This young teenage Australian girl who just turns 18, returns to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie for her second session thighs liposuction, because she is going into modelling, and in modelling, you need to have super slim thighs! Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie removed 3 liters of fat from her thighs 10 months ago. During this second session, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie removes another 1.6 liters of fat! If someone who weighs just 48 kg has 4.6 liters of excess fat in her thighs, can you imagine how much we can remove from a person who is obviously overweight or obese? That is why Dr Arthur Tjandra turns away overweight and obese patients most of the time, because they tend to have unrealistic expectation to be super model slim after just 1 session of liposuction!

She has blogged about her experience: King of Liposuction: Dr Arthur Tjandra.

This is a list of her case studies:

First visit:

Patient No. 344, Session 1: Thighs, jowls and neck/double chin liposuction on an Australian teen

Second visit:

Patient No. 344: Result of thighs liposuction, 10 months later

Patient No. 344: Result of jowls and double chin/neck liposuction, 10 months later

Patient No. 344, Session 2: Second session of thighs liposuction, a quest for perfection

Video 10: Result of thighs liposuction, 10 months later.

Video 11: Transformation from granny buttocks to bubble buttocks with liposuction.

After removal of her saddle bags, the buttocks do not appear sagging anymore. However, do you notice that her entire mid and lower body still appear as a square, instead of a womanly hour-glass figure? This is because she still has thick love handles and thick layer of fat over her waist, all the way down to her lower back! Instead of looking like a woman, she looks like a boy! To sculpt her torso into beautiful hour-glass figure, she needs a 3-dimensional liposculpture of the entire torso.

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