Since 1st Jan 2022, we have been imposing a 50% surcharge on liposuction fee for patients who have had complications from previous liposuction done by other surgeons, who come to us for revision surgeries. The most common complication we encounter is adhesion, especially when the previous liposuction was performed using ultrasound-assisted method, for instance using VASER.

Patients who have had previous liposuction done elsewhere, but with no complication, will still be charged the same rate as primary surgery. Therefore, if you have had conventional liposuction done elsewhere, but do not like the result because of incomplete removal of fat, you may come to us for a proper 3-dimensional liposuction, and be charged the same rate as patients who come to us for liposuction, for the first time. But, only if there is no complication which needs to be corrected. We do not consider an incomplete removal of fat per se as complication. However, during the process of incomplete removal of fat, complications may occur. If that is the case, you will be charged additional 50%.

What if you decide to lie to us about a previous surgery, in order to avoid paying additional 50%? Well, if Dr Arthur Tjandra encounters adhesions, and you have not paid a 50% complication surcharge prior to your surgery, he will not work on areas with complications, and only perform liposuction on areas without complications.

It is not always possible to tell whether there are complications or not before a surgeon passes a cannula under the skin and hit densely-scarred areas with adhesions. Therefore, if you would like to ensure that the areas with complications are addressed and the adhesion scars are released, you have to place a deposit of 50% on top of the normal liposuction fee for primary surgery. If after completion of your surgery, there is no complication found, the 50% deposit will be refunded to you fully. If there is indeed complication, the 50% deposit will be retained by us. If no deposit for complication is placed, the complication will not be addressed. Only areas without complications will be addressed.

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