To learn about Dr Arthur Tjandra‘s academic qualifications, you may visit our official website. You may even examine all his diplomas, one by one, on his Linkedin account. But, who really cares about paper qualifications? Academic qualifications are important when one is fresh out of school trying to look for a job. A surgeon who does not have a track record will have to fall on his paper qualifications to convince a patient to get surgeries done by him. A confident surgeon with proven track records will ask prospective patients to do their own research to study his track records. When you look for a lawyer to fight a case in court, you do not look for one with the highest GPA and attended an Ivy League law school, but without track records, do you? You look for one with the best track records, winning the most cases in courts, regardless of what paper qualification he has, don’t you? Besides, as we have pointed above, based on studies conducted at American plastic surgery residency training programs, residents’ exposure to cosmetic surgeries is grossly inadequate. Hence, a plastic surgery board certification really does not tell you how experienced and good a surgeon is in any particular surgery! In something which depends largely on how “hands-on” a surgeon is, such as liposuction surgery, it is experience and expertise, not paper qualifications which is the determining factor of the result of a surgery! We have already explained above how a plastic surgeon who has the “official stamp” on his diploma which enables him to address himself as a plastic surgeon, may have performed less than a handful liposuction surgeries, throughout his entire residency training! Most only get to assist or watch, because how many full-fee-paying patients would actually sign a consent to allow the trainee surgeons to be their attending surgeons? Perhaps, in the future, when insurers decide to pay for and Obamacare also covers for liposuction expenses. But, hey, Donald Trump is the president now, and Obamacare is set to go down the drain! So, the choice is yours. Do you want someone with fancy diplomas from fancy medical schools, or do you want someone who has really done tonnes of the exact same surgery you intend to get, with good results?

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