Does a plastic surgery diploma (board-certification) guarantee that a surgeon is experienced in the kind of surgery he is going to perform for you? The answer is “No”! A plastic surgery diploma/board-certification means a surgeon has undergone 3 to 4 years of training in a plastic surgery department under supervision of plastic surgeons, and has passed the required written (and in some cases, oral) examination(s), but not necessarily experienced in the surgery he is going to perform for you! How much experience he gains during his training depends on a host of variable factors, which include how busy the hospital is, and how many patients actually visit the hospital for aesthetic/cosmetic surgeries. If no patient ever turns up in that hospital for forearms liposuction, is he going to wait forever for the chance to learn forearms liposuction, before he can be certified as a plastic surgeon? What if none of his trainers has ever performed such surgery as well? As we are going to point out below, patients do not normally visit a teaching hospital to get aesthetic/cosmetic surgeries done. They usually visit established surgeons in private practice. As we are going to point out below as well, in some countries where aesthetic/cosmetic surgeries are considered “sinful”, how do you think plastic surgery trainees get exposure to such surgeries? Read on, to find out the difference between plastic surgery and aesthetic/cosmetic surgery. A board-certified plastic surgeon may not have the necessary experience and skill to perform aesthetic/cosmetic surgeries. This is why Dr Arthur Tjandra comes up with this Video Blog (Vlog). Please note that the keyword is: VIDEO. It is to showcase the results of his works, so that you can make an informed decision. It is easy to make claims that one has performed thousands and thousands of a particular surgery. But, where are the proofs? Where are the results? A picture used to speak a thousand words……..back at that time when Bruce Lee was still alive. But, not anymore. With the advent of Photoshop, a picture now tells a thousand lies. Take a look at the before and after surgery pictures below on sent to us by a prospective patient, which are supposed to be patients’ testimonies, and see if you could tell whether these pictures have been edited? Hint: look at the door frames, vertical lines on the wardrobe, as well as bed frame. Who makes doors, wardrobes and beds like that? Remember that these are all amateurs. Plastic surgeons can afford to hire Photoshop experts!

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That is why we no longer publish pictures. Even videos can be edited. But, editing a video involves editing 30 frames of pictures per one second of video. Editing a video clip of 5-minute duration requires editing 9000 frames of pictures! That is why you see slimming center or diet pills TV commercials are of a few-second duration only. Go ahead and count how many thousands videos we have published on both our now-defunct YouTube channel and this Vlog! That is probably why many people are unhappy and YouTube removes most of our videos. Nevertheless, there are still 2,170 videos left on our YouTube channel for you to watch! Go and watch quickly before YouTube removes ’em all!


When you choose a plastic surgeon to perform your autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation, you don’t really care if he has performed 10,000 rhinoplasty surgeries in the last 10 years. What you want to know is how many fat grafting breasts augmentation he has performed in the last 1 year, what the outcomes are, and how many complications he has. It is best if he could show pictures. But if he could show videos, that’s the best! This Vlog is created exactly to serve these purposes. This Vlog is created to showcase Dr Arthur Tjandra’s works in mostly liposuction and autologous fat grafting surgeries, as well as “Barbie Chee-Bye-plasty“.


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