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L’Elixir de Vie is a world-renowned Center of Excellence for Liposuction and Fat Grafting procedures founded by Dr Arthur Tjandra on 23 November 2008, in Medan, Indonesia.

As most people, especially the younger generations, have short attention span/deficit and are averse to reading, we have moved the original content of our homepage to two other pages: Important Information about Liposuction and Fat Grafting and All You Need to Know about Autologous Fat Grafting Breasts Augmentation.

For those who are seriously considering surgery, we urge you to read the following 4 pages, in order to make an informed decision, before coming to us:

  1. Important Information about Liposuction and Fat Grafting
  2. All You Need to Know about Autologous Fat Grafting Breasts Augmentation
  3. Liposuction @ Elixir de Vie
  4. Autologous Fat Transfer Breasts Augmentation @ Elixir de Vie

When you sign that surgery consent form, you are expected to have read and understood all the information we have provided publicly on both our website and this Vlog.

We encourage you to spend at least 1 year digesting the information we have provided, and browsing through some case studies, before making an informed decision to come to us. Most of our patients spent an average 3.5 years going through our case studies, before they finally came to us for surgeries. As of 1 October 2020, we have published video case studies of more than 500 patients on both our YouTube channel and this Video Blog (Vlog). As each patient came to us for an average 4 surgeries per patient, we have published a total of more than 2,000 case studies. As each case study consists of an average 10 videos, we have published a total of more than 20,000 videos. With each video averaging 8 minutes in length, that is a total of 160,000 minutes or 2,667 hours of viewing time. Please take your time to slowly watch these videos. Do not rush!

Last but not least, do not forget to go through case studies which are published under “Complaint” or “Unhappy Patients” categories. In fact, these should be the first case studies you go through, before you go through the ones labelled as “Masterpiece“. Those published under “Complaint” or “Unhappy Patients” categories are supposedly Dr Arthur Tjandra‘s worst works! So far, 2 of these patients posted extremely bad one-star reviews on The rest complained to Dr Arthur Tjandra without posting it on the internet. We actually encourage our patients to post bad review on the internet, so that we could publish a case study about it. This shows just how transparent Dr Arthur Tjandra is! While most surgeons publish only their best works, Dr Arthur Tjandra publishes case studies of even his supposedly worst works, which his patients complained about! By going through what his patients complained about, you can learn what Dr Arthur Tjandra‘s perception of beauty is. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you do not see eye-to-eye with Dr Arthur Tjandra in what defines beauty, it is best not to come to him for surgery. Look for someone else whose works you truly love. Look for a surgeon who defines beauty the way you want it!

By going through Dr Arthur Tjandra‘s worst cases, you could also learn what the most serious complications or worst case scenarios which have occurred to his patients so far. You have to ask yourself whether you are willing to take this risk. Remember that when you sign on the dotted line on your surgery consent form, you basically accept every single known risk to the procedure(s) you are undergoing. But, every surgeon has different statistics of complications and worst outcomes. By learning his worst outcomes, you can ask yourself if you can accept the risk of his worst outcomes. If you cannot, do not go to him! Look for someone else!

Finally, for those who are here just to watch or browse through our Case Studies videos, there are 3 ways to navigate through this website:

  1. Click on: Elixir de Vie Video Case Studies Summary Index.
  2. Scroll down to the drop-down “CATEGORIES” menu in the footer below, and choose the type of surgery and anatomical region you would like to see.
  3. Use the “SEARCH” button in the footer below.

WARNING: This is a medical blog intended ONLY for medical professionals!!! This blog contains nudity and graphic images of cosmetic surgeries. If you are offended by nudity and graphic images, or if your religion does not allow you to look at such images or to get cosmetic surgery done on yourself, please leave NOW!!!


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