This patient in her mid-20s first came to see Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie for thighs liposuction (excluding knees) 5 years ago, followed by arms liposuction 4.5 years ago. She returned for frontal abdominal liposuction 2 years ago. During two of those sessions, she also had autologous fat transfer to her tuberous breasts. She was much younger back then and did not understand the importance of 3-dimensional liposuction in achieving good result. She had opted for incomplete liposuction. She now returns to have liposuction performed to her flanks as well as her knees. She now understands that it is important to have circumferential and 3-dimensional liposuction to achieve good results. Her bulging knees are such an eye-sore although her thunder thighs have slimmed down significantly after Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie performed liposuction on them 5 years ago. Likewise, although her frontal abdomen has flattened down quite significantly, and she looks pretty good from the front, she still looks awful from the back because of the thick hanging fat over her flanks. Below are videos showing results of thighs liposuction (excluding knees), arms, and frontal tummy (excluding flanks and lower back/love handles).

She blogs about her experience here: Losing Fats.

Video 9: Pre-operative marking.

Video 10: Completion of autologous fat transfer to left breast.

Video 11: Completion of autologous fat grafting to both breasts.

Video 12: Result of knees liposuction. Finally, she has beautiful thighs!

Video 13: Result of upper back and flanks liposuction, the next day: bruised and swollen!

Video 14: Transformation of tuberous breasts to almost normal breasts after 3 sessions of autologous fat grafting.


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