On 7th Oct 2017, a patient who visits us from Frankfurt, flying Frankfurt-Singapore-Medan route on Singapore Airlines and Silkair finds her entire check-in luggage missing during her flights, upon arrival in Medan. A total of 5 German passengers who arrive in Medan from Frankfurt that day, find their check-in luggage missing! Our patient has no fresh clothes to change into, and the worst thing is her post-op compression garments which are needed post-operatively are kept in the check-in luggage! Unfortunately, we do not stock post-op compression garments, as they are expensive, and patients usually prefer to purchase them online, which are a lot cheaper! As post-op compression garments are absolute necessities, and you cannot purchase it them off-the-shelves in supermarkets, we have to cancel her surgery, after the long journey she takes to fly all the way from Frankfurt to Medan!

Take home lesson:

  1. Keep all the things you need for your surgery in your carry-on bag.
  2. Purchase travel insurance from a reputable company. Never take things for granted, even if you fly the “best airline” (supposedly) in the world! Dr Arthur Tjandra flew the subsidiary of the best airline in the world, and got his check-in luggage broken into thrice and shoes stolen twice! And the worst thing is the airline denies that the incidents have ever occurred, despite all the evidences which he has provided! Read announcement No. 4.


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