This is the main reason:

YouTube, after all, still bows to advertisers’ dollars. This is how YouTube makes money. Competing plastic surgeons and liposuction devices manufacturers whose businesses are hurt by Dr Arthur Tjandra’s very existence and his unique way of performing liposuction, will do all they can to close Dr Arthur Tjandra down! Dr Arthur Tjandra, on the other hand, does not pay a single cent to YouTube. Neither does Dr Arthur Tjandra allow YouTube to sell advertisement slots on his channel. YouTube has no financial incentive to allow Elixir de Vie’s channel to continue to thrive.

We suspect that YouTube decided to delete many of our videos, including the completely innocuous ones which obviously contain no nudity at all, such as facial fat grafting, neck liposuction and calves/ankles liposuction, because they do not want patients and the general public to learn that liposuction performed with a cheap 2-dollar syringe can achieve much better result than, and can even be used to correct liposuction result performed with expensive liposuction devices which cost hundreds of thousand of dollars! Go to YouTube and search for: Elixir de Vie revision liposuction, if you were lucky and YouTube had not already removed those videos, you would be able to watch case studies of patients who had gone to other surgeons for liposuction, all of them performed with the latest devices, before visiting Dr Arthur Tjandra for revision liposuction using just a plastic syringe! After all, YouTube does not want you to know that ultimately, the result of a surgery, especially a cosmetic surgery like liposuction, does not rely on machines, but the skill and experience of the surgeon! Obviously some people may have lobbied YouTube to shut us down to prevent us from disseminating this information and make the public more educated!

After all, liposuction surgery is the most popular plastic surgery in the United States and in the world, an industry which is worth 4 billion dollars in the United States alone, and more than 40 billion dollars worldwide! An industry which many business people and liposuction devices manufacturers cannot afford to miss out!

Chart: America's Love Affair With Plastic Surgery | Statista

Technavio announced its latest market research report titled global liposuction devices market 2019-2023. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Look around you and read advertisements on liposuction. Surgeons offering this service and manufacturers selling liposuction devices all promise fantastic results based on the technology their machines work on. They emphasize on technology while advertising their services using the brands of liposuction devices they purchase rather than their own skill. Instead of marketing their experience, they market the brand of liposuction device they use.

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On the other hand, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie, has been telling patients otherwise. He tells patients that he still sticks to the old, primitive, obsolete method of performing liposuction using merely a disposable plastic syringe! Dr Arthur Tjandra has been advising patients that result of liposuction surgeries does not rely on what machines a surgeon use, but rather, on the skill, expertise and experience of the surgeon!

Cosmetic procedures number by top countries 2018 | Statista

A skilled and experienced surgeon can produce good result whether he uses a 2-dollar plastic syringe or a 100-grand device. Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie has been promoting the use of cheap plastic syringes to perform liposuction since the mid-2000s because of the extremely safe profile. He has performed more than 10,000 liposuction surgeries with a mere plastic syringe in the last 13 years (from 2007 to 2020). He backs his claims by publishing thousands of case studies and results of syringe liposuction on his website, YouTube channel, and now, this blog. A picture may speak a thousand words, but a video speaks a million words! With the advent of Photoshop, a picture now tells a thousand lies! With technology, videos too, can now be doctored, but it is harder to edit videos, especially if you have thousands of videos, with duration of more than 5 minutes each, to edit! This is why our videos are being targeted and our channel was being terminated. And this is also why we have picked ourselves up and started all over again with a brand new blog, with our very own URL, Because we believe patients and consumers have the rights to learn the ultimate truth, and make informed decision based on non-biased information and truth, not information fed by the industry. An industry which is worth billions of dollars! After all, how many 5-dollar syringes one has to sell to reap the same revenue as selling one single 100-grand device?

Now, you understand why YouTube, plastic surgeons all around the world and liposuction devices manufacturers are trying all they can to shut down Elixir de Vie, and wish Dr Arthur Tjandra dead!

This is the reason why YouTube has been removing our completely innocuous videos of arms, or double chin/neck, or calves/ankles liposuction. This is the reason why YouTube has been removing our completely innocuous thumbnails showing patients’ upper back, or arms, or calves. YouTube does not want us to exist, because our very existence hurts the liposuction devices industry, which in turn hurts YouTube!

Dr Arthur Tjandra started posting his surgery videos on YouTube in 2014. From 2014 to 2016, he posted some 5,000 videos. In November 2016, YouTube deleted some 3,000 videos and closed down his channel. He appealed, and his channel was reinstated. However, the 3,000 videos were permanently gone. In December 2016, Dr Arthur Tjandra launched his video blog, No one could delete his videos as he paid for hosting himself. For 3 years, he was living a peaceful life, as no one could disturb him. However, by end of 2019, after posting some 10,000 videos on his video blog, he hit his quota of 2 Terrabytes of space. He used up all the space he was allocated with. He figured out that it would be too expensive to continue hosting his own videos, so he switched back to YouTube. But, barely a few weeks after he started uploading videos to YouTube, YouTube started removing his videos again.

Because of this saga, Dr Arthur Tjandra has signed up for Instagram and Twitter accounts to share pictures and videos of his surgeries. He will cease posting videos on YouTube.

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