When we opened our flagship clinic in Medan, Indonesia, in 2008, we charged SGD 95 for liposuction. A lot of patients, thousands of them, have benefitted greatly from our low surgery fees. Many of them find their whole lives transformed.

Unfortunately, we regret to announce that we can no longer continue to charge SGD 95 for liposuction, as inflation keeps soaring. We have had many patients from 2008 who returned recently, and would still like to be charged the old rate of SGD 95 for liposuction.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we did not increase our surgery fee in 2020 and 2021. On 1st January 2022, however, we increased our liposuction fee by more than 15%.

On 1st Jan 2023, we will increase our liposuction fee by 22.5%.

On 1st Jan 2024, we will increase our liposuction fee by 33.33%.

On 1st Jan 2025, we will increase our liposuction fee by another 25%.

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  1. Doctor; very interesting video blog. Waiting for more posts.

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