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This patient in her early-30s had whole body liposuction done in Germany before flying all the way to Medan to look for Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie 3 months ago, for a revision liposuction of her arms. The reason the result was unsatisfactory was because her German surgeon did not perform 3D liposuction the way Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie does. Liposuction was performed on only a very small area over the lower back of her arms! The frontal, lateral and inner aspects of her arms were left untouched! So were the upper arms, shoulders, armpits and upper back!

So ecstatic she is with the result 3 months later, although the arms have not fully recovered as full recovery usually takes at least 6 months, she now returns to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie for revision abdominal liposuction, forearms liposuction, as well as autologous fat grafting buttocks augmentation (Brazilian Butt Lift). Just like arms, incomplete liposuction was performed on her abdomen leaving her abdomen looking like a male abdomen, not a womanly hourglass abdomen!

The patient has blogged about her experience: Under Construction – My Body Transformation Story.

This is a list of her case studies:

  1. Patient No. 485: Result of incomplete arms liposuction in Germany.
  2. Patient No. 485: Result of incomplete abdominal liposuction in Germany.
  3. Patient No. 485, Session 1: Revision arms liposuction after liposuction in Germany.
  4. Patient No. 485: Result of revision arms liposuction 3 months later: from Disaster to Masterpiece!
  5. Patient No. 485, Session 2: Revision abdominal liposuction: from male body to female hourglass figure!
  6. Patient No. 485, Session 2: Forearms liposuction.
  7. Patient No. 485, Session 2: Brazilian Butt Lift (Autologous fat grafting buttocks augmentation)
  8. Patient No. 485: Result of revision arms and forearms liposuction, 10 and 7 months later: The Ultimate Masterpiece!
  9. Patient No. 485: Result of revision abdominal liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift, 7 months later.
  10. Patient No. 485, Session 3: Touch-up forearms liposuction.

Video 8: Result of revision arms liposuction, 3 months later.


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