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This mother of 2 children in her mid-30s came to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie for autologous fat grafting breasts augmenation as well as 3D abdominal liposuction. Initially, she wanted to get only love handles done. However, after Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie explained to her that only with 3D liposculpture was she able to achieve the best result, she opted for a proper 3D liposuction of the entire torso.

The videos below show the transformation of not only her breasts, but also her entire body. Prior to liposuction, she has A-shaped lower body and squarish torso, just like most women. A-shaped lower body is caused by the presence of love handles and saddle bags. The presence of love handles and thick fat in the waist also make one’s torso appear squarish. Even without taking out the saddle bags, one can appreciate her new beautiful hour-glass figure, as well as a more O-shaped bottom, instead of the previous A-shaped.

Patient No. 461 is another case where ugly A-shaped bottom and squarish torso is being transformed into more O-shaped bottom and hour-glass figure with just 3D abdominal liposuction. Of course, the result is going to be more perfect with 3D thighs liposuction!

She blogged about her experience: I Hate My Husband.

Video 1: Pre-operative assessment.

Video 2: A-shaped bottom.

Video 3: Pre-op marking.

Video 4: Awake syringe liposuction under local anesthesia by Dr Arthur Tjandra.

Video 5: Completion of fat injection into left breast. Comparison between right and left breasts, before and after fat injection.

Video 6: Completion of left-sided abdominal liposuction. Comparison between right and left sides, before and after liposuction.

Video 7: Completion of fat injection into both breasts.

Video 8: Completion of abdominal liposuction.

Video 9: Result of autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation and abdominal liposuction: A Masterpiece!


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