becomes extremely long, and it is extremely exhausting for the surgeon, as the surgeon has to aspirate fat little by little using an extremely low-pressure syringe, which pressure is not constant and often lost, and has to be created with the surgeon’s fingers. Most of the time, the surgeon’s fingers would become swollen after pulling on the plunger of his syringe hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of times during a liposuction surgery. Unless the surgeon performing liposuction has good endurance and strong arm muscles, as well as strong fingers, it is extremely challenging to perform liposuction for a few hours with nothing but a plastic syringe! As the medical authority cannot, lawfully, instruct surgeons to perform liposuction with a syringe only, in order to make liposuction safer, they make it compulsory to get it done under deep sedation or general anesthesia. By making it compulsory to have liposuction done under deep sedation or general anesthesia, surgeons have no choice, but to have the surgeries done in a hospital operating theater or a day surgery center, as normal clinic operating rooms are not equipped to handle surgeries under general anesthesia or deep sedation, as this needs more extensive monitoring with more sophisticated instruments. They also have to engage anesthetists to help. By making it compulsory for liposuction to be done in a hospital or day surgery center, in the event of complication, there are always 2 doctors in the operating room at any point of time, who may better manage a complication. If the 2 doctors are unable to manage, as they are in a hospital or day surgery center, they can call out for help from other doctors and surgeons who are performing other surgeries in other operating theaters. This is the logic behind such regulation.

What are the downsides of performing liposuction under general anesthesia or deep sedation?

  1. Ironically, having liposuction done under general anesthesia or deep sedation actually increases the risk of complications and death, compared to having it done under only local anesthesia. We have presented the facts and references to medical literature on our website: Liposuction Case Studies. Why do the authorities still make it compulsory to have liposuction done under deep sedation or general anesthesia even as they carry higher risk of complications? As they cannot tell surgeons what method of liposuction to use, as they cannot order surgeons to use syringe to perform liposuction, this is, unfortunately, the next best thing they can do to make the surgery much safer, as we have explained above.
  2. It is extremely hard and may even be dangerous to move a patient who is deeply sedated or is under general anesthesia who is not even breathing on his/her own. A patient under general anesthesia has a tube inserted down his airway, which is attached to a breathing machine (ventilator). If this tube is accidentally pulled out without deflating the balloon which keeps it in place inside the airway, it may cause serious injury in the airway. If it is accidentally pulled out on a patient who is not even breathing on his own, fatal consequences may ensure. If a patient cannot be flipped and turned around from side to side, if a patient cannot sit and stand up on his/her own, there is no way to perform 3-dimensional liposuction like what Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie does. Without 3D liposuction, the result will definitely be compromised. We recommend you visit our Vlog, and go through all the revision liposuction cases we have published. Almost all the botched results by other surgeons were caused by the fact that they did not perform 3D liposuction, and/or the surgeries were performed using machines, instead of just syringes.

What are the benefits of performing awake liposuction with just a plastic syringe?

  1. It is much safer, as it is almost impossible to cause internal injury with just a microcannula and a plastic syringe.
  2. As patient is awake, it is possible to perform 3-dimensional liposuction. Patient can flip around, sit and even stand up with minimal assistance.
  3. In order to produce excellent result, patient needs to be able to flip round, sit up and even stand up during the surgery, which cannot be done when the patient is deeply-sedated or under general anesthesia.
  4. Patient can give feedback during the entire surgery. This becomes an interactive surgery. Sometimes what the surgeon wants and thinks is beautiful, may not be what a patient wants and thinks is beautiful.
  5. Faster recovery.

With the raves surrounding the latest high-tech devices in liposuction: powered-suction, laser device, ultrasound device, water jet device, you name it, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie went against all odds by sticking to his guns and attempted to popularize the concept of liposuction with just a plastic syringe, after learning it from A/Prof Fong Poh Him, a plastic surgeon who introduced liposuction surgeries in Singapore back in the late 1980s. It was also A/Prof Fong Poh Him who encouraged Dr Arthur Tjandra to stick to his guns and not to bow to the temptation of performing liposuction with mechanical devices.

To prove his points, Dr Arthur Tjandra went on to publish some 3,000 videos on his YouTube channel showing the results of syringe liposuction which he performed, which resulted in the channel being terminated by YouTube, in December 2016. Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie launched this video blog (Vlog) one week after his YouTube channel got terminated. Within a year, he went on to publish another 3,000 videos on this video blog (Vlog). Unlike YouTube, where Dr Arthur Tjandra is at their mercy, because he is getting free hosting for his videos, no one can take down his video blog this time, as he pays for his own web-hosting. By end of 2019, Dr Arthur Tjandra has published approximately 10,000 videos on this Vlog!

Today, more and more surgeons are going back to basics and re-learning the syringe method of performing liposuction. We are seeing more and more surgeons offering syringe liposuction in the United States now, although ultrasound and laser methods are still the most popular methods in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Patients have also become more knowledgeable and realize that good result depends not on the type of devices used to perform liposuction, but rather the skill and experience of the surgeons performing liposuction. Modern fanciful devices have been shown to increase the risk of complications. Most importantly, to achieve good result, liposuction has to be performed in a 3-dimensional way, respecting the nature of our bodies, which are 3-dimension. We have discussed this concept in great detail on our website: “Liposuction Case Studies @ Elixir de Vie“.

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