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Usually Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie does not accept patients above 50 years of age for liposuction surgery. However, as this patient is pretty fit, he performs abdominal liposuction for him after warning him that liposuction is meant for taking out subcutaneous fat (i.e. fat under the skin and above the muscles) and not for visceral fat (which is located underneath the muscles). This patient has thick subcutaneous and visceral abdominal fat.

Video 1: Pre-operative marking.


We have uploaded the video of pre-operative marking to YouTube: . However, YouTube removed it because  men and women must be draped in black cloths and only their eyes are allowed to be shown in public. This man is wearing underwear which obviously covers his entire LAN JIAO throughout the entire video. But, YouTube considers uncovered nipples as pornography! Luckily, Dr Arthur Tjandra is not living in the United States, as he likes to run bare-chested on the streets of Singapore. No one says anything there. Had he run bare-chested on the streets in America, he would have been hunted down by FBI, who would then punish him by cutting his nipples with a pair of scissors! America has become more and more radicalized. Donal Trump needs to do something about this!


Video 2: Abdominal liposuction on a 58-year-old man.

This video is allowed on YouTube because the man’s nipples are not shown.


Video 3: Immediately after abdominal liposuction

We wonder why this video is not removed by YouTube, as it clearly shows the man’s nipples. Perhaps YouTube has reported this case to CIA who now sends its agents all around the world to hunt down this man for so blatantly exposing his nipples on the internet! Doesn’t he know the implication for man to appear bare-chested? The punishment is getting his nipples cut with scissors! Without any anesthesia! Perhaps those who are offended would like to report to YouTube about this blatant pornography! We wonder when the CIA is going to hunt us down as well.

Video 4: Immediate result of abdominal liposuction on a 58-year-old man: A masterpiece!


Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie finally completes abdominal liposuction on this man, and creates yet another masterpiece! In order to create a masterpiece like this, 3-dimensional liposuction needs to be done. If one just gets upper and lower abdominal liposuction done without getting the waist, flanks and love handles addressed at the same time, one is not going to get a beautiful result like this!

We have uploaded the video to YouTube: However, as this video shows the man bare-chested, while YouTube’s policy is that men and women should cover their whole bodies with black cloth except their eyes, otherwise it is considered pornography, this video has been removed by YouTube.

The Americans have become nuts. Look at how the CIA accuses the Russians of sabotaging US presidential election and make Donald Trump win! Now they strongly believe that men who expose their chest are considered pornography! We just hope that CIA does not hunt us down for putting up this pornography on the internet!




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