This Russian model in her late-20s flew all the way from Moscow to Medan to look for Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie 6 months ago, for autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation. She had previously been turned away by many European surgeons for being too slim for them to perform liposuction on and harvest fat for autologous fat transfer breasts augmentation. All of them had recommended her breast implants. However, as she did not like the idea of placing foreign materials into her body, she looked up the internet and finally found Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie. Dr Arthur Tjandra is possibly one of the very few surgeons in the world who is experienced in performing liposuction on the extremely slim patients. Performing liposuction on slim patients require more skill and experience as there is not much room for error as there is not much fat which acts as buffer. The slightest over-suctioning or under-suctioning will immediately show on the skin surface as hills and valleys.

During the first session 6 months ago, she had liposuction performed on her lower abdomen and pubic area, as well as inner thighs. The fat was injected into her breasts and buttocks. She is extremely happy with the result, she is now back for her second session. For this second session, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie performs liposuction and harvests fat from her frontal thighs, knees, upper abdomen, and inject the fat into her breasts and buttocks.

She has blogged about her experience here: My Medan Story.

The first session of her surgery has been published on our blog: Patient No. 364, Session 1.

Video 16: Result of lower abdominal/pubic and inner thighs liposuction, 6 months later.

This video shows how important it is to perform liposuction on the entire length of the thighs, all the way from the groins down to the knees, covering the entire circumference of the thighs, even on someone as slim as this young model who weighs just 45 kg! This is what we call 3-dimensional liposuction. Our body is a 3-dimensional structure. We cannot expect to achieve good result by taking out fat from the inner thighs, but not from the knees and frontal thighs, or vice versa, because all these areas are interconnected. We have also shown a very good example of what would happen by cherry-picking certain areas for liposuction only in Patient No. 190.

Video 17: Result of 1 session of autologous fat transfer breasts augmentation, 6 months later.

Video 18: Result of love handles/lower back and saddle bags liposuction, as well as autologous fat grafting buttocks augmentation: Transformation from granny butt to bubble butt!

Video 19: Result of lower abdomen, pubic and love handles/lower back liposuction, 6 months later.

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