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This Taekwondo master in her early-30s went to Hatyai to get arms and thighs liposuction done, but did not get the result which she wanted, because she only had liposuction done on the outer thighs, ignoring the rest of her lower body, including hips, lower buttocks, frontal thighs, inner thighs, back of thighs and knees. Because her outer thighs were lipo-ed but not the areas above the outer thighs, which are the hips, she ended up having “muschroom-shaped” thighs now. Overall, her thighs still appear fat, with a lot of unevenness and very obvious “meatball knees”. This is another example of why it is important to perform 3-dimensional liposuction like what Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie offers, to achieve good result. One has to realize that one cannot get liposuction done on 1 area without getting it done all all the adjacent areas which are interconnected. Unfortunately, for something as important as cosmetic surgery, most patients still shop around not for the best, but for the cheapest surgeons!

After learning about the concept of 3-dimensional liposculpting from our website, YouTube channel, and blog, this Taekwondo made the decision to visit Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie for abdominal liposuction. She is willing to pay more than 4 times than what she previously paid for, to get a proper job done this time round.

Video 2: Result of incomplete outer thighs liposuction: the “Mushroom Thighs” with “Meatball Knees”.


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