Finally, on 17th July 2021, following Facebook’s and YouTube’s footsteps, Instagram terminates our account. This account lasted barely a year. But, this was expected. The reasons are most likely the same as why YouTube terminated our YouTube channel, back in 2020. To learn the reasons why, read: Why does YouTube terminate Dr Arthur Tjandra’s channel?

We are posting screenshots of events leading to our account termination, below. You decide whether it is justified or not! Ask yourself whether Instagram would have suspended this account, had Dr Arthur Tjandra been a White American plastic surgeon! Which of the self-censored pictures below, do you believe are so inappropriate to be posted on Instagram, to justify the termination of our account? This incident, along with previous incidents involving our Facebook and YouTube accounts, is concrete evidence of US’s hypocrisy and double standards! This is what the Americans are really good at. When they can no longer compete with you, they sanction you, they ban you, and they shut you down. This is what they have done to Huawei and China. Otherwise, how do you explain why skimpily-clad women in thongs underwear, with their breasts popping out from their barely-there bras, and American surgeons posting breasts augmentation videos, are allowed on Instagram, while our self-censored pictures below, led to the shut down of our account? This is US’s hypocrisy and double standards!

The purging of high-achieving Asian students at Virginia’s Thomas Jefferson high school, as well as Ivy League universities, like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc, is a concrete evidence of US’s White Supremacy policy and fear of competitions with Asians, especially the Chinese! Dr Arthur Tjandra is an ethnic Chinese, Indonesian national. When you can no longer compete with them, you purge them! You ban them! They are capable of doing this, even to their own American citizens, just because of their different skin color. What do you think they are not capable of doing to other skin colors, of other nationalities? Who is King Arthur? He is just a Yellow man, with slanted eyes, from Indonesia! If he is threatening the survival of the liposuction devices industry with his stupid syringe liposuction technique, he should be sanctioned, banned and shut down!

The day patients are becoming well-informed and realize that performing liposuction with a plastic syringe is much safer and produce better results, than performing liposuction with expensive liposuction devices, is the day the entire liposuction devices industry collapses. The day patients are becoming well-informed and realize that liposuction results rely completely on individual surgeon’s skill and experience, and is not replicable with the use of any particular brand of liposuction device, is the day all liposuction clinic chains collapse. Right now, the liposuction industry wants you to believe that as long as you use a particular device or brand, you will get good result, regardless of who performs the liposuction surgery for you. This is why it is so important to sanction, ban and shut down all our social media accounts and channels, so that prospective patients do not get to learn the truth and harm the liposuction industry, along with all the stakeholders!

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Now, compare what we posted above, with what others post below, on Instagram. Ask yourself this question again. Did Instagram shut down our account because of its allegedly pornographic contents? Or was it because of who Dr Arthur Tjandra is, and what he has been doing in spreading the awareness of syringe liposuction? Take a good look at all the pictures above which were removed and banned by Instagram again. Are they really pornographic in nature? Take a look at the pictures below. Which ones are more “pornographic”? Think! Why did Instagram do that? The answers are exactly the same as the reasons why YouTube shut down our channel last year. If you still believe that there is democracy and freedom of speech in US, you are just too naïve and ignorant! US is an oligarchy, not a democracy, as a study at Princeton University and Northwestern University concluded in 2014.

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