This is the same patient whose case study we have previously published on our blog: Patient No. 33, Session 1.

She now returns to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie for second session of autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation. More than 90% of the injected fat retains well after 3 years! Her breasts size has increased from A cup to a full B cup now! While most surgeons show mediocre and very unpredictable results with autologous fat grafting, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie has shown again and again with videos as evidences, his autologous fat grafting retain an average 80-95% after 3 to 5 years! What about the average global rate? A pathetic 30-60% retention after 1 year! If only 30% of injected fat stays after 1 year, you can imagine how many percent stays after 5 years!

Why such a huge difference? What is Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie doing differently from other surgeons? Well, the procedure for performing autologous fat grafting involves only 3 steps: harvesting fat cells (or liposuction), processing the fat and re-injection of fat into the body. Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie performs liposuction with the suction power of a mere plastic syringe, which is extremely mild, while other surgeons melt the fat with ultrasound or laser devices, before they aspirate the fat out. When they aspirate, they use powered-suction, with high pressure, just like your vacuum cleaner. What do you think will happen to fat cells when they are subjected to such treatments? Most surgeons promise patients that they can inject as much fat as they wish, and it is possible to increase breast size 2, 3 or even 4 cup size with just ONE session of fat grafting! Why would they make such promise or claim? In order to seal the deal! After all, one deal is worth tens of thousands of dollars! Given the options of choosing a surgeon who claims he can increase breasts size by 2 to 3 cups with just 1 session of fat grafting and another surgeon who says that it is not even possible to increase 1/2 cup size with 1 session and it needs at least 3 sessions to increase 1 cup size, which surgeon do you think an unknowledgeable patient will choose? It is very important to use common sense. Fat cells are living cells. They need space and blood supply to survive and live. What happens to fat cells which are squashed together in limited space without adequate blood supply? Now you start to use your brain cells! Remember what the Buddha says: “Do not believe blindly in what others say………” Even if that person is your doctor! You have to do your own research, and use common sense!

But, why do some patients get results from A to B, or even C cup with just one session of fat grafting, but some do not? It is usually those whose breasts shrunk because of vigorous physical activities, who see their breasts size increase by so much even with just one session fat grafting, because there is available space! Those who are small and tight to begin with, will have to go through numerous sessions of fat grafting to see the same results.

Video 9: Result of autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation, 3 years later: from A to C cup in just ONE session!

Well, not a full C, but still C cup!

Video 10: Result of arms and lower abdominal liposuction on a skinny endurance athlete, 3 years later.

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