The World Health Organization officially declares Covid-19 a pandemic today.

The last time something as big and serious as this occurred, was during 2002-2003 SARS outbreak, 17 years ago. As many businesses are going to be affected negatively, resulting in furlough and retrenchment, Elixir de Vie offers 50% off liposuction surgery fees to all eligible patients. It is during times like this, that looks and physical appearances are even more important to avoid retrenchment, especially if one is working in sales or service industries. Given the option of employing 2 candidates with exactly the same qualifications, experience and skill, an employer will definitely pick the more attractive one, especially if this employee is expected to meet clients and bring in sales.

To be eligible for this special promotion, patients are required to sign photographic and videographic consent to allow all pre-operative and post-operative photos and videos to be taken and published, without showing their faces. Patients must also allow post-op photos and videos to be taken and published every time they return to our clinic for subsequent surgeries, otherwise this offer would be withdrawn and patients are required to return the discounted amounts.

This promotion cannot be combined with other benefits. Existing patients who are currently being charged old rates have the option of sticking to their existing benefits or switch to this current promotion.

This promotion is valid until 31st August 2020.

For more information, please contact:

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