Although this patient has gained significant weight when she returns to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie, 6.5 years after her arms liposuction, her arms still retain their shape, and relatively “fat-less”. Once removed, fat cells are forever gone. Remaining fat cells may still grow bigger when fed extra calories, but they will not multiply in numbers. Therefore, the capacity of lipo-ed areas of the body to grow bigger is less than before liposuction, because they have fewer fat cells. Therefore, liposuction is perhaps one of the best once-in-a-lifetime investment one should consider, especially if one has the “fat genes”. Take a look at your parents. Do they become fat when they grow older? You get 50% of your genes from your father, and another 50% from your mother. So, if both of them were slim when they were young, but both turn fat as they grow older, you need to be extra careful! Prevention is the key. Yes, you can follow Dr Arthur Tjandra‘s footsteps by flying all around the world to run marathons. But, how many people are as carefree as him? How many people are so lucky to be single with no dependent, and work for no one but themselves? The fact that more than two thirds of professional athletes are fighting obesity after retirement should tell you something. It is not as easy as you think it is, especially when age catches up, and metabolism slows down! These facts speak for themselves. And we are not even talking about lay people, normal people, like you and me. We are talking about disciplined, motivated, professional athletes who make a living from sports!

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Video 5: Result of arms liposuction, 6.5 years later, after gaining significant weight!

Video 6: Result of arms liposuction, 6.5 years later.


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