This young woman in her mid-30s flies half the globe to look for Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie after having had arms liposuction performed by another plastic surgeon in her own country, the result of which does not meet her expectation.

Although, both arms become slimmer after the liposuction which was performed a year ago, she realizes that she is still unable to see the definition of her arms muscles. This is because the deltoids (shoulder muscles) are still being covered and hidden by a layer of fat! Not only that, she also has bulges of fat in her armpits, as well as upper back. The upper back fat is most prominent when she wears a tube-dress. As a result of this, she still has to refrain from wearing tank tops and tube-dresses even after arms liposuction.

Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie points out what the problem is in the videos below. To achieve good result, arms liposuction should be combined with liposuction of armpits, shoulders, as well as upper back at the same time! Unfortunately, not many surgeons alert patients of this fact during pre-operative consultation. Many patients also never ask their surgeons to draw out or point out the areas where they are going to aspirate the fat from before their surgeries. It is very important for patients to know exactly this fact before deciding on a surgery. A general does not lead an army to a war without any plan, so how could your surgeon not map out his plan to you before a surgery? As a patient you need to learn to be smart as well!

Video 1: Result of incomplete arms liposuction by another surgeon.


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