They have been deleted by YouTube. Why would “people” lobby YouTube to remove our videos and even shut down our channel, you may ask, while many other similar videos published by other surgeons, and even outwardly pornographic videos are allowed on YouTube?  Once you click on such video, there will be suggestions of hundreds of other similar videos. As you keep clicking on, you will realize there are lots of porn videos on YouTube! So, how could YouTube label our calves liposuction, double chin/neck liposuction or even autologous fat grafting facial rejuvenation videos as pornography, then remove all of them, while obviously pornographic videos are allowed to stay? Our videos of breasts augmentation are being labelled as pornography and removed, while videos of men sucking women’s breasts are allowed.

Below are some screenshots of them. We purposely choose the most “decent” ones, instead of screenshots of “cock-in-mouth” or “pussy-licking” or “close-up pussy-drilling” to avoid controversy. But, you get our point.








(Update on 1 Oct 2018: Our web-hosting company requests us to take down the sexually-explicit pictures above, although we have explained that those were just screenshots taken from YouTube. If you would like to watch porn on YouTube, feel free to contact us for the links to porn videos on YouTube!)

We, too, are quite perplexed why we are the only one being targeted. After doing some research, we finally realize that we are the only cosmetic surgery clinic in the whole world which publishes raw, unedited videos of our surgeries in an extremely transparent manner, from the beginning till the end; from the moment Dr Arthur Tjandra performs marking, until he finishes his surgeries. We also show the immediate results of our surgeries in video format, with follow-up videos taken the next day after surgeries, and months, and years later when patients return to us for subsequent surgeries. No other surgeon in the entire world does what we do! Most surgeons show results of their surgeries in picture format, not videos. Even when they show videos and publish on YouTube, one realizes that the results are still shown as slideshows and pictures, not real patients being video-taped! Now we realize what the real problem is! What we have been doing has caused uneasiness to surgeons who have been showing heavily-edited/Photoshopped results of their surgeries and unable to show videos instead of photos. Dr Arthur Tjandra breaks the long-held tradition and raises patients’ awareness of rampant photo-editing in the cosmetic surgery industry and has done something which no other surgeon in the world has ever done before, by posting raw, unedited videos of his surgeries! Dr Arthur Tjandra has raised the bar too high for other surgeons to follow. Obviously, there has been a lot of lobbying going on, which tries to persuade YouTube to shut down our channel, because our channel has garnered too many viewership and subscribers. As of end of January 2019, our YouTube channel has garnered more than 180 million views with more than 440,000 subscribers.


If all prospective patients expect their surgeons to show results of their surgeries in video format, a lot of surgeons may go out of business! On the other hand, when one purchases one of those high-end liposuction devices, one will also be presented with a set of marketing materials, which include photos and videos! It is probably why some surgeons who have no photograph and video of their own works to show to prospective patients, would rather purchase a device, because it usually comes with the rights of using photos and videos provided by the device manufacturer. That is why a patient may notice identical photographs and videos being shown in two or more clinics!

WARNING: This is a medical blog intended ONLY for medical professionals!!! This blog contains nudity and graphic images of cosmetic surgeries. If you are offended by nudity and graphic images, or if your religion does not allow you to look at such images or to get cosmetic surgery done on yourself, please leave NOW!!!