Because photos can be, and as a matter of fact, often edited! Do you have any idea how many surgeons actually “Photoshop” their before and after photos? There are many professional photo editors who offer Photoshop services to cosmetic surgery clinics. Below is one of the many emails we received from one of them. Go to YouTube and try to find videos showing results of cosmetic surgeries. There are plenty of videos out there. But, there is hardly any video which shows real video-recording of the body from all angles like what we do on our YouTube channel!  There are plenty of videos showing results of liposuction, but the results are shown in still pictures, not in video format. In other words, the results are showed in video slide show. What difference is this from showing photographs?

Take a look at the before and after surgery pictures below on sent to us by a prospective patient, which are supposed to be patients’ testimonies, and see if you could tell whether these pictures have been edited? Hint: look at the door frames, vertical lines on the wardrobe, as well as bed frame.

Can you pick up tell tale signs that these pictures have been Photoshopped, by non-professional? If lines which are supposed to be straight, such as door frames, wardrobes, poles, gates, etc., become skewed, that is tell tale sign that the picture has been Photoshopped! This is usually done to enhance body parts, such as to make waist smaller, and breasts and buttocks bigger. Remember that these are all done by amateurs. Plastic surgeons can afford to hire Photoshop experts!


A patient who posted a testimony on for her surgeon above, actually Photoshopped her waist to make it smaller, and buttocks to make them rounder, as well as to make her thighs smaller. This causes skewed pattern on her wardrobe, as well as bed frame. So, be very careful with “paid testimony” and Photoshopped before and after pictures!

Another patient who blogged about her liposuction with another surgeon, also Photoshopped her pictures below, to make her arms and waist smaller. Notice how all vertical lines become wavy as she “pushes” her arms and waist inwards, along with all the vertical lines around her?


Some netizens pointed out that the picture of a woman who is supposed to be someone famous, had been Photoshopped. They somehow managed to dig out the original photo, then put it side by side with the edited photo.

Miranda Kerr

Finally, there are plenty of professional photo editors who make a living by offering their services to cosmetic surgery clinics which rely heavily on Photoshopped before and after pictures to market their services. This is one of the emails we received.


That is why we no longer publish pictures. Even videos can be edited. But, editing a video involves editing 30 frames of pictures per one second of video. Editing a video clip of 5-minute duration requires editing 9000 frames of pictures! That is why you see slimming center or diet pills TV commercials are of a few-second duration only. Go ahead and count how many thousands videos we have published on both our now-defunct YouTube channel and this Vlog! That is probably why many people are unhappy and YouTube removes most of our videos. Nevertheless, there are still 2,170 videos left on our YouTube channel for you to watch! Go and watch quickly before YouTube removes ’em all!




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