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Immigration and customs officers at Australian airports have attempted to find faults with Dr Arthur Tjandra on numerous occasions, presumably because of his ethnicity, not only when he arrived in, but also when he departed from the country. On one occasion, a security officer at Melbourne airport in charge of screening hand-carry bags at the departure hall, scanned the Australian-made chocolates he purchased at Melbourne airport, close to a dozen times through x-ray machine. Dr Arthur Tjandra finally yelled at her to demand her to stop wasting his time, after being made to wait for 30 minutes for his chocolates to be scanned for ridiculously so many times. He also demanded her supervisor to come out. Her supervisor did come out and apologized, but never explained why there was a need to scan the Australian-made chocolates he purchased at the airport, a dozen times! Nine out of 10 times when he departed the country, he was made to go to manned immigration counter, after going through automatic gates, in order to be asked the questions: “What did you do in Australia?” and “How much cash do you have with you today?”. So, imagine the time wasted having to queue for the automatic gates, only to be asked to queue for manned counters all over again.

Recently, Australian government has even gone to the extent of issuing a statement that it does not welcome Chinese tourists, and it does not need Chinese tourist dollars. What Australian government fails to realize is that the wealthiest people in most, if not all Asian countries, are of Chinese ethnicity! One just has to go through Forbes Richest List in each country to find out. Do not be fooled by the non-Chinese sounding names. This is because most countries in Asia implemented ‘forced assimilation’ policies and legislations which banned the use of Chinese names and Chinese language. However, the one peculiar thing with Chinese is, the more you try to eradicate their identities, the more Chinese they become! The same goes for Jews. Are you able to eradicate Jewish identity from Jews? Dr Arthur Tjandra becomes more and more Chinese because of the anti-Chinese treatments he received all over the world. Governments all around the world should learn that it is a huge mistake trying to un-Chinese a Chinese person! To learn more about ‘forced assimilation’ and ‘cultural genocide’ in Southeast Asian countries, please visit: THE ARTHUR TJANDRA FOUNDATION. Apparently, Chinese is the most hated race in the world today.

Naturally, being Chinese, Dr Arthur Tjandra worries about his safety when he turns up on Australia’s doorstep when its government has already issued a statement that they do not welcome people like him. Even before Covid-19 pandemic when the government did not issue openly racist statement like this, Dr Arthur Tjandra has faced racism on numerous occasions when he entered and departed the country. What will happen now, when the Australian government is openly hostile towards Chinese people? Does this not give Australians the legitimacy to be openly hostile towards Chinese and Chinese-looking visitors?

Other Western countries, such as those in Europe, are also not feasible options, as the anti-Chinese sentiment there has reached even more extreme level compared to Australia, especially when you do not speak their languages. Try visiting France, without knowing how to speak French!

United States is definitely not an option anymore. Dr Arthur Tjandra made the decision to stop visiting US for the rest of his life in 2010, because of the extreme racism he experienced at US airports during the 1 decade he frequently flew in and out of the country for his post-graduate surgical training and board examinations. He swallowed his pride and humbly accepted all the insults and humiliations at US airports, because he needed the training and board certifications. Dr Arthur Tjandra remembered what 韩信 did when 韩信 was challenged by a hooligan who asked him to crawl between the hooligan’s legs. Understanding that he would be a criminal and be executed, if he killed the hooligan, 韩信 proceeded to crawl between the hooligan’s legs. Every Chinese parents would have told the 韩信 story to their children. The take home lesson from the story is that, one must always look at the bigger picture and swallow one’s pride if needed to, in order to achieve one’s goals. A person who has the determination and patience to swallow his pride is a person who has the will power to achieve much greater things in life. After he received his American board certifications, Dr Arthur Tjandra promised himself that he would never ever step onto US shores to receive another insult and humiliation again from immigration and customs officers. He had to swallow his pride in the past, because he needed those papers to get him started in his career. He no longer needs to swallow his pride now. He will bring his money to spend in countries which welcome and respect him!

According to Pew Research Center’s poll in 2021, Australia ranks 3rd in the world’s anti-Chinese sentiment ranking, after Japan and Sweden. Seventy eight percent of Australians hate Chinese. United States ranks 4th, with 76% of the population hating Chinese. Anti-Chinese sentiment is defined as a sentiment against China, its people, overseas Chinese, or Chinese culture. It often targets Chinese minorities living outside of China and involves immigration, development of national identity in neighbouring countries, disparity of wealth, the past central tributary system, majority-minority relations, imperial legacies, and racism.

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Right now, Dr Arthur Tjandra may have to make do with running in tropical countries when borders re-open. He may have to end his marathon running career much earlier, at 50, instead of 80, if his body still cannot acclimatize to tropical climate. He is not willing to take the risk to travel to some Western countries, and get killed there, because he is a Chinese!

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