This Australian athlete in his mid-30s wanted the easy way out of having good-looking six-pack abs. He went to a surgeon who is famous for his skill in creating six-pack abs using VASER liposuction, but ended up disappointed. But, first of all, how do you create a 6-pack abs? Well, first of all, let’s understand the anatomy of the abdominal muscles first.

As you can see, abdominal muscles do not consist of just the “6-packs”. The “6-packs” are basically the rectus abdominis muscles, right in the center part of the abdomen. However, in a fit and lean person with single digit fat percentage, one should be able to see every strand of muscles on his abdomen, not just his “6-packs”!

How does a surgeon create “6-packs” with VASER? It is by creating controlled burns to the skin, so when the burns heal, they heal with adhesion, stuck down to the tissue below. Hence, the created “6-packs” are not muscles, but in reality are pockets of fat. The borders of these pockets of fat are made stuck down to the tissue below, creating the illusion of “6-packs”. But, as we have pointed above, a fit and lean man does not have just “6-packs”. He has all other muscles bulging along with the rectus abdominis/6-packs. One of the most important muscles are the serratus anteriors which are stuck down to the ribs! And it is not possible to create this illusion using VASER!

As you can see from pictures from a photo shoot Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie did 9 years ago, toned and defined abs ain’t about 6 bulges only. “Six-packs” is a misnomer, because the abdominal muscles consist more than just “rectus abdominis” (6-packs)! Hence, a fit and toned person should have all his abdominal muscles showing up, not just the middle 6 bulges!! And unfortunately, you cannot create an illusion of all the abdominal muscles using VASER!




The worst thing is the surgeon may fail to control the intended burns or the resulting adhesion of the intended burns do not heal according to the surgeon’s wish, resulting in weird-looking abs, which look anything like 6-packs, as what this patient discovered! He eventually comes to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie to get his abdomen fixed. It is quite a tough job, because all the lines and dents on her abdomen are basically intended burns which end up as adhesion scars. Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie had to break all these scars, then perform liposuction to aspirate out all existing fat to thin out the fat as much as possible. When the abdomen has barely any fat, all the underlying muscles will show up through the skin. This is Dr Arthur Tjandra’s preferred method of bringing out “6-packs”. Instead of creating false “six-packs” using pockets of fat, he thins out the layer of fat so that the muscles can show up. Of course the issue of this approach is that one needs to be very skillful and experienced, because the slightest over- or under-aspiration will immediately show up as waviness and dents on the skin. This patient is already very slim. What he needs is to think the fat layer a little bit more!

Video 1: Result of “6-pack” abs creation using VASER, nothing like the real ones!

Video 2: Pre-operative marking of abdomen.

Video 3: Awake syringe liposuction under local anesthesia.

Video 4: Real “6-packs” popping up after removal of 1 liter of fat!

Video 5: Result of revision abdominal liposuction, the next day.

Video 6: Which one do you prefer? False “6-packs” or real “6-packs”? Finally, a revision liposuction which ends up as another MASTERPIECE!

Everyone has “6-packs”. It’s just a matter of removing all the fat covering the 6-packs. It’s just like what we have shown in all our arms liposuction. We can transform flabby, fat arms to become toned, defined, muscular arms even on women who have never exercised before in their lives. The fact is everyone has muscles. Once you remove the fat covering the muscles, you will be able to see your beautiful muscles! The choice is yours, try creating false “6-pack” abs using VASER, taking the risk of uncontrolled burns and adhesion scars, or thin out the layer of fat as much as possible to reveal the underlying muscles. But, there is another issue. Where do you find a skilled and experienced surgeon to perform liposuction on such slim patients?


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