You know for sure there is concerted effort to prevent you from disseminating information to prospective patients and to the general public, when your videos showing how liposuction on calves and ankles can be performed with just one small plastic syringe, are being removed by YouTube with the reason that the contents are inappropriate! Although this is a case study of combined liposuction and fat transfer to breasts, many of the videos showing solely the calves and ankles are also removed by YouTube. Besides, why would YouTube censor and delete educational videos which show how breasts could be augmented using one’s own fat? This is not so much of banning breasts on YouTube, because you can watch videos of naked women, and even of people having sexual intercourse on YouTube, but it is more of who publish the videos, and the purpose of the videos. Educating lay people that liposuction can be done on calves and ankles using just a tiny plastic syringe which costs less than USD 5, is certainly not going to be good for business for manufacturers of liposuction devices, and surgeons who market their liposuction services based on fanciful devices and technology, rather than their surgical technique, skill and experience! Besides, who has even heard and read about ankles liposuction before we promote this service? It is hard enough to find a surgeon who can successfully perform calves liposuction with good result, let alone ankles liposuction!! Who has even heard of forearms liposuction? One may scour through the videos we have published on our YouTube channel to find many cases of calves, ankles, as well as forearms liposuction. One of our favorite cases is a woman who has had 3 sessions of calves liposuction done in the United States before coming to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie in Medan! When she found her calves still huge after multiple sessions of liposuction performed by different plastic surgeons, she was advised by the last surgeon to have her calves muscles surgically removed instead! She was advised that it was the only solution for her to slim down her calves as there was no more fat to be aspirated from her still huge calves! Luckily she did not heed his advice. When she finally came to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie, she learned that she still had so much fat left in her calves, which Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie gladly removed for her! This is Case 285 which has been published on our YouTube channel a few years ago. Quickly watch the videos before YouTube removes them, although they might have been deleted long time ago. After all, YouTube is an American-owned business. Hence, the next time you visit a surgeon for a surgery, make sure you pay for his skill and experience, not for the capital he has invested in fanciful devices. After all, the result of a surgery, especially liposuction surgery, does not rely on devices. The result relies on the operator’s skill and experience! We have published thousands of videos on our YouTube channel showing how liposuction can be performed with a cheap plastic syringe which costs less than USD 5, with excellent results ! And this is the information which many companies, surgeons and YouTube do NOT want you to learn about!

Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie has Prof Fong Poh Him to thank for training him the syringe method of performing liposuction, a method which is now almost extinct. There are currently less than a handful surgeons in the world who still perform syringe liposuction. Manufacturers of liposuction devices may secretly wish for all these surgeons to die or retire soon, and never pass their skill down to younger generation of surgeons. It will be less than 5 years before Dr Arthur Tjandra reaches his retirement age. As he does not train younger generation of surgeons the syringe method of performing liposuction, this method will no longer exist in 5 year time. Take our challenge. Search the internet and present us with a list of surgeons who can perform AND deliver results with syringe liposuction! You are lucky if you could find more than 3 surgeons in the whole world, with a population of more than 7.4 billion!


Video 1: Autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation on a woman who weighs just 45 kg!

This slim young woman in her early 20s weighing just 45 kg comes to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie for autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation. She is completely flat-chested, but yet she is not too keen to get breast implants. Although she is slim, she is skinny-fat, with thick layer of fat covering her entire body. Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie goes through her body from top to bottom, pinching her thick layer of fat as he explains where he can harvest fat from. He also explains how her physique can be improved with liposuction. Her most problematic areas are her flabby butterfly arms, her bulging lower abdomen, her granny buttocks, as well as her hamburger knees. During this session, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie performs liposuction on her knees and calves, as well as ankles and autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation.


This video has been published on YouTube:

Video 2: A slim but fat woman: skinny fat.


This video has been published on YouTube:

Video 3: A slim woman with thunder thighs, granny buttocks and meat ball knees.


This video has been published on YouTube:

Video 4: Are you a boy? No! I’m a woman!


This video has been published on YouTube:

Video 5: A slim woman with gigantic thunder thighs.


This video has been published on YouTube:

Video 6: Knees, calves and ankles liposuction.


This video has been published on YouTube:

Video 7: Autologous fat grafting left breast augmentation.


This video has been published on YouTube:

Video 8: Result of left knee, calf and ankle liposuction. Comparison between right and left, before and after liposuction.


This video has been published on YouTube:

Video 9: Result of autologous fat transfer breasts augmentation.


This video has been published on YouTube:

Video 10: Result of knees, calves and ankles liposuction.


This video has been published on YouTube:

Video 11: Result of autologous fat transfer breasts augmentation, the next day.


This video has been published on YouTube:

Video 12: Result of knees, calves and ankles liposuction, the next day.


This video has been published on YouTube:

It is an extremely big joke to see YouTube label a video which shows a woman’s knees, calves and ankles as “inappropriate” and remove all these videos. Perhaps it is high time YouTube relocated its headquarters to Saudi Arabia and adopt the Sharia law! It is either YouTube has really implemented Sharia law in its company, or it has been paid to remove all our videos, because some people out there are scared of competition. What do you think is happening?

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4 Comments on “Patient No. 411: Knees, calves and ankles liposuction with autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation

  1. Wah the scars on the women in case 285 from Vaser liposuction were horrible. I would be traumatised for life if i ended up with these scars and blotch. Women should be more careful when they choose aesthetic treatment / cosmetic surgery and not just based their decision on fancy equipment. No wonder your Youtube videos are being deleted. We can come to you instead of paying a chunk of money for horrible result.

  2. You mean YouTube hasn’t deleted those videos? They may, soon! After all, it’s pretty embarrassing to see an American patient fly all the way to Medan, a provincial city in a third world country, to have a revision surgery after 3 botched surgeries done in America! And not only that….. the last surgeon gave her the wrong advice and tried to perform a completely unneeded surgery for her! You wanna bet that YouTube will be deleting these videos soon? Only foolish persons will give advice to cut away muscles! And only foolish people will agree to have their calves muscles removed for vanity sake. They have no idea how important these muscles are when they are old and can’t stand steadily. Unless, of course these people expect to die at the age of 50, hence do not expect to have problem walking when they get old.

  3. Totally agree! Only fools will have their muscles removed and such a wicked thing to offer such advice. The case 285 video still around. Not all made in america are good😜 Pity this patient didn’t come straight to you. Its totally worth it to fly to Medan. Thanks to your videos on youtube that helps women to be more educated on liposuction and fat grafting which most surgeons refuse to reveal. I am sure Trump would secretly fly to Medan if his hot wife complains haha. Too bad i think he need to fix his hair first. You don’t do hair transplant don’t you?

  4. We no longer offer hair transplant service as it is extremely time-consuming and it is hard to get good techinicians. Prof Fong Poh Him, Dr Arthur Tjandra’s mentor who is practicing in Singapore, offers this service. He is also the one who trained Dr Arthur Tjandra in syringe liposuction method which is now almost extinct.

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