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This young woman in her late-20s comes to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie for liposuction on the inner half of her gigantic thighs. In order to obtain good result, the entire inner half or entire half of the thighs MUST be lipo-ed at the same time. A very good example is Case Study No. 8 which was published on our website: Liposuction Case Study @ Elixir de Vie a decade ago. The inner half of thighs consists of: inner thighs, frontal thighs, and knees. The outer half of thighs consists of hips, lower buttocks, saddle bags, outer thighs and back of thighs. Otherwise, the result is going to be weird. Unless otherwise stated, throughout this blog we refer to liposuction of the entire inner half of thighs as inner thighs liposuction, and entire outer half of thighs as outer thighs liposuction.

In this particular case, an Indonesian patient had liposuction done by a plastic surgeon in Indonesia. The result ended up like this because the surgeon performed liposuction on ONLY the patient’s inner thighs, ignoring the frontal thighs, knees, as well as the rest of the outer half of her thighs. On top of that, he over-aspirated, and it was likely that he had used ultrasound-assisted liposuction method, resulting in burns and adhesion, causing the skin to be stuck down. Dr Arthur Tjandra rejected her case a decade ago, because he did not have enough experience to rectify the problem back then. Today, he would have performed 3D liposuction on her entire thighs all over again, released the adhesion, and perform autologous fat grafting to correct the dents.

Video 1: Pre-op assessment of the upper body.

Video 2: Square torso and square bottoms, a common problem in women.

Video 3: Gigantic thighs with meatball knees and granny butt.

Video 4: Awake syringe liposuction on superman thighs by Dr Arthur Tjandra.

Video 5: Completion of left inner thigh liposuction.

Video 6: Result of inner thighs liposuction.


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