This is the same young athlete in her early 20s, which we blogged about previously: Patient No. 425 Session 1. Three months after her first session, she now returns to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie, for a second autologous fat transfer breasts augmentation. During her first session, she had liposuction performed on her calves, inner thighs, and autologous fat injection to her forehead, temples and breasts.

The video below shows the result of her calves and ankles liposuction performed by Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie. Calves liposuction is almost unheard of, let alone ankles liposuction. Many surgeons who offer liposuction do not even know how to differentiate muscles from fat! We have shown many such cases where wrong advice was being given to patients. Patients were being told that they did not have fat in their calves, and the only way to make their calves slim was either to destroy some of the nerves (neurectomy), or cut away the muscles (muscle resection). One of these examples is Case 285 on our YouTube channel. One just needs to logon to YouTube (you have to login as all our videos are voluntarily “age-restricted”) and search for “Elixir de Vie revision liposuction” to learn more. Unfortunately, most of our videos have been removed by YouTube. However, despite that, there are still 2167 videos left on our YouTube channel. It is just a matter of time before YouTube removes all of them or even close our channel, which they already did in December 2016, before reinstating it back after we protested. Why does YouTube want to shut us down? It is because they are under pressure to do so. We have explained about the reasons why they have to do this on the first page of this blog.









Video 18: Result of calves and ankles liposuction, 3 months later: A Masterpiece!


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