WARNING: This is a medical blog intended ONLY for medical professionals!!! This blog contains nudity and graphic images of cosmetic surgeries. If you are offended by nudity and graphic images, or if your religion does not allow you to look at such images or to get cosmetic surgery done on yourself, please leave NOW!!! 

Welcome to L’Elixir de Vie by Arthur Tjandra, a video blog (Vlog) which contains case studies of cosmetic surgeries performed by Dr Arthur Tjandra, mostly liposuction and autologous fat transfer surgeries. Please scroll all the way down to the bottom to see the list of videos/cases we have published, based on anatomical regions.




What method of liposuction does Dr Arthur Tjandra practice?

Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie performs liposuction with just a plastic syringe, an outdated method which was practiced back in the 1980s and 1990s, which hardly any surgeon practices anymore these days. However, he has explained in great detail why “back to basics” may still be the best and safest method in liposuction, with the highest satisfaction rates and lowest risk of complications: “Liposuction Case Studies @ Elixir de Vie“. You will never be able to find this page on all major search engines, because it has been black-listed. Why? Because the liposuction industry, which is worth billions of dollars a year, does not want prospective patients to learn the information on this page! After all, a set of liposuction device costs at least US$100,000, while a piece of plastic syringe costs less than US$2. There is too much to lose if patients start asking for syringe liposuction!

With the raves surrounding the latest high-tech devices in liposuction: powered-suction, laser device, ultrasound device, water jet device, you name it, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie went against all odds by sticking to his guns and attempted to popularize the concept of liposuction with just a plastic syringe, after learning it from A/Prof Fong Poh Him, a plastic surgeon who introduced liposuction surgeries in Singapore back in the late 1980s. To prove his points, Dr Arthur Tjandra went on to publish some 3,000 videos on his YouTube channel showing the results of syringe liposuction which he performed, which resulted in the channel being terminated by YouTube, in December 2016. Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie launched this video blog (Vlog) one week after his YouTube channel got terminated. Within a year, he has published another 3,000 videos on this video blog (Vlog). Unlike YouTube, where Dr Arthur Tjandra is at their mercy, because he is getting free hosting for his videos, no one can take down his video blog this time, as he pays for his own web-hosting.

Today, more and more surgeons are going back to basics and re-learning the syringe method of performing liposuction. We are seeing more and more surgeons offering syringe liposuction in the United States now, although ultrasound and laser methods are still the most popular methods in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Patients have also become more knowledgeable and realize that good result depends not on the type of devices used to perform liposuction, but rather the skill and experience of the surgeons performing liposuction. Modern fanciful devices have been shown to increase the risk of complications. Most importantly, to achieve good result, liposuction has to be performed in a 3-dimensional way, respecting the nature of our bodies, which are 3-dimension. We have discussed this concept in great detail on our website: “Liposuction Case Studies @ Elixir de Vie“.

Why the need of a video blog (Vlog)?

Does a plastic surgery diploma (board-certification) guarantee that a surgeon is experienced in the kind of surgery he is going to perform for you? The answer is “No”! A plastic surgery diploma/board-certification means a surgeon has undergone 3 to 4 years of training in a plastic surgery department under supervision of plastic surgeons, and has passed the required written (and in some cases, oral) examination(s), but not necessarily experienced in the surgery he is going to perform for you! How much experience he gains during his training depends on a host of variable factors, which include how busy the hospital is, and how many patients actually visit the hospital for aesthetic/cosmetic surgeries. If no patient ever turns up in that hospital for forearms liposuction, is he going to wait forever for the chance to learn forearms liposuction, before he can be certified as a plastic surgeon? What if none of his trainers has ever performed such surgery as well? As we are going to point out below, patients do not normally visit a teaching hospital to get aesthetic/cosmetic surgeries done. They usually visit established surgeons in private practice. As we are going to point out below as well, in some countries where aesthetic/cosmetic surgeries are considered “sinful”, how do you think plastic surgery trainees get exposure to such surgeries? Read on, to find out the difference between plastic surgery and aesthetic/cosmetic surgery. A board-certified plastic surgeon may not have the necessary experience and skill to perform aesthetic/cosmetic surgeries. This is why Dr Arthur Tjandra comes up with this Video Blog (Vlog). Please note that the keyword is: VIDEO. It is to showcase the results of his works, so that you can make an informed decision. It is easy to make claims that one has performed thousands and thousands of a particular surgery. But, where are the proofs? Where are the results? A picture used to speak a thousand words……..back at that time when Bruce Lee was still alive. But, not anymore. With the advent of Photoshop, a picture now tells a thousand lies. Take a look at the before and after surgery pictures below on sent to us by a prospective patient, which are supposed to be patients’ testimonies, and see if you could tell whether these pictures have been edited? Hint: look at the door frames, vertical lines on the wardrobe, as well as bed frame. Who makes doors, wardrobes and beds like that? Remember that these are all amateurs. Plastic surgeons can afford to hire Photoshop experts!



Miranda KerrPhotoshop-email

That is why we no longer publish pictures. Even videos can be edited. But, editing a video involves editing 30 frames of pictures per one second of video. Editing a video clip of 5-minute duration requires editing 9000 frames of pictures! That is why you see slimming center or diet pills TV commercials are of a few-second duration only. Go ahead and count how many thousands videos we have published on both our now-defunct YouTube channel and this Vlog! That is probably why many people are unhappy and YouTube removes most of our videos. Nevertheless, there are still 2,170 videos left on our YouTube channel for you to watch! Go and watch quickly before YouTube removes ’em all!


When you choose a plastic surgeon to perform your autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation, you don’t really care if he has performed 10,000 rhinoplasty surgeries in the last 10 years. What you want to know is how many fat grafting breasts augmentation he has performed in the last 1 year, what the outcomes are, and how many complications he has. It is best if he could show pictures. But if he could show videos, that’s the best! This Vlog is created exactly to serve these purposes. This Vlog is created to showcase Dr Arthur Tjandra’s works in mostly liposuction and autologous fat grafting surgeries, as well as “Barbie Chee-Bye-plasty“.


I would like to get liposuction done. I can go to any plastic surgeon, right? As long as he is “board-certified” the result will be good, no?

Board-certified Plastic Surgeons Receive the Least Training in Aesthetic Surgery!

Providing adequate training in plastic and reconstructive surgery is fraught with several challenges and this survey was performed to investigate the various shortcomings in training perceived by the trainees.

When plastic surgery residents were asked to specify specialties they were least trained in; aesthetic surgery was the most commonly reported specialty (53.7%) followed by burn surgery (45.4%) (see Fig. 7).

Reference: Asra Hashmi et al: A Survey of Current State of Training of Plastic Surgery Residents. BMC Research Notes. 2017 10:234 

A large percentage of plastic surgeons feel inadequately prepared to perform aesthetic surgery

Aesthetic surgery training remains uniquely challenging for plastic surgery residents.

High-demanding patients and limited aesthetic surgery volume at academic medical centers restrict the aesthetic experience of many residents.

A large percentage of plastic surgery residents feel inadequately prepared to perform aesthetic surgery upon graduation.

Reference: Jason Silvestre, BS Joseph M. Serletti, MD, FACS Benjamin Chang, MD, FACS: Disparities in Aesthetic Procedures Performed by Plastic Surgery Residents. Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Volume 37, Issue 5, 1 May 2017, Pages 582–587.

If you are looking for the most-qualified and experienced surgeon for liposuction and/or autologous fat grafting surgeries, you have come to the right place! Not all plastic surgeons are created equal. Every surgeon has his own area of expertise which he is most passionate about. If you wish to get liposuction done, you do not want to go to a surgeon who is good at rhinoplasty, but performs only a handful of liposuction surgeries annually, and vice versa. You do not want to look for a surgeon who is the jack of all trades. You want to look for the master of a specific surgery!

Surgeon Who Specializes in Only One Particular Surgery Could be Best for the Job

A new retrospective analysis shows that the best surgeon for the job is one who specializes in that particular operation.

More than 695,000 operations performed by 25,152 surgeons were analyzed for the study, published in the July 2016 issue of the British Medical Journal.

The study authors say their results suggest that a surgeon who performs only a particular surgery 20 times day in and day out but no other surgery, may end up with better outcomes than a surgeon who does the same surgery 40 times among a mix of 60 other types of surgeries.

If the same surgeon who performs your blepharoplasty tells you that he can also do rhinoplasty, otoplasty, surgical face lift, breast implants, autologous fat grafting, liposuction and buttocks augmentation for you with equivalently good results and confidence, RUN! 🙂

Reference: British Medical Journal. 2016 Jul 21; 354:i3571

There is a misconception that plastic surgery is identical to cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is but one very small component (less than 5%) of plastic surgery training. The term “plastic surgery” and “cosmetic/aesthetic surgery” cannot and should not be used interchangeably. As a matter of fact, a board-certified plastic surgeon may not even have the necessary exposure and training to be a good cosmetic surgeon. A good plastic surgeon may not have the aesthetic sense to be a good cosmetic surgeon. Cosmetic surgery goes beyond technical skill. It is an art. It requires the vision of an artist. What many patients do not know is that adequate cosmetic surgery experience is usually gained only during post-residency fellowship training AFTER one has become a plastic surgeon! And not all plastic surgeons enroll in cosmetic surgery fellowship programs, because they may not have interest in cosmetic surgeries, or they may not be able to even get a fellowship position, as it is extremely popular and competitive! A typical plastic surgery residency program takes 3 to 4 years to complete, after which, one, upon passing examinations, becomes full-fledged plastic surgeon. Let us take a look at a typical plastic surgery training program. This is one from UCSD School of Medicine: 2015-2016 Independent Rotation Schedule. Let us count how many months a plastic surgery resident spends his time training in cosmetic surgery. During Year 1, one month is dedicated to basic aesthetic surgery training. In Year 2, another one month is spent in basic aesthetic surgery. In Year 3, one month each is spent in both basic and advanced aesthetic surgery. So, the total amount of time a resident spends in aesthetic training are just 4 months! Now, if you break down aesthetic surgeries into different anatomical regions and types of surgeries, you will realize that even a board-certified plastic surgeon may not have adequate exposure and experience to be an expert in any particular surgery, especially cosmetic surgeries in just 4-month time! Take liposuction surgery for an example. As a matter of fact, most plastic surgeons fresh out of residency training, have performed only less than 10 liposuction surgeries! Unless a plastic surgeon specializes in liposuction surgery, most plastic surgeons perform an average of ONLY 1 liposuction surgery every 2 months!

Plastic Surgeons Feel Most Uncomfortable with Facial Aesthetic and Liposuction Procedures

Training in cosmetic surgery is especially challenging to implement for many programs due to the lack of patient volume or staff support to train plastic surgery residents.

Furthermore, many residents do not get aesthetic exposure until the end of their training. Even in the senior levels [postgraduate year (PGY) 5 and PGY6], the exposure to cosmetic surgery is limited with regard to the breadth of procedures performed and the time spent on dedicated cosmetic surgery rotations.

Studies analyzing the quality of aesthetic surgery training have shown deficits in training satisfaction and low confidence in performing common cosmetic procedures upon graduation. This is not only limited to the United States but also Europe and Canada.

Although in recent year there is an increase in dedicated cosmetic surgery rotations, the comfort level of performing facial aesthetic and body contouring (liposuction) procedures remains low particularly among independent residents.

Reference: Colton H. L. McNichols et al: Cosmetic Surgery Training in Plastic Surgery Residency Program. . 2017 Sep; 5(9): e1491. Published online 2017 Sep 26. doi:  [10.1097/GOX.0000000000001491]

Plastic surgeons believe they need to perform only 4-7 liposuction surgeries to achieve competency

In a study done in 2014, senior plastic surgery residents across United States were surveyed and asked the question, “How many liposuction surgeries do you think you need to perform as a primary surgeon during your residency training in order to achieve competency?” Majority answered, “Four to seven surgeries“!

Caveat emptor: When a plastic surgeon tells you that he has spent 4 years training in a plastic surgery residency training, he does not mean 4 years training to perform one particular surgery. That is 4 years performing 1001 different kinds of surgeries! The surgeon whom you are going for your liposuction may have performed only 4 liposuction surgeries throughout his entire career! The first 1,000 patients whom Dr Arthur Tjandra performed liposuction on, never returned to him for a second session, for very obvious reason. 🙂

Reference: Arash Momeni, Rebecca Y. Kim, Derrick C. Wan, Ali Izadpanah, and Gordon K. Lee: Aesthetic Surgery Training during Residency in the United States: A Comparison of the Integrated, Combined, and Independent Training Models. Plastic Surgery International. Volume 2014 (2014), Article ID 281923. 

To make matter worse, many aesthetic/cosmetic surgeries, including liposuction, are non-claimable from medical insurers/Medicare/Medicaid/Medisave/ObamaCare/ government subsidies. Hence, if a patient wishes to have aesthetic surgery done, they have to pay in full, in cash! Now, if you had to pay for a surgery yourself, would you want a trainee surgeon/resident operate on you? One is only willing to do that if one does not have to pay for the surgery, or one is paying subsidized rates. But, having said that, how many patients are willing to have cosmetic surgery performed on their faces or bodies by a surgeon who is still training, knowing that they may end up with botched surgeries which have life-long effect? Many patients willingly allow trainee doctors treat their diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, take out their appendixes, fix bone fractures, etc, but when it comes to cosmetic surgery, they only want the senior consultants (the attending) to perform the surgeries! In this case, when do trainee surgeons get the opportunity to practice? It is a sad fact of life! If you are poor and you cannot afford to pay, you have to go to a public or teaching hospital to give trainee doctors opportunity to practice on you in return for free or subsidized treatments. But, unfortunately with cosmetic surgery, even if you are willing to be practiced on by trainee surgeons, you still have to pay for it! Hence, when you have to pay for it, you will want to make sure that no trainee touches you! As a matter of fact, during residency training, most residents only get the opportunity to become assistants/second surgeons, and not the main surgeons, because full-fee-paying patients have the rights to demand for a specialist consultant or senior consultant to perform the surgery for them. And since most patients go to established surgeons in private practice for their cosmetic surgeries, instead of teaching hospitals, the volume of cosmetic surgery cases  in teaching hospitals are notably low! In fact, in some countries, liposuction is not required in the core curriculum of plastic surgery training in order for one to “graduate” as a plastic surgeon! We know of quite a number of plastic surgeons who have not performed a single liposuction surgery on their own, as the main surgeons, throughout their entire residency training! That is why a plastic surgeon who wishes to offer cosmetic surgeries in his practice, usually spends another 1 to 2 years in fellowship training in specific cosmetic surgery procedures. One to two years are definitely still not enough time to equip one with the skill to perform cosmetic surgeries from head to toes, so they have to choose to train in very specific procedures. You must have thought that they get to perform surgeries as the main surgeons while training as fellows? Wrong! Fellows usually only get the roles as assistants, and many, depending on the volume of cases, only get to watch! But, at least they get to spend the full one to two years learning, assisting, and watching cosmetic surgeries being performed. Without fellowship training, the 3-4 months plastic surgeons spend in aesthetic surgery during plastic surgery residency, is grossly inadequate to equip them with the skill and expertise to perform cosmetic surgeries in their own practice later on in their career. In countries where cosmetic surgeries are not allowed to be performed on people with certain belief, such as in the Middle East and the Gulf, or in countries which adopt religion-based law, such as Brunei and countries in the Middle East and the Gulf, do you think residents in-training would ever get enough exposure to such surgeries? The trainers themselves, may not have performed those surgeries, let alone the trainees! Therefore, it is very important to note that plastic surgery is not identical to cosmetic/aesthetic surgery, and even a plastic surgeon who has passed plastic surgery board examinations and become “accredited” may not be equipped with the skill and expertise to perform cosmetic/aesthetic surgeries, unless he has taken a one or two-year post-graduate fellowship in cosmetic/aesthetic surgeries after he becomes qualified as a plastic surgeon! As fellowship positions are very limited, especially in cosmetic/aesthetic surgeries where it is very competitive (because this is where the money is!), most surgeons will have to seek their own training in cosmetic/aesthetic surgeries by attending courses.

Majority of plastic surgery senior residents lack confidence in performing cosmetic surgeries

In a survey of cosmetic surgery training in plastic surgery training programs in the United States where 89 plastic surgery programs were canvassed, researchers find that majority of senior plastic surgery residents lack confidence in performing rhinoplasty, face lift, endoscopic and body contouring (liposuction) surgeries.

Reference: Morrison CM, Rotemberg SC, Moreira-Gonzalez A, Zins JE: A survey of cosmetic surgery training in plastic surgery programs in the United States. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2008 Nov;122(5):1570-8.

WARNING: This is a medical blog intended ONLY for medical professionals!!! This blog contains nudity and graphic images of cosmetic surgeries. If you are offended by nudity and graphic images, or if your religion does not allow you to look at such images or to get cosmetic surgery done on yourself, please leave NOW!!! 

You keep bragging you have performed thousands of surgeries. Where are the proofs?

Between 2007 and 2016, Dr Arthur Tjandra has performed approximately 10,000 liposuction and autologous fat transfer procedures. Well, anyone can brag about having performed thousands or tens of thousands of surgeries, but Dr Arthur Tjandra also provides proofs of his works! He has published approximately 5,000 pictures on Elixir de Vie official website from 2008 to 2011, and 3,000 videos on Elixir de Vie YouTube channel from 2013 to 2016. He stopped publishing pictures in 2011 as he was overwhelmed with too many pictures. But, when he realized that many of the pre- and post-operative photos published by many surgeons and clinics were heavily-edited (Photoshopped), he decided to fight this rampant practice by publishing raw, unedited videos of his surgeries! Unfortunately, YouTube has removed many of his videos. In early December 2016, YouTube terminated his YouTube channel. Although it was reinstated a few days after he lodged an appeal, many of his videos were gone! This blog was launched in the same month, when he realized that YouTube had deleted many of his videos without any valid reason, among those were videos showing result of calves and neck liposuction! If this happened in Saudi, where women are not allowed to expose any part of their bodies except their eyes, we could understand. But, this is happening in America! The last time we checked, YouTube was an American company! Unless, of course, this fact has changed!

WARNING: This is a medical blog intended ONLY for medical professionals!!! This blog contains nudity and graphic images of cosmetic surgeries. If you are offended by nudity and graphic images, or if your religion does not allow you to look at such images or to get cosmetic surgery done on yourself, please leave NOW!!! 

Are you even “qualified”? Can I see your diplomas?

To learn about Dr Arthur Tjandra‘s academic qualifications, you may visit our official website. But, who really cares about paper qualifications? Academic qualifications are important when one is fresh out of school trying to look for a job. A surgeon who does not have a track record will have to fall on his paper qualifications to convince a patient to get surgeries done by him. A confident surgeon with proven track records will ask prospective patients to do their own research to study his track records. Besides, as we have pointed above, based on studies conducted at American plastic surgery residency training programs, residents’ exposure to cosmetic surgeries is grossly inadequate. Hence, a plastic surgery board certification really does not tell you how experienced and good a surgeon is in any particular surgery! In something which depends largely on how “hands-on” a surgeon is, such as liposuction surgery, it is experience and expertise, not paper qualifications which is the determining factor of the result of a surgery! We have already explained above how a plastic surgeon who has the “official stamp” on his diploma which enables him to address himself as a plastic surgeon, may have performed less than a handful liposuction surgeries, throughout his entire residency training! Most only get to assist or watch, because how many full-fee-paying patients would actually sign a consent to allow the trainee surgeons to be their attending surgeons? Perhaps, in the future, when insurers decide to pay for and Obamacare also covers for liposuction expenses. But, hey, Donald Trump is the president now, and Obamacare is set to go down the drain! So, the choice is yours. Do you want someone with fancy diplomas from fancy medical schools, or do you want someone who has really done tonnes of the exact same surgery you intend to get, with good results?

WARNING: This is a medical blog intended ONLY for medical professionals!!! This blog contains nudity and graphic images of cosmetic surgeries. If you are offended by nudity and graphic images, or if your religion does not allow you to look at such images or to get cosmetic surgery done on yourself, please leave NOW!!! 

What is/are your specialty(ies)?

Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie is world-renowned for his expertise and experience in dealing with anything to do with fat! When he started his private practice in 2008, he was just like everyone else: the jack of all trades. He performed surgeries from heads to toes, from blepharoplasty, to otoplasty, to rhinoplasty, to lip reduction surgery, to breasts augmentation, to buttocks augmentation, and of course, liposuction! Basically, he offered everything under the sun and moon! But, in the last 5 years, he has decided to focus on only 2 surgeries: liposuction and autologous fat grafting. He is the expert and one of the most experienced surgeons in liposuction surgeries and autologous fat grafting in the world. He performs liposuction on any parts of body, which no one has ever thought possible, such as forearms, calves and ankles! You may watch this on our YouTube channel, provided YouTube has not already removed those videos, as well as on this blog. Dr Arthur Tjandra also injects fat into areas which no one ever thought possible, such as the vagina and penis! He has performed close to 10,000 liposuction surgeries from mid-2000 till end of 2016. During the same period of time, he has performed more than 2,000 autologous fat transfer breasts and/or buttocks augmentation procedures. And this is the catch: he performs liposuction with a mere cheap plastic syringe which costs less than USD 5! Again, which no one actually believes is possible! He has campaigned for the use of syringe for liposuction since mid-2000s. He explains why he thinks syringe is the best and safest way to perform a liposuction surgery on his website: Liposuction Case Studies. He provides evidence for his statement. He was lucky enough to learn this almost extinct and obsolete method of performing liposuction, which was last taught in plastic surgery residency training in the early to mid-1990s, from his mentors: Prof Fong Poh Him, who was the first surgeon to perform liposuction in Singapore, and Dr Pierre Fournier, the father of modern liposuction. No one took him seriously when he went around the world telling and showing people how safe and effective syringe liposuction was. He was seen as a big joke. He was seen as a loser. His colleagues and friends even predicted that his private practice would not last more than a year or two if he did not embrace the latest technology and purchase the latest devices. It was Prof Fong Poh Him who convinced Dr Arthur Tjandra to trust his own surgical skill and stick to the obsolete, primitive, but extremely safe and effective way of performing liposuction: a plastic syringe! Without Prof Fong Poh Him‘s encouragement, he would have joined the rest of the pack by performing machine-assisted liposuction.

WARNING: This is a medical blog intended ONLY for medical professionals!!! This blog contains nudity and graphic images of cosmetic surgeries. If you are offended by nudity and graphic images, or if your religion does not allow you to look at such images or to get cosmetic surgery done on yourself, please leave NOW!!! 

I can’t stand your constant bragging. Show me proofs of your works!

When Dr Arthur Tjandra finally published more than 5000 photographs of before and after liposuction surgeries on his website in early 2010s, followed by another 3000 videos on his YouTube channel by mid-2010s, he took the world by storm! He quickly became a sensation! A lot of people suddenly felt threatened by the existence of his photos, but especially the videos! It is the first time in the world, a surgeon is being so transparent! Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie takes videos during every single stage of his surgeries, from the moment he does pre-operative marking, until the completion of the surgeries, as well as follow-up videos taken months and years later, when patients return for other procedures or subsequent surgeries. Try ask to see and read your medical records/case notes the next time you visit a hospital or a clinic. Although the records contain information about yourself, you will never be allowed to read them, as they may contain information (read: error or negligence) which may be used against the doctor, clinic and hospital! And here we are, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie baring all for the whole world to see and watch by publishing raw, unedited videos of his surgeries, from the very beginning to the end! Why? Because he is extremely confident with and takes pride in his works and he has nothing to hide! All his patients who sign videographic consent get a set of videos taken before, during and after their surgeries! As a matter of fact, when we just started our private practice more than 8 years ago, 2 sets of photographs and later on, videos, were taken. One set was taken with patient’s own camera or recording device, and another set was taken with Dr Arthur’s camera or device. This shows just how transparent and confident Dr Arthur Tjandra is, with his works! An act which threatens the survival of many surgeons, as well as liposuction devices manufacturers. An act which prompts these people to lobby YouTube to shut down our YouTube channel in early December 2016, after repeatedly deleting our videos over the 3 year period we have been publishing case studies on our YouTube channel, from 2013 to 2016. His personal Facebook account was closed down by Facebook 2 months earlier, after one of his 300 “friends” repeatedly reported his breasts augmentation pictures, which could be viewed only by “friends”, as pornography. This is obviously a very personal attack! After we appealed, Elixir de Vie YouTube channel was reinstated. Facebook rejected Dr Arthur’s appeal. However, we found that most of our videos have been deleted by YouTube. That is why we have started afresh with this new blog. We cannot, however, re-publish all the cases we have previously published on our YouTube channel on this blog. There are a few thousand videos which we have published on our YouTube channel for Case 1 to Case 398. One case number represents one particular patient. Hence one case number may consist of multiple videos of multiple surgeries. We are starting with Case 399 on this new blog. Besides our own blog, many of our patients who are not bloggers, have also created personal blogs to blog about their journey at Elixir de Vie with Dr Arthur Tjandra. Those who find creating personal blogs too cumbersome, post their experience on another platform where real patients share their plastic surgery journey:

WARNING: This is a medical blog intended ONLY for medical professionals!!! This blog contains nudity and graphic images of cosmetic surgeries. If you are offended by nudity and graphic images, or if your religion does not allow you to look at such images or to get cosmetic surgery done on yourself, please leave NOW!!! 

You claim you have 3,000 videos on YouTube. I can only see 2,170 videos. Where are the rest?


They have been deleted by YouTube. Why would “people” lobby YouTube to remove our videos and even shut down our channel, you may ask, while many other similar videos published by other surgeons, and even outwardly pornographic videos are allowed on YouTube?  Once you click on such video, there will be suggestions of hundreds of other similar videos. As you keep clicking on, you will realize there are lots of porn videos on YouTube! So, how could YouTube label our calves liposuction, double chin/neck liposuction or even autologous fat grafting facial rejuvenation videos as pornography, then remove all of them, while obviously pornographic videos are allowed to stay? Our videos of breasts augmentation are being labelled as pornography and removed, while videos of men sucking women’s breasts are allowed.

Below are some screenshots of them. We purposely choose the most “decent” ones, instead of screenshots of “cock-in-mouth” or “pussy-licking” or “close-up pussy-drilling” to avoid controversy. But, you get our point.








(Update on 1 Oct 2018: Our web-hosting company requests us to take down the sexually-explicit pictures above, although we have explained that those were just screenshots taken from YouTube. If you would like to watch porn on YouTube, feel free to contact us for the links to porn videos on YouTube!)

We, too, are quite perplexed why we are the only one being targeted. After doing some research, we finally realize that we are the only cosmetic surgery clinic in the whole world which publishes raw, unedited videos of our surgeries in an extremely transparent manner, from the beginning till the end; from the moment Dr Arthur Tjandra performs marking, until he finishes his surgeries. We also show the immediate results of our surgeries in video format, with follow-up videos taken the next day after surgeries, and months, and years later when patients return to us for subsequent surgeries. No other surgeon in the entire world does what we do! Most surgeons show results of their surgeries in picture format, not videos. Even when they show videos and publish on YouTube, one realizes that the results are still shown as slideshows and pictures, not real patients being video-taped! Now we realize what the real problem is! What we have been doing has caused uneasiness to surgeons who have been showing heavily-edited/Photoshopped results of their surgeries and unable to show videos instead of photos. Dr Arthur Tjandra breaks the long-held tradition and raises patients’ awareness of rampant photo-editing in the cosmetic surgery industry and has done something which no other surgeon in the world has ever done before, by posting raw, unedited videos of his surgeries! Dr Arthur Tjandra has raised the bar too high for other surgeons to follow. Obviously, there has been a lot of lobbying going on, which tries to persuade YouTube to shut down our channel, because our channel has garnered too many viewership and subscribers. As of end of October 2017, our YouTube channel has garnered close to 100 million views with more than 210,000 subscribers.


If all prospective patients expect their surgeons to show results of their surgeries in video format, a lot of surgeons may go out of business! On the other hand, when one purchases one of those high-end liposuction devices, one will also be presented with a set of marketing materials, which include photos and videos! It is probably why some surgeons who have no photograph and video of their own works to show to prospective patients, would rather purchase a device, because it usually comes with the rights of using photos and videos provided by the device manufacturer. That is why a patient may notice identical photographs and videos being shown in two or more clinics!

WARNING: This is a medical blog intended ONLY for medical professionals!!! This blog contains nudity and graphic images of cosmetic surgeries. If you are offended by nudity and graphic images, or if your religion does not allow you to look at such images or to get cosmetic surgery done on yourself, please leave NOW!!! 

Why would YouTube remove all your videos?

We suspect that YouTube decided to delete many of our videos, including the ones which obviously contain no nudity at all, such as facial fat grafting, neck liposuction and calves/ankles liposuction, because they do not want patients and the general public to learn that liposuction performed with a cheap 2-dollar syringe can achieve much better result than, and can even be used to correct liposuction result performed with expensive liposuction devices which cost hundreds of thousand of dollars! Go to YouTube and search for: Elixir de Vie revision liposuction, if you were lucky and YouTube had not already removed those videos, you would be able to watch case studies of patients who had gone to other surgeons for liposuction, all of them performed with the latest devices, before visiting Dr Arthur Tjandra for revision liposuction using just a plastic syringe! After all, YouTube does not want you to know that ultimately, the result of a surgery, especially a cosmetic surgery like liposuction, does not rely on machines, but the skill and experience of the surgeon! Obviously some people may have lobbied YouTube to shut us down to prevent us from disseminating this information and make the public more educated! After all, liposuction surgery is the most popular plastic surgery in the United States and in the world, an industry which is worth billions of dollars in the United States alone! An industry which many business people and liposuction devices manufacturers cannot afford to miss out! Look around you and read advertisements on liposuction. Surgeons offering this service and manufacturers selling liposuction devices all promise fantastic results based on the technology their machines work on. They emphasize on technology while advertising their services using the brands of liposuction devices they purchase rather than their own skill. Instead of marketing their experience, they market the brand of liposuction device they use. On the other hand, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie, has been telling patients otherwise. He tells patients that he still sticks to the old, primitive, obsolete method of performing liposuction using merely a disposable plastic syringe! Dr Arthur Tjandra has been advising patients that result of liposuction surgeries does not rely on what machines a surgeon use, but rather, on the skill, expertise and experience of the surgeon! A skilled and experienced surgeon can produce good result whether he uses a 2-dollar plastic syringe or a 100-grand device. Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie has been promoting the use of cheap plastic syringes to perform liposuction since the mid-2000s because of the extremely safe profile. He has performed close to 10,000 liposuction surgeries with a mere plastic syringe in the last 10 years. He backs his claims by publishing thousands of case studies and results of syringe liposuction on his website, YouTube channel, and now, this blog. A picture may speak a thousand words, but a video speaks a million words! With the advent of Photoshop, a picture now tells a thousand lies! With technology, videos too, can now be doctored, but it is harder to edit videos, especially if you have thousands of videos, with duration of more than 5 minutes each, to edit! This is why our videos are being targeted and our channel was being terminated. And this is also why we have picked ourselves up and started all over again with a brand new blog, with our very own URL, Because we believe patients and consumers have the rights to learn the ultimate truth, and make informed decision based on non-biased information and truth, not information fed by the industry. An industry which is worth billions of dollars! After all, how many 5-dollar syringes one has to sell to reap the same revenue as selling one single 100-grand device?

Disclaimer: Elixir de Vie does NOT accept Indonesians as patients! Elixir de Vie does NOT offer its services to Indonesians. This blog is not meant for Indonesians. If you are Indonesian, we respectfully request you to leave this site now!

The bottom line is very clear, as what the preachers have preached in the videos. Due to the sensitive issue of cosmetic surgery, and in view of recent developments in Indonesia, Elixir de Vie Indonesia has ceased its operation since 1 January 2017, and has been re-branded as Elixir de Vie Singapore. All inquiries should now be directed to Elixir de Vie Singapore. Just like its predecessor, Elixir de Vie Singapore does NOT offer its services to Indonesians.

Patients of other nationalities should disclose to us if their religion forbids them from getting cosmetic surgeries done on themselves, so that we can refuse to accept them as patients, or cancel their surgeries, if a booking for surgery has already been made. The last thing you want is to get imprisoned or caned!

At Elixir de Vie, we adopt “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy. We cannot be expected to play the role of a moral police. If no such disclosure is made, we cannot be held responsible should your religious chief finds out about your surgery!

Moreover, our surgeon is a Buddhist. And the last time we heard, cosmetic surgery is not forbidden in Buddhism! Neither is a Buddhist surgeon forbidden from performing cosmetic surgeries on a Buddhist patient. 

Professor Tommy Koh says it rightly, “Singapore is a secular state by choice. Our laws are a living document that is geared to move with time and public sentiments, not to be dictated by any religion“.

Finally, to those religious extremists out there, who think they are moral police and decide what people who do not even share the same belief as them, can or cannot do to their own bodies, what people can or cannot see and watch on the internet, if you feel disturbed with our blog and videos, instead of keep coming to our clinic to extort money from us, please appeal to the authorities to block YouTube and this blog in Indonesia! You may even want to visit YouTube office to extort money from them, instead. After all, they are much wealthier than us! If you think that what we do is illegal, because we change what God has created, please get the Ministry of Health to shut us down! This Vlog is NOT meant for you! It is meant for medical professionals! If you are not a medical professional, please LEAVE NOW!!!!!!!

Namo Amituofo

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WARNING: This is a medical blog intended ONLY for medical professionals!!! This blog contains nudity and graphic images of cosmetic surgeries. If you are offended by nudity and graphic images, or if your religion does not allow you to look at such images or to get cosmetic surgery done on yourself, please leave NOW!!!