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This young woman in her mid-20s comes to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie for abdominal liposuction, after having spent SGD 10,000 on fat freezing procedures in Singapore without any result! Like most patients, she was afraid of going for surgical procedures. As her doctor convinced her that she could get the result of a liposuction surgery, without actually undergoing a surgery, she happily parted with her SGD 10,000. But, after going through the pain of “fat-freezing” and did not see any result, not to mention having spent her hard-earned SGD 10,000, she did her own research and came to her senses. The next time your doctor convinces you that fat-freezing can produce the result of liposuction surgery, ask these questions:

  1. How do you know whether the fat cells will die when you apply freezing temperature on the skin? What if some fat cells die and some do not? You are just speculating, aren’t you?
  2. How do you sculpt the body, when you do not even aspirate the fat right there and then? Even if you manage to “kill” the fat cells, they do not just disappear in the air, do they?
  3. In liposuction surgery, liters and liters of fat can be taken out. Can you freeze 1 liter of fat to “death”?
  4. Assuming that you are telling me the truth, and you can freeze 1 liter of fat to “death”, without actually performing a liposuction surgery to aspirate that fat out of my body, you are leaving behind 1 liter of dead fat under my skin! What will happen to my body? How is my body going to cope with 1 liter of dead fat?

On normal circumstances, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie performs 3-dimensional liposuction of the entire torso, which covers 5 areas: upper abdomen, lower abdomen, flanks, waist and lower back/love handles. However, due to financial constraint after having spent SGD 10,000 on fat freezing procedures on her whole body, this patient opts to have all areas but flanks done. Of course, the result will not be as good as if 5 areas had been addressed at the same time.

Video 1: Result of fat-freezing procedures which cost the patient SGD 10,000!

Video 2: Pre-operative marking of the abdomen.

Video 3: Awake syringe liposuction under local anesthesia by Dr Arthur Tjandra.

Video 4: Result of left-sided abdominal liposuction. A comparison between right and left sides, before and after liposuction.

Video 5: Completion of abdominal liposuction.

Video 6: Result of incomplete abdominal liposuction (4 out of 5 areas).

Video 7: Result of incomplete abdominal liposuction (4 out of 5 areas). Still amazing, but would have been better if all 5 areas had been addressed.


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