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This 23-year-old Chinese Singaporean cabin crew came to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie for autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation. Although she was pretty slim and appeared just nice in her body-hugging kebaya, she actually had lots of fat all around her body, most notably in her thighs, which were disproportionately thicker compared to the rest of her body. She also had significant “hip dips” due to bulging fat pockets above the “hip dips”, called “love handles”, and below the “hip dips”, called “saddle bags”. If you had observed the bottoms of cabin crews in tight kebayas while you were sitting at Changi airport waiting for your flight, you would have noticed that most of them had either squarish bottoms, due to the presence of both love handles and saddle bags, or A-shaped, sagging bottoms, due to the presence of saddle bags. For bottoms to appear round and nice, love handles and saddle bags cannot be present. This same phenomenon can be seen on most women who wear body-hugging one-piece dress, too.

Below is a slim woman with A-shaped buttocks, due to the presence of saddle bags. Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie likes to refer to A-shaped bottoms as the “granny butt”, as the buttocks appear sagging. If she had thick love handles above her hips, they would project outwards, making her entire bottoms appear square, instead of A-shaped.

Unfortunately, this particular model might not have realized this, as most people never know how they look like from behind. As a matter of fact, most women have actually mistaken saddle bags as hips, and honestly believe that their saddle bags give them an hour-glass figure and round bottoms. Sexy bottoms are those which appear round because the widest points are at hips level. If the widest points move downwards below hips level, the buttocks appear A-shaped and sagging. Most women get mixed up between hips and saddle bags, thinking they are the same. As the above picture was actually used for fashion advertisement, it shows that even the fashion photographer, art director, as well as the advertisement agency which produced this advertisement also did not pay attention on the aesthetic aspect of beautiful bottoms!

People in the fashion industry would normally instruct female models to cross their legs when doing photo shoots. Why? So that their hips would project out, and even if they had saddle bags, they would not appear prominent as what would happen if a model was to stand up with straightened legs, without crossing her legs, as shown above. The picture below illustrates Dr Arthur Tjandra’s point. By crossing her legs inwards, this model projects her hips out, while hiding whatever saddle bags she may have. Of course, the photographer and art director could have easily photoshopped away her saddle bags if they had been present!

Where is the widest part of your bottoms? Is it at hips level or saddle bags level? If it is at hips level, your bottoms appear round. If it is at saddle bags level, your bottoms appear sagging.

Unfortunately, as a junior crew member, our patient had limited budget and could only afford to get the inner half of her thighs done, as it was more important for her to have “thigh gap” than to remove her “saddle bags”. Inner half of thighs consists of 3 areas: inner thighs, frontal thighs and knees.


Before and after fat transfer breasts augmentation by Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie
Inner thighs liposuction by Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie
Before and after inner thighs liposuction by Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie

Video 1: Pre-operative marking

Video 2: Pre-operative marking

Video 3: Squarish buttocks with hip dips due to “love handles” and “saddle bags”

Video 4: “Hip dips” due to presence of “love handles” and “saddle bags”

Video 5: Completion of fat injection into left breast

Video 6: Completion of fat injection into both breasts

Video 7: Completion of left inner thigh liposuction

Video 8: Completion of inner thighs liposuction

Video 9: Immediate result of inner thighs liposuction

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