This is the same patient whom we have previously blogged about: Complaint No. 1 and Patient No. 427: Gigantic thunder thighs liposuction.

She came to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie requesting to have eye-bag removal surgery/lower blepharoplasty. However, upon examination, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie found that she did not have any eye bags at all! What she had were dark eye circles which were made worse by her sunken mid-face. It is an irony that her body was so fat, and yet she lost so much facial fat. As a result of her sunken mid-face, she appeared tired, haggard and definitely older than her real age! Dr Arthur Tjandra suggested autologous fat grafting to her mid-face to re-create “apple cheeks” in order to make her young again. “Apple cheeks” are what one needs to appear young.

Take a look at the face of this person at different stage of her life. Why does she look so much older in the right picture?


Anyway, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie performed autologous fat injection into her mid-face…………………..and received complaint! This patient did not like his work at all!

Video 9: Pre-operative assessment.

Video 10: Completion of fat injection into left side of face. A comparison between right and left, before and after fat injection.

Video 11: Completion of fat injection into both sides of face.

Just a few days ago, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie performed fat injection on an ultra-marathoner who was in her mid-30s. He thought he did a very good job in making the patient appear at least 10 years younger. Dr Arthur Tjandra was so proud and happy with his work. But, the next day when he saw the patient and told her how young she looked, she replied, “No, I don’t like it! I want the fat removed!”

These are screenshots from the videos taken before and after her fat injection. It will be another 6 to 9 months before we can finally upload her videos. But, lets just look at screenshots from the videos first, and let us know what you think.

Before fat injection into mid-face/cheeks:



After fat injection into mid-face/cheeks:



It is extremely important for all prospective patients to go through all the pictures and videos of Dr Arthur Tjandra’s works which we have published on various channels: our website, YouTube channel and this blog. We have published approximately 5000 photograph slides on our website, 2167 videos on our YouTube channel, and more than 500 videos on this blog as of now, and still growing. You need to know what his style is, what he likes and what kind of results he produces. Every surgeon is different. Every surgeon has his own individual taste and preference. What he thinks is beautiful may not suit your taste and style. Therefore, you need to do your own homework. If you do not like the results of his works, please do NOT come to him! Look for other surgeon whose style, taste and preference suits you! Do not be lazy. Do your homework!! Do not go to a surgeon just because your friends tell you he is good! Your friend may have been bribed by him! The Buddha says, “Do not believe blindly simply because you have heard it.” Go through all the results of his surgery and ask yourself whether those are what you want. If not, look for other surgeon!

Anyway, both patients complained of the same thing, that their faces become “too round”. That is the problem with today’s world where the anorexic, chiseled look becomes the trend. One may appear hot and sexy with chiseled face when one is young. But once one crosses the magic number 30, one is going to see the aging effect of having no fat in one’s cheeks! Therefore, patients who come for fat injection into their faces must ask themselves: “Do I like the chiseled look?” Do I like full cheeks?” If your answers are “Yes” and “No”, then fat injection into the mid-face is not a procedure you want to go through, because when Dr Arthur Tjandra injects fat into the mid-face, he aims to create full apple cheeks. Full apple cheeks make a person appear young. Sunken, chiseled cheeks make a person appear old. This is the basic principle you MUST know. This is also why Dr Arthur Tjandra refuses to perform buccal fat removal. When you are young, you want the chiseled look, but when you grow older, you would want to have your cheeks filled up.

The other point that you must know is that what you see is not what you get. Unfortunately, unlike filler injection, there is no guarantee that the injected fat can survive and “take”. But, in Dr Arthur Tjandra‘s hands at least 80% of fat injected into the face survives after 2-3 years. There is also swelling after fat injection, which usually takes 3-4 weeks to subside. If you think your face is too puffy after fat injection, you will most likely love the result when the swelling subsides completely 4 weeks later. If you think your face looks perfect after fat injection, you will most likely still need some top-up when all the swelling subsides. But, top up is not recommended before we know exactly how much of the grafted fat cells actually “take”. This is usually assessed around 3 to 6 months after fat injection. By 6 months, what you see is usually what you get. At this point of time you can decide whether you have had enough, or you would still like to top up.

If you plant to get fat injection into your face done, please re-read the above information again and again, and also read Complaint No. 1. If you are not sure if fat injection into your face is what you want, please do not come to Dr Arthur Tjandra and asks for it, then complain! Please go and look for other surgeon!

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