Watch the video above, then take a look at the screenshots below which are taken from the video. The screenshots show you what badunkadunk thighs and ass look like from the front , the side and behind.





Does it remind you of something? Perhaps something you have been seeing and watching throughout this entire Vlog as well as the videos we have published on our YouTube channel?

What would she look like if she was to get 3D liposuction performed on her entire thighs? Below are simulation using Photoshop. Pardon our Photoshop skill, but this the kind of result you see in the thousands of videos we have published on both our YouTube channel as well as this Vlog. So, please tell us…….which kind of look do you prefer?





If you would like to see real transformations like this, please go to the drop down menu below, and choose “Buttocks transformation, granny butt to bubble butt”.


Recently, a patient who had 3D thighs liposuction done a year ago, returned to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie for a second session of thighs liposuction. She is perhaps one of our “Ultimate Masterpieces”. She used to have Badunkadunk. But now she has extremely round, bubble butts, without having anything done to her buttocks at all. Not even fat transfer! All she had was just a 3D liposuction of her thighs. Keep a look out for Patient No. 471 who flies all the way from New York City to Medan! It may take a while before we finally post her case study and videos!

Update on 8th Nov 2018: Patient No. 471 has just informed us that she had uploaded all the videos from her recent visit to YouTube, which was also her second visit to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie. This is the link to her PLAYLIST.

Video No. 6 on the playlist is the video taken the next day after her surgery, which is not an ideal representation of the result because there was already significant swelling the next day. However, as this is a very good video to show the transformation from Badunkadunk thighs and butts to Dr Arthur Tjandra’s ideal slim and “tapered” thighs and round bubble butts. Which one do you prefer?


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