Everything good, in fact everything good and bad, will come to an end one day. This is one of the important principles in Buddhism, also known as Anicca (impermanence).

After having spent almost half a century of his life indulging in worldly pleasures and affairs, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie will be dedicating the next half century of his life (if he was blessed with healthy long life) doing in-depth practice of Tantra and spreading dharma. Dr Arthur Tjandra has been a Tantric practitioner since the early 1990s (and learning Sutra since 1980s).  It would be a shame if he did not share the knowledge and experience he has gained in the past 25 years, learning and practicing Tantra. What better way to share what he has learned than to blog about it? As he has achieved almost all the “worldly” achievements he had wanted to achieve in this lifetime, it is time for him to phase out his “worldly” activities, and embark on his new journey: the spiritual path! TantricPractice.com will be an educational blog which those with affinity may find useful to help them get started with their practice. If you come across this blog, it means you have affinity with Tantra! You may still not understand Tantra now. But if you get started now, you may understand it in your next life!

In order to allow him to put in more time into his spiritual practice and going on retreats, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie will be phasing out his practice by cutting down the number of surgeries he performs from 2018 onwards. This is also to allow him to spend more time on his new blog: TantricPractice.com. When will Elixir de Vie stop existing altogether? We do not know yet. We will announce it when the time comes.

Watch out our next announcement for the launch of TantricPractice.com!


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