Being a compassionate doctor, Dr Arthur Tjandra does not believe that patients will travel all the way across oceans to cheat him. He always believes his patients when they tell him that they do not bring enough money, all they bring are their credit cards, but their cards are not working; that they lose their money, that they do not know he has increased his surgery fees despite the numerous emails his staff send to them, etc. He always agrees to do surgeries first, and receive payments by bank transfer when patients have returned to their own countries. From 2008 to 2019, approximately 10 patients have “cheated” him, by not making payments after they returned home. Most are repeat patients, meaning they have had multiple surgeries in the past and have built good rapport with Dr Arthur Tjandra. After completing their final surgeries, they decide to try their luck! Dr Arthur Tjandra has been able to recoup back most of all those owed monies through various effort, albeit having to spend a few years to do so.

Recently, it seems that the trend is starting again. From June 2018 to now, 3 patients have decided not to transfer the amount they owe Dr Arthur Tjandra after they returned to their countries. One of them has owed the monies for 1 year!

In response to this, Dr Arthur Tjandra will no longer attempt to retrieve those monies. He will publish the identity of those patients on this blog instead, complete with  their photographs and passports. We will start publishing this list on 1st June 2019.

Hopefully, no more patient tries to cheat him or any other doctors in the future.

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