There are 3 main reasons:

  1. Make America Great Again, White Supremacy policies.
  2. To protect liposuction device manufacturer industry which is worth 4 billion dollars a year, in US alone. Remember the scandals of tobacco industry cover-up for one century and Dr. Bennet Omalu’s case/NFL’s cover-up for a few decades?
  3. To protect the status quo, because most surgeons still present before and after cosmetic surgery results in still photo format, which are often doctored/Photoshopped.

1. Make America Great Again, White Supremacy policies

Those who had been following our now-defunct YouTube channel, would have noticed that a great deal of our patients came from the United States. The irony is that ALL of them came to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie for revision surgeries, after botched surgeries done in the United States. This is understandable, as no one with the right mind would travel so far, often taking up to 48 hours to connect flights to reach Medan, in order to have a surgery which can be performed by a local surgeon, in another country half the globe away. This may have infuriated and caused a lot of embarrassment to a lot of surgeons whose patients flew all the way from the United States, a first world country, to Indonesia, a third world country, to get revision surgeries done! This may have prompted them to lobby YouTube to terminate our channel. This lobbying coincides with Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign.

Not only do I feel grateful to be alive, but alive with the emotional stamina to help White people understand their contributions to the widespread oppression that keeps our society rooted in white supremacy,” writes Dr. Kali Cyrus, a Black American doctor, about White Supremacy in the United States, in an article on on 23 April 2021.

Reference: Kali Cyrus: What I Want People to Know About the Chauvin Verdict

Although YouTube may think they are protecting American surgeons and businesses (liposuction devices manufacturers), they are actually harming American consumers/patients with this information censorship. If you looked at the liposuction revision case studies we have published on this Vlog, many of the patients who had come to visit Dr Arthur Tjandra for revision surgeries were American citizens, who had their primary surgeries done in the United States, before flying to Indonesia to get revision surgeries done, successfully! By terminating our channel, and censoring our videos by removing them, YouTube deprives American patients from a competent surgeon they deserve! By terminating our channel and censoring our videos by removing them, YouTube controls what consumers are allowed and not allowed to learn. The fact is Dr Arthur Tjandra is one of the only two surgeons in the world who offer syringe liposuction. The other one is A/Professor Fong Poh Him in Singapore. We have explained in great detail in both this Vlog and our website, the advantages of syringe liposuction compared to other power-assisted liposuction (PAL) with various devices. By terminating our channel and removing our videos, YouTube basically does not want consumers to learn about the existence of syringe liposuction. This action violates the US Anti Trust and Anti Competition Law!

Dr Arthur Tjandra began publishing his cosmetic surgery videos on his YouTube channel in July 2013, because he realized too many surgeons were doctoring (Photoshopping) their before and after surgery photographs. In 2016, YouTube went on a rampage to remove more than 1,000 of his videos and terminated his account. At that time, Dr Arthur Tjandra had published close to 3,500 videos on his YouTube channel. This Video Blog was set-up as a replacement platform to showcase Dr Arthur Tjandra’s works after termination of his YouTube channel. The channel was reinstated a month later, after an appeal. Dr Arthur Tjandra did not publish any more video on his YouTube channel after it was terminated in 2016. It was not until late 2019, that he started publishing videos on YouTube again after having used up all 2 Terabytes of space allocated to him on this server to host some 5,000 videos! As soon as he started publishing videos on his YouTube channel in late 2019, YouTube began harassing him and removing his videos again. From January to September 2020, YouTube removed approximately 500 videos from our YouTube channel, culminating in the termination of our channel on 28 September 2020. At the time our channel was terminated, it was the 5th most popular Singapore YouTube channel in the month of August 2020. As for lifetime ranking, Elixir de Vie channel was the 33rd most subscribed, and 14th most viewed Singapore YouTube channel, since its inception. It was ranked in the top 1st percentile worldwide.

It is such an irony, that YouTube, which is based in US, a country which prides itself for freedom of speech and democracy, removes our videos and terminates our channel because it does not want prospective patients to learn the truth. Big corporations control what consumers are allowed to learn. Big capital owners control the narratives and feed consumers information which benefits them and block information which harms them. This is the essence of capitalism. The United States of America is essentially not a democracy, as it claims, but an oligarchy. This is how scandals like the Big Cover-Up of the Tobacco Industry for more than a century could happen! Because the tobacco industry had the money and power to do so! It was not until the 2010s that Americans were made aware of the harmful effects of smoking. Please read point No. 2 below. It would probably not be a few decades later, that patients are made aware of the benefits of syringe liposuction which Dr Arthur Tjandra performs, as compared to liposuction performed with expensive liposuction devices.

After mass-removing 1,000+ of our videos back in late 2016, which prompted the launch of this Video Blog, YouTube started removing our videos again in early 2020, initially 2 videos a week, culminating in the removal of 7 videos a day in September 2020.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Sep-2020-YouTube-removal-20-1024x608.jpg

In one occasion, YouTube went on a rampage to remove 51 of our video thumbnails in just ONE day!


It does not help that all these coincide with the rise of anti-Chinese sentiment in the United States. In order to contain China’s rise, United States is determined to bring down not only China as a country, but also all ethnic Chinese people around the world. Just look at how ethnic Chinese people of different nationalities are being attacked, beaten up and killed, in the US and other Western countries. Those who look like Chinese, such as Korean, Japanese, Thai, Filipino, are not sparred either. Dr Arthur Tjandra happens to be Chinese Indonesian, an ethnic Chinese Indonesian national.

This is what the United States does to its closest competitors. It has done it to Japan back in the 1980s. Now, it is doing it to China. If you can’t compete with Huawei, ban it! Sanction it! If you can’t compete with King Arthur, ban him! Remove all his videos! Most surgeons pay to advertise on YouTube. It is YouTube’s obligation to protect the interests of these fee-paying customers. Dr Arthur Tjandra, on the other hand, does not pay any fee, and uses YouTube’s facilities for free to promote his services. When these fee-paying customers ask YouTube to take down their competitors, YouTube has to oblige. This is how capitalism works. The ones with capitals control the narratives. They decide what consumers are allowed and not allowed to learn.

Take Dr Arthur Tjandra’s breasts augmentation video, for instance. There are tons of breasts augmentation videos on YouTube, but why only Dr Arthur Tjandra’s breasts augmentation videos are being targeted and removed?


It is simply because Dr Arthur Tjandra is Chinese! If you paid close attention to all the other breasts augmentation videos allowed to be posted on YouTube, they are mostly posted by White surgeons! Even if they are not White, they are Americans! Dr Arthur Tjandra is neither White nor does he live in US! But seriously, if you would just take the time to scrutinize the videos posted on YouTube, there is hardly any video posted by a Chinese surgeon! They have probably all been removed by YouTube!

The following is another indisputable evidence that Dr Arthur Tjandra’s videos are being targeted simply because he is Chinese, and YouTube is targeting him because of who he is, not because of YouTube’s policies!


Otherwise, why would a video showing the result of revision jowls and neck/double chin liposuction being removed by YouTube, when it shows completely no nudity at all? The video focuses only on the patient’s head and neck, NOT body. Is it because it is a revision liposuction video? Is it because the revision surgery was performed on a patient whose previous surgery was performed by a White surgeon, and Dr Arthur Tjandra mentioned it in the video?

What about this other video, showing nothing but knees, calves and ankles when the patient was lying on an operating table, with surgical drapes covering her entire body from knees up? Why did YouTube remove this video?


And what about arms liposuction videos? Seriously, ARMS? Unless YouTube adopts Sharia law and implements Sharia law policy on all videos, and publish a policy guideline that all women must be clad in burqa, and body parts other than eyes cannot be shown, then there is no reason for them to take down our arms liposuction video. And even ban us from posting any further video!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is YouTube-Strike-5-1024x501.jpg

While White American surgeons are allowed to post videos of their female genital labiaplasty surgeries on YouTube, Dr Arthur Tjandra’s videos of similar surgeries are being deleted. Why? Because Dr Arthur Tjandra’s results are way much better? Because Dr Arthur Tjandra is a Chinese? Chinese should not be better than White? Just like Huawei should not prevail over White-owned companies? Because Huawei is Chinese-owned?

Although Dr Arthur Tjandra purposely coins a new term: Barbie Chee-Bye-plasty, to describe labiaplasty surgery, to avoid being hunted down, YouTube still managed to hunt down his videos and deleted them. YouTube even rejected his appeal, giving no answer to his question on why White American surgeons are allowed to post labiaplasty videos, but Dr Arthur Tjandra is not allowed to do so!


A search on “labiaplasty” on YouTube reveals results from 99% White American surgeons, 1% non-White American surgeons, and 0% non-American surgeons! Perhaps that is why YouTube deletes Dr Arthur Tjandra’s videos!


While White American surgeons are allowed to post not only breasts augmentation videos on YouTube, but also to show full breasts nudity in their video thumbnails, our videos and thumbnails are being removed. We are forced into self-censorship. Ninety percent of Dr Arthur Tjandra’s breasts augmentation videos he published on YouTube were removed by YouTube! At the same time, breasts augmentation videos published by White American surgeons have been proliferating!


The same goes for our Brazilian Butt Lift videos. Ninety percent of our videos showing buttocks were removed by YouTube. Even thumbnails of buttocks in thongs were not spared! The following thumbnail, for instance, was repeatedly removed by YouTube, although we had covered up the the entire buttocks. While at the same time, there are many videos showing women wearing g-strings and thongs, even bare buttocks, on YouTube!


So, why are White American surgeons allowed to post thumbnails and videos of women’s buttocks, and many other White American YouTube users are allowed to post thumbnails and videos of women’s buttocks, but ours are being removed? Can you see YouTube’s hypocrisy now? 

Dr Arthur Tjandra is being targeted and singled out by YouTube not because of YouTube’s policies, which should be applied equally and indiscriminately to all plastic surgeons, including White American plastic surgeons. But in reality, White American surgeons are not targeted. Dr Arthur Tjandra is being targeted and singled out because of his skin color and ethnicity!

2. To protect the liposuction device manufacturer industry which is worth 4 billion dollars a year, in US alone!

YouTube, after all, still bows to advertisers’ dollars. This is how YouTube makes money. Competing plastic surgeons and liposuction devices manufacturers whose businesses are hurt by Dr Arthur Tjandra’s very existence and his unique way of performing liposuction, will do all they can to close Dr Arthur Tjandra’s business down! Dr Arthur Tjandra, does not pay a single cent to YouTube. Neither does Dr Arthur Tjandra allow YouTube to sell advertisement slots on his channel. YouTube has no financial incentive to allow Elixir de Vie’s channel to continue to thrive.

Remember the tobacco industry cover-up for more than a century? The tobacco industry in the United States was able to pay its way to manipulate scientific research to assert that tobacco smoking was not linked to any health hazards, including lung cancer. They paid and bribed doctors and scientists who conducted those studies. It was not until 2006 that the United States government won a landmark court case, United States v Philip Morris USA Inc., et al., which determined that the tobacco industry had been fraudulently misleading American consumers about the risks and dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke for many decades. Can you believe that prior to 2006, the general consensus in the United States was that tobacco smoking was not harmful to one’s health? This is how powerful, wealthy big corporations are, in the United States!

Reference: Journal of the American Medical Association; Smokescreen: The Truth Behind the Tobacco Industry Cover-Up

It was not until 2018, 12 years after the court ruling, that the United States government was able to enforce the court order, which was for tobacco companies to issue corrective statements to their original fraudulent claims that tobacco smoking was harmless, on their websites and cigarettes packs. This is an evidence that the United States is not a democracy but an oligarchy, where money talks. Can you believe that it was not until 2018 that Americans were told that smoking is harmful? When do you know that smoking is harmful and can cause lung cancer? 2018? Or before that?

Another example of how rich and powerful corporations control the narratives and what the public is allowed to know in the United States, is the case of Dr Bennet Omalu. It was not until 2005, that a Nigerian immigrant doctor alerted Americans to the implications of repeated head trauma on football players, which led to change in brain structure, cognitive and intellectual impairment, destitution, mood disorders, depression, and death; a condition he called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. For many decades prior to this, the National Football League suppressed this information by paying top doctors to be on its side, stating that American football was extremely safe and repeated head traumas had no implications whatsoever on the players’ brains. When Dr Omalu published his findings in medical journal, NFL intimidated him, demanding him to retract his published paper and issue a statement that he fabricated the findings. Many top specialists were standing behind NFL, against this Nigerian immigrant. To make long story short, it was not until 2016, that the mainstream professional medical bodies and the NFL finally admitted that repeated head trauma did cause brain damage. That was 11 years after Dr Omalu published his findings. Dr Omalu finally received his US citizenship in 2015, after first arriving in US in 1994. Can you believe that not one American doctor knew that repeated head injuries could lead to brain damage, before this immigrant Nigerian doctor came along? Seriously?

Reference: Wikipedia: Bennet Omalu

We suspect that YouTube decided to delete many of our videos, including the completely innocuous ones which obviously contain no nudity at all, such as facial fat grafting, neck liposuction and calves/ankles liposuction, and eventually, terminating our channel, because of exactly the same reason. The liposuction device industry has lobbied YouTube to do so.

The industry does not want patients and the general public to learn that liposuction performed with a cheap 2-dollar syringe can achieve much better result than, and can even be used to correct liposuction result performed with expensive liposuction devices which cost hundreds of thousand of dollars! Go to our Vlog and go through all the revision liposuction case studies. You would be able to watch case studies of patients who had gone to other surgeons for liposuction, all of them performed with the latest and expensive liposuction devices, before visiting Dr Arthur Tjandra for revision liposuction using just a plastic syringe! After all, the manufacturers of these devices do not want you to know that ultimately, the result of a surgery, especially a cosmetic surgery like liposuction, does not rely on machines, but the skill and experience of the surgeon! Obviously the liposuction industry, including surgeons who perform liposuction with machines, have lobbied YouTube to shut us down to prevent us from disseminating this information and make the public more educated!

After all, liposuction surgery is the most popular plastic surgery in the United States and in the world, an industry which is worth 4 billion dollars in the United States alone, and more than 40 billion dollars worldwide! An industry which many business people and liposuction devices manufacturers cannot afford to miss out!

Chart: America's Love Affair With Plastic Surgery | Statista
Technavio announced its latest market research report titled global liposuction devices market 2019-2023. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Look around you and read advertisements on liposuction. Surgeons offering this service and manufacturers selling liposuction devices all promise fantastic results based on the technology their machines work on. They emphasize on technology while advertising their services using the brands of liposuction devices they purchase rather than their own skill. Instead of marketing their experience, they market the brand of liposuction device they use.

Cosmetology Conference | Cosmetic Surgery Conference | Aesthetics ...

On the other hand, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie, has been telling patients otherwise. He tells patients that he still sticks to the old, primitive, obsolete method of performing liposuction using merely a disposable plastic syringe! Dr Arthur Tjandra has been advising patients that result of liposuction surgeries does not rely on what machines a surgeon use, but rather, on the skill, expertise and experience of the surgeon!

Cosmetic procedures number by top countries 2018 | Statista

A skilled and experienced surgeon can produce good result whether he uses a 2-dollar plastic syringe or a 100-grand device. Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie has been promoting the use of cheap plastic syringes to perform liposuction since the mid-2000s because of the extremely safe profile. He has performed more than 10,000 liposuction surgeries with a mere plastic syringe in the last 13 years (from 2007 to 2020). He backs his claims by publishing thousands of case studies and results of syringe liposuction on his website, YouTube channel, and now, this blog. A picture may speak a thousand words, but a video speaks a million words! With the advent of Photoshop, a picture now tells a thousand lies! With technology, videos too, can now be doctored, but it is harder to edit videos, especially if you have thousands of videos, with duration of more than 5 minutes each, to edit! This is why our videos are being targeted and our channel was being terminated. And this is also why we have picked ourselves up and started all over again with a brand new blog, with our very own URL, Because we believe patients and consumers have the rights to learn the ultimate truth, and make informed decision based on non-biased information and truth, not information fed by the industry. An industry which is worth billions of dollars! After all, how many 2-dollar syringes one has to sell to reap the same revenue as selling one single 100-grand device?

Now, you understand why YouTube, plastic surgeons all around the world and liposuction devices manufacturers are trying all they can to shut down Elixir de Vie, and wish Dr Arthur Tjandra dead!

This is the reason why YouTube has been removing our completely innocuous videos of arms, or double chin/neck, or calves/ankles liposuction. This is the reason why YouTube has been removing our completely innocuous thumbnails showing patients’ upper back, or arms, or calves. YouTube does not want us to exist, because our very existence hurts the liposuction devices industry, which in turn hurts YouTube!

Dr Arthur Tjandra started posting his surgery videos on YouTube in 2014. From 2014 to 2016, he posted some 5,000 videos. In November 2016, YouTube deleted some 3,000 videos and closed down his channel. He appealed, and his channel was reinstated. However, the 3,000 videos were permanently gone. In December 2016, Dr Arthur Tjandra launched his video blog, No one could delete his videos as he paid for hosting himself. For 3 years, he was living a peaceful life, as no one could disturb him. However, by end of 2019, after posting some 10,000 videos on his video blog, he hit his quota of 2 Terrabytes of space. He used up all the space he was allocated with. He figured out that it would be too expensive to continue hosting his own videos, so he switched back to YouTube. But, barely a few weeks after he started uploading videos to YouTube, YouTube started removing his videos again.

3. To protect the status quo of plastic surgeons showing before and after surgery results in still photo format, which is often doctored/Photoshopped, instead of videos, which are much harder to doctor

A large majority of plastic surgeons Photoshop/edit their before and after photographs and although they may present their before and after surgery results in video format, it is in the format of photo slide show. So, they edit the before and after photos first, before making a video containing those edited photos. And these very same surgeons actually pay YouTube to advertise their services. As fee-paying clienteles, they may lobby YouTube to have Dr Arthur Tjandra’s videos removed.

Why would YouTube remove most of Dr Arthur Tjandra’s videos, while many other similar videos published by other surgeons, and even outwardly pornographic videos are allowed on YouTube?  Once you click on such video, there will be suggestions of hundreds of other similar videos. As you keep clicking on, you will realize there are lots of porn videos on YouTube! So, how could YouTube label our calves liposuction, double chin/neck liposuction or even autologous fat grafting facial rejuvenation videos as pornography, then remove all of them, while obviously pornographic videos are allowed to stay? Our videos of breasts augmentation are being labelled as pornography and removed, while videos of men sucking women’s breasts are allowed.

Below are some screenshots of them. We purposely choose the most “decent” ones, instead of screenshots of “cock-in-mouth” or “pussy-licking” or “close-up pussy-drilling” to avoid controversy. But, you get our point.








(Update on 1 Oct 2018: Our web-hosting company requests us to take down the sexually-explicit pictures above, although we have explained that those were screenshots taken from YouTube. If you would like to watch porn on YouTube, feel free to contact us for the links to porn videos on YouTube!)

Initially, we, too, were quite perplexed why we were the only one being targeted. After doing some research, we finally realize that we are the only cosmetic surgery clinic in the whole world which publishes raw, unedited videos of our surgeries in an extremely transparent manner, from the beginning till the end; from the moment Dr Arthur Tjandra performs marking, until he finishes his surgeries. We also show the immediate results of our surgeries in video format, with follow-up videos taken the next day after surgeries, and months, and years later when patients return to us for subsequent surgeries. No other surgeon in the entire world does what we do! Most surgeons show results of their surgeries in picture format, not videos. Even when they show videos and publish on YouTube, one realizes that the results are still shown as slideshows and pictures, not real patients being video-taped! Now we realize what the real problem is! What we have been doing has caused uneasiness to surgeons who have been showing heavily-edited/Photoshopped results of their surgeries and unable to show videos instead of photos. Dr Arthur Tjandra breaks the long-held tradition and raises patients’ awareness of rampant photo-editing in the cosmetic surgery industry and has done something which no other surgeon in the world has ever done before, by posting raw, unedited videos of his surgeries! Dr Arthur Tjandra has raised the bar too high for other surgeons to follow. Obviously, there has been a lot of lobbying going on, which tries to persuade YouTube to shut down our channel, because our channel has garnered too many viewership and subscribers. As of 3rd week of September 2020, just before our channel was terminated by YouTube, our YouTube channel has garnered more than 345 million views with 750,000 subscribers.

If all prospective patients expect their surgeons to show results of their surgeries in video format, a lot of surgeons may go out of business! On the other hand, when one purchases one of those high-end liposuction devices, one will also be presented with a set of marketing materials, which include photos and videos! It is probably why some surgeons who have no photograph and video of their own works to show to prospective patients, would rather purchase a device, because it usually comes with the rights of using photos and videos provided by the device manufacturer. That is why a patient may notice identical photographs and videos being shown in two or more clinics!

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