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This patient first came to us when she was still in her late teens, while studying in Los Angeles. She was happy with the first session of her liposuction, therefore, she returned for a second session 2 years ago, when Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie performed arms liposuction for her. Unfortunately, she did not like the result, although Dr Arthur Tjandra loved it and labelled it as yet another of his Masterpiece. She complained about how skinny her arms became, and how Dr Arthur Tjandra had over-aspirated and created “dents”. Her arms became only half the original size 1 year post-op when Dr Arthur Tjandra reviewed her in Singapore. But, Dr Arthur Tjandra thought that most patients would want all their fat to be removed during liposuction, so he removed all her arms fat. Apparently, she only told Dr Arthur Tjandra that she would have preferred to have fatter arms, rather than skinny arms, 1 year after the surgery, not before surgery. The “dents” she complained about, were actually deltoid grooves. In a fit person, without thick layer of fat, major arms muscles, especially the deltoids, will show through the skin, because there is no more fat hiding the muscles. In a fat or skinny fat person (slim with thick layer of fat, typical of Asian, especially Chinese/Korean/Japanese women), the muscles are hidden by a thick layer of fat, hence cannot be seen. Asian women are mostly skinny fat because instead of exercising to stay slim, they refrain from eating, unlike Caucasians and Blacks, who stay slim by exercising. Therefore in fit and slim Caucasians and Blacks, you can always see the definition of their muscles.

Unfortunately, although she was given an option to choose between high-definition and non-high-definition liposuction surgery during pre-op consultation, she chose high-definition. To read the difference between these two, please read another post which link has been posted on the main page of this Vlog: What is tumescent, traditional, 3D, 4D, 360, high-definition and syringe liposuction? Are they all the same?

When Dr Arthur Tjandra saw her in Singapore a year ago, he spent 30 minutes explaining to her that all the “dents” she referred to, were in fact the definition of her arms muscles! Dr Arthur Tjandra explained that he did not create those muscles for her. Those were her original muscles. As long as there was no more fat covering those muscles, the definition of the muscles could show through the skin. Dr Arthur Tjandra never heard from her anymore after that. But, in April 2020, we were alerted by a patient that someone posted bad review on Bad arms lipo – Arthur Tjandra.


Dr Arthur Tjandra initially thought that the bad review on was posted by her, as she was one of the only 2 patients who complained about the result of arms liposuction within the last 2 years. We have already published the case study of the other patient last year:

Patient No. 481: You call the result of this arms liposuction your Masterpiece? FCUK You, Arthur Tjandra! I want a refund!

In the last 10 years, 3 patients have complained about the result of their arms liposuction. The third patient had her arms liposuction done 4 years ago, so we never suspected it was her until we did an investigation and  found out that it was Patient No. 342, a flight attendant who had her arms liposuction done 4 years ago, not 2 years ago as she had indicated on her review, who was responsible for posting the 1-star rating bad review on We have published her case study, which was previously published on YouTube, on this Vlog:

Patient No. 342: FCUK You, Arthur Tjandra! Look at my arms. I want my arms fat back!

Anyway, below is a video taken half-way through arms liposuction surgery on Patient No. 383. This video shows her right arm before liposuction, and her left arm immediately after liposuction. What do you think of the result, compared to before liposuction?

Apparently, she did not like it, as she thought her arms became “dented” after liposuction, and became too skinny!

Here is a list of her case studies:

Session 1:

Patient No. 383, Session 1: Jowls and neck/double chin liposuction on a teenage girl

Session 2:

Patient No. 383: Result of jowls and neck/double chin liposuction, 2 years later

Patient No. 383, Session 2: Arms liposuction on a slim, young girl

Patient No. 383: FCUK YOU ARTHUR TJANDRA! Look at what you have done to my arms!

For those who wish to come to Dr Arthur Tjandra for liposuction, please go through all the case studies relevant to your surgery on this Vlog. If she had watched arms liposuction case studies videos published here, especially the ones labelled as “Masterpiece”, she would have taken note what the end result would be like when she opted for high-definition liposuction. If you did not like the results which Dr Arthur Tjandra labelled as Masterpiece, you should not have come to him for liposuction! After all, those are his best results, but you do not like them! As a matter of fact, for all the arms liposuction results which Dr Arthur Tjandra marked as “Masterpiece”, the muscles definition of the arms is even more pronounced than hers. As an athlete, Dr Arthur Tjandra sees muscles definition as a sign of fitness and health. Unfortunately, in Far East Asia, especially among Chinese, Korean and Japanese women, muscles are considered ugly. That is why in order to stay slim, women in Far East Asia refrain from exercising because working out may build muscles. To keep slim, they refrain from eating, instead, by drastically cutting down calories intake or by taking diet pills which curb their appetite. Amphetamine and its derivatives are very popular and widely as well as easily available in Asia. The fact that Far East Asian women hate muscles is also why procedures to remove calves muscles and nerve ablation procedure to destroy the nerve innervating calves muscles, resulting in muscles paralysis and eventual shrinking of the muscles, are very popular in Japan and South Korea.

Most women think that they do not have muscles. Most women think that only men have muscles. Unfortunately, or fortunately, women also have muscles. If the layer of fat above your muscles is thin due to exercise or liposuction, your muscles will show through. Therefore, if you do not like muscles, but still want to appear slim, perhaps you could try what Far East Asian women (Chinese, Korean and Japanese) have been doing: refrain from working out and go on extremely strict diet, or even starvation. It may be hard. But if you take diet pills to curb your appetite, it will be much easier. By not working out at all, not only can you prevent muscle hypertrophy, but muscles which are not used for long period of time, eventually shrink in size. When your muscles shrink, and your whole body consist of mostly fat, with shrinking muscles, you will have smooth, roundish body, with no definition of muscles at all! Try that! But, frankly, Dr Arthur Tjandra thinks that it is such a stupid idea. A stupid idea which is extremely popular among Far East Asian women, unfortunately!

Human Anatomy - Female Body

Look at the pictures of these 4 fitness models below. Their entire bodies are covered with “dents”! If you do not like such “dents”, it is best not to get liposuction done. After all, if you want to leave fat behind to cover those “dents”, what is the point of getting liposuction done in the first place? By the way, to those who really think those are dents, those are not “dents”! Those are normal definition of muscles! Most men know anatomy, but, unfortunately most women do not. Many women believe they do not have muscles, only men do.

Deltoid grooves and separation between biceps and triceps are not the only “dents” our patients have complained about. Some patients even complained about the “dents” on their lower inner thighs and grooves separating their quadriceps from hamstrings on their outer thighs after liposuction. Take a look at the thighs of the first model below. Do you see the “dent” above her left knee on her left inner thigh, and the “long dent” along the lateral aspect of her right thigh? If you seriously think that she has gone for liposuction and those “dents” on her lower inner thighs and “grooves” separating her quads from hamstrings, are NOT normal, and possibly result from complication of liposuction, then liposuction is NOT for you! You will drive your surgeon crazy when he does a good job for you and calls you her masterpiece, but you complain to him about “dents” and even post bad review on the internet!!! If you still want to get liposuction done, it is best that you look for a mediocre surgeon who does not remove much fat, especially superficial fat. He will charge a lot of money but hardly removes any fat, leaving you with fat, smooth and round body with no “dent”! Because all the “dents” are covered by fat!

female toned arms 1


Workout to tone shoulders and legs


Are you as fit as you should be for your age? This checklist might surprise you


Shoulder, Arm, Joint, Muscle, Standing, Fitness professional, Sportswear, Abdomen, Physical fitness, Undergarment,


Finally, take a look at Dr Arthur Tjandra’s picture below:


What do you think of the “dents” all over his body? He has got “dents” everywhere! His arms are not even and smooth. Some parts are bigger than the others. The upper parts are big, then they curve in and there are these horrible dents! After that, they curve out again! How come his arms are not straight and smooth? How come there are so many hills and valleys? What are those? There are a lot of ugly dents and grooves. So are his chest and his abdomen. What are all those oblique dents by the side of his abdomen? Are those all complications of liposuction? Has he performed liposuction on himself and over-aspirated? Perhaps his mentor did it for him? What do you think?

While you are thinking for the answers, take a look at the following pictures of 2 world-class wrestlers:



How come their arms are so smooth and straight and not ugly like Dr Arthur Tjandra’s? They have no dents, hills and valleys like Dr Arthur Tjandra’s arms? The three of them have big arms, just like Dr Arthur Tjandra’s arms, but their arms are not so ugly like his, which are dented all over. Why is that so? What happens to Dr Arthur Tjandra’s arms? Did he have an accident? Were they bitten off by some wild animals in the forests? Was it a complication of liposuction? Scroll down for the answer……




















It is because Dr Arthur Tjandra’s body fat percentage was only 8% when that picture was taken! With 8% body fat percentage, it means that there was hardly any fat between his skin and muscles. As there was no fat hiding his muscles, every single strand and definition of his muscles show through his skin! This is what body builders call: DEFINITION!

On the other hand, the 3 wrestlers, although big and muscular, may have body fat percentage of 20%, hence the fat layer between their muscles and skin, hide all their muscles definition!

Therefore, if you want slim, skinny arms and legs, without any muscle definition at all, the answer is not exercise or liposuction. When you exercise or get liposuction done, you will reduce the thickness of the fat layer between your skin and muscles. When the fat layer thins down, your muscles definition will show through the skin. If you want to be slim and skinny, yet appear smooth and round, then you should just starve yourself. You must refrain from exercising, because exercising burns fat and builds muscles! You may try one of those fad diets, eating and drinking nothing but cucumber juice or protein shake every day, and take diet pills which curb your appetite. It all boils down to your calories intake versus output. If you do not exercise, you just need to ensure that you eat less than what you burn off!

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  3. You are a total hack, you should be apologizing for your incompetence. No wonder you operate out of a 3rd world country, you would have lost your medical license in my country.

    • Oh, really? So, after reading this post, you come to a conclusion that women do not have muscles, hence those “dents” are caused by incompetence, which should, in return, cause a surgeon to lose his license to practice? Do you actually understand English? Would you like to try to re-read this blog a few times again to understand what it really says? So, where is the 1st world country you live in again? Your IP address indicates you are in Buenos Aires, Argentina. That is not exactly a 1st world country. That is a 3rd world country by any standard! Argentina is in deep shit right now, isn’t it? Anyway, this is the very reason why Dr Arthur Tjandra feels the need to educate women with this extremely long post. You are one very good example. Even after reading the blog post, your conclusion is that those “dents” are complications of liposuction due to incompetence. He even took the effort to look up pictures of fit women on the internet. Have you actually seen fit women before in your life? Or everyone around you is fat like you? Call this social service. He is doing a service to educate the general public and community. Cause there are just too many bimbos like you!

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