This is the same young athlete in her early 20s, which we blogged about previously: Patient No. 425 Session 1. Three months after her first session, she now returns to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie, for a second autologous fat transfer breasts augmentation and first autologous fat transfer buttocks augmentation (Brazilian butt lift).

Video 22: Thick saddle bag fat = sagging buttocks = Granny Butts!

Thick love handles + thick saddle bags = squarish bottom = Ah Boy

A woman needs curves. Her breasts need to curve out. Her tummy needs to be flat. Her waist needs to curve in. Her hips need to curve out. Her buttocks need to curve out. Her thighs need to taper down all the way to knees, like inverted triangles. The mid-thighs should be smaller than upper thighs. Her lower thighs should be smaller than mid-thighs. Her knees should be the smallest points of all. But, most women have thick, fat knees, which appear bigger than the lower thighs, a condition Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie calls the “hamburger knees” or “meatball knees”. A combination of thick lower back fat/love handles and thick saddle bags make the hips and buttocks appear sunken. One can see her “hip dips” very clearly because she has 2 bulges above and below the “dips”: love handles and saddle bags! Her entire bottom appears squarish. As a result of this, this patient looks more like a boy rather than a woman!

Video 23: Completion of fat injection into left breast. Right breast: B cup after 1 session. Left breast: C cup after 2 sessions.

Video 24: Finally, C cup after 2 sessions of fat transfer to breasts!

Video 25: Completion of left outer thigh liposuction and left autologous fat transfer buttock augmentation.


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