Finally, on 17th July 2021, following Facebook’s and YouTube’s footsteps, Instagram terminates Dr Arthur Tjandra‘s personal account, where he posted mostly his personal pictures and videos, and occasional surgical pictures. These occasional posts of surgical pictures from early to mid-July 2021, led to the termination of his account by Instagram. But, this was pretty much expected. The reasons why Instagram terminated Dr Arthur Tjandra‘s account are most likely the same as why YouTube terminated our YouTube channel, back in 2020. To learn the reasons why, read: Why does YouTube terminate Dr Arthur Tjandra’s channel?

We are posting screenshots of events leading to our account termination, below. You can decide whether it is justified or not. Please ask yourself whether Instagram would have suspended this account, had Dr Arthur Tjandra been a White American plastic surgeon! Which of the self-censored pictures below, do you believe are so inappropriate to be posted on Instagram, to justify the termination of our account? This incident, along with previous incidents involving our Facebook and YouTube accounts, is concrete evidence of US’s hypocrisy and double standards! This is what the Americans are really good at. When they can no longer compete with you, they sanction you, they ban you, and they shut you down. This is what they have done to Huawei and China. Otherwise, how do you explain why skimpily-clad women in thong underwear, bending over doggie-style, to show their barely-covered pussies, with their breasts popping out from their barely-there bras, or breasts showing through their wet t-shirts, and American surgeons posting breasts augmentation pictures, are allowed on Instagram, while our completely self-censored pictures showing nothing but the result of arms liposuction, led to the shut down of our account? Yes, you read it right: arms, NOT breasts! Since when showing bare arms is considered pornography? This is US’s hypocrisy and double standards! Go on and take a look at what we have posted below, which led to our account termination, and compare those pictures with what other users and American plastic surgeons have posted on Instagram!

The following pictures are some of the offensive pictures which led to the termination of Dr Arthur Tjandra‘s Instagram account. The million dollar question is: what is so offensive about these pictures? Is it offensive because females are supposed to wear burqa and not bare their arms for the whole world to see? Or is it because the results of Dr Arthur Tjandra‘s awake syringe liposuction are so unbelievably impressive, that it is offensive to some people, whose livelihood becomes threatened, if prospective patients find out that awake syringe liposuction using a $2 plastic syringe is much safer and produces better results than a liposuction device which costs more than $100,000?

It is so strange that Instagram allows photos like these:

But, Instagram considers our self-censored photos, which show only arms, and covered breasts as adult sexual solicitation! We appealed, but all our appeals were rejected. When we continued to post our self-censored before and after surgery photos, making sure that breasts, genitals and buttocks were covered, Instagram terminated our account!

Before and after 3D arms liposuction by Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie
Before and after 3D arms liposuction by Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie

Judging from the evidence provided above, it is so obvious that Instagram staged a targeted attack at Dr Arthur Tjandra, the way YouTube did. Perhaps it did so on the instruction of one or a group of very powerful actors, who do not want prospective patients to find out about Dr Arthur Tjandra’s works.

After all, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie is the only surgeon in the world who offers syringe liposuction with microcannulas, with maximum diameter of 3 mm, under local anesthesia, when patients are completely awake.

If you were a patient who would like to have a mole on your face removed, would you get it removed with a tiny 15c blade,

Sterile scalpel blade N° 15C (100 pcs) - SWANN-MORTON

or would you get it removed using a huge drill blade?

4" Combination Wood Saw Blade (For Use With Drill) - Power Drill  Accessories -

Would you get the mole removed while you are awake, while chatting with your surgeon,

Awake syringe liposuction under local anesthesia by Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie. To watch more videos like this, Google: “awake syringe liposuction under local anesthesia“.

or would you prefer to have your mole removed while you are under general anesthesia, with a tube going down your windpipe?

Patient prepared for surgery - Stock Image - C022/6549 - Science Photo  Library

Assuming that your answers to the questions above were “15c blade” and “awake”, why should you do it differently when you intend to get liposuction done? Why would you want to be knocked-out unconscious and intubated, which increases the risks of surgery by more than 10-fold, when you could have it done under local anesthesia, while you were completely awake during the surgery? Why would you want to be operated on with heavy machineries, when a small plastic syringe would do a great job? Which leads to the next million dollar question. Why are Instagram, YouTube and Facebook so afraid that you would see our pictures and videos, that they quickly deleted them the moment we posted them, and terminated all our social media accounts?

A most recent incident in Mexico says it all: “Influencer Dies Seeking Treatment for Underarm Sweating“. Odalis Santos Mena, a 23-year-old social media influencer, athlete, bodybuilder, and fitness competitor, recently died of cardiac arrest while seeking treatment for underarm sweating with MiraDry device. MiraDry is a handheld medical device, used as a nonsurgical underarm procedure that is supposed to be performed with local anesthesia, usually involving only numbing the armpit area, not “general” or “full” anesthesia that puts a person in a sleep-like, unconscious state. However, the surgeon who performed the procedure for her, decided to put her under general anesthesia for a procedure which could have been performed under complete local anesthesia, and that decision ended her life!

The purging of high-achieving Asian students at Virginia’s Thomas Jefferson high school, as well as Ivy League universities, like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc, is a concrete evidence of US’s White Supremacy policy and fear of competitions with Asians, especially the Chinese! Dr Arthur Tjandra is an ethnic Chinese, Indonesian national. When you can no longer compete with them, you purge them! You ban them! If they are capable of doing this, even to their own (Asian) American citizens, what makes you think that they are not capable of doing this to people of other skin colors, of other ethnicities, of other nationalities, living in other countries? Just look at how they treat the mainland Chinese! Besides, who is King Arthur? He is just a Yellow man, with slanted eyes, from Indonesia! If he is threatening the survival of the liposuction devices industry with his stupid syringe liposuction technique, he should be sanctioned, banned and shut down! The same way they sanction China and Chinese companies!

The day patients are becoming well-informed and realize that performing liposuction with a plastic syringe is much safer and produces better results, than performing liposuction with expensive liposuction devices, is the day the entire liposuction devices industry collapses. The day patients are becoming well-informed and realize that liposuction results rely completely on individual surgeon’s skill and experience, and is not replicable with the use of any particular brand of liposuction device, is the day all liposuction clinic chains collapse. Right now, the liposuction industry wants you to believe that as long as you use a particular device or brand, you will get good result, regardless of who performs the liposuction surgery for you. This is why it is so important to sanction, ban and shut down all our social media accounts and channels, so that prospective patients do not get to learn the truth, which may harm the livelihood of the liposuction industry, along with all the stakeholders!

If you still believe in Western democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of expression, you are definitely an idiot! You may want to read this eye-opening article: Hong Kong tricked into buying US and British myths on freedoms, democracy. Such freedom is reserved for only certain categories of people. It is not freedom for all! It is definitely not for the yellow surgeon with slanted eyes from Indonesia, who is shaking up a USD 4 billion/year industry with his mind-blowing awake syringe liposuction technique! A technique he learned from a pre-eminent plastic surgeon in Singapore, Associate Professor Fong Poh Him, who was also his mentor. Unfortunately, syringe liposuction was no longer taught in plastic surgery residency since the early-2000s. Only surgeons trained in the 1980s and 1990s know how to perform liposuction with a plastic syringe. Currently, Dr Arthur Tjandra in Indonesia, and A/Prof Fong Poh Him in Singapore, are probably the only 2 surgeons in the world who still perform liposuction with nothing but a plastic syringe! Dr Arthur Tjandra takes it a step further by performing liposuction with his patients fully awake! You may watch some of the breathtaking videos here, and find out why Dr Arthur Tjandra prefers it this way: Awake Syringe Liposuction under Local Anesthesia by Dr Arthur Tjandra.

Many surgeons will try to sell you the idea that performing liposuction with mechanical devices under general anesthesia is safer than performing liposuction with a plastic syringe with patients wide awake. But, please read the article above and use your common sense. If you have an IQ of at least 100, you should be able to think with some common sense. We have previously published thousands of such videos on our YouTube channel. But, YouTube deleted all of them, and proceeded to shut down our channel, for very obvious reasons: Western democracy! Please scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page to read many interesting articles published in major main stream media on why United States of America is actually an oligarchy and not a democracy! The fact that you cannot find an extremely important fact about liposuction under local anesthesia below, no matter how hard you try to Google it on the internet, unless you know exactly the authors and titles of the research articles and which journals they were published in, is exactly how Western democracy works! Big corporations control what you are allowed to learn and know!

Currently, many surgeons still misrepresent facts about liposuction suggesting it is safer if performed under general anesthesia rather than local anesthesia when, in fact, the opposite is true.

Unfortunately, many physicians and anesthesiologists still believe that modern general anesthesia is the safest route for liposuction. Consequently, many do not make the effort to learn the new technique that allows liposuction totally by local anesthesia. Although modern general anesthesia is considered safe, it may expose the patient to unnecessary risk given that a safer alternative is available. Now that liposuction can be performed totally by local anesthesia, it might be considered that general anesthesia is often abused in the world of cosmetic surgery. 

Kucera, M.D., Ian J., Liposuction: contemporary issues for the anesthesiologist. Journal of Clinical Anesthesia, 2006, 18: 380).

The type of anesthesia used for the liposuction surgery can influence the risk associated with liposuction. There have been no deaths reported with liposuction that is accomplished using the tumescent technique totally by local anesthesia. Virtually all deaths associated with liposuction are associated with the use of either general anesthesia or the use of intravenous (IV) sedation. A publication in the journal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, reported 95 deaths associated with liposuction from 1994 to mid-1998, all of which occurred in the hands of surgeons who typically use general or systemic anesthesia. In the same period of time there were no reported deaths associated with liposuction when performed by surgeons who do tumescent liposuction totally by local anesthesia. (Reference: Grazer FM, de Jong RH. Fatal outcomes from liposuction: census survey of cosmetic surgeons. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 105:436-446, 2000).

The most common causes of death associated with liposuction are 1) Pulmonary Embolus (blood clot in the lung), 2) Infections, 3) Injury to Abdominal Organs (liver, intestines) or Lungs, and 4) Drug Reactions and Side Effects of Anesthesia. An article published in 2000 found 95 deaths among 475,000 liposuction patients who had liposuction by surgeons using general anesthesia or heavy IV sedation. In contrast, a 2002 study of surgeons who do liposuction by local anesthesia found no deaths among 65,000 liposuction patients.

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Now, compare what we posted above, with what others posted below, on Instagram. Ask yourself this question again. Did Instagram shut down our account because of its allegedly pornographic contents? Or was it because of who Dr Arthur Tjandra is, and what he has been doing in spreading the awareness of awake syringe liposuction? Take a good look at all the pictures above which were removed and banned by Instagram again. Are they really pornographic in nature? Then take a look at the pictures below. Which ones are more “pornographic”? Look carefully! Pay attention on the women bending over doggie-style to show their barely-covered pussies. Or the women whose breasts show through their wet t-shirts, while they open their legs wide to show their barely-covered pussies. Or breasts augmentation pictures posted by American surgeons. Why did Instagram do that? Why did it terminate our account, while allowing such lewd pictures to be posted? The answers are exactly the same as the reasons why YouTube shut down our channel last year. If you still believe that there is democracy and freedom of speech in US, you are just too naïve and ignorant! US is an oligarchy, not a democracy, as a study at Princeton University and Northwestern University concluded in 2014.

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