The effect of performing more than 10,000 liposuction surgeries in the last 12 years using only nothing but syringe, has taken a toll on Dr Arthur Tjandra’s fingers, hands, elbows and even shoulders. As he phases out his practice, he will continue to raise his surgery fees every 3 months, until the demand for his service stops. When the demand ceases, so will his practice. When the time is ripe, he will focus on his new interest, which is to teach and spread Tantric practice.

Just like Fed which is set to hike rates 4 times this year, the next surgery fees increase will be on 1st April, 1st July and 1st October 2018.



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  1. Hi I would like to get a fat transfer from my thigh and calf to breast. I would like to make appointment with Dr Arthur when he’s in Singapore. Please let me know when he’s in Singapore. Thank you

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