When Dr Arthur Tjandra finally published more than 5000 photographs of before and after liposuction surgeries on his website in early 2010s, followed by another 3000 videos on his YouTube channel by mid-2010s, he took the world by storm! He quickly became a sensation! A lot of people suddenly felt threatened by the existence of his photos, but especially the videos! It is the first time in the world, a surgeon is being so transparent! Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie takes videos during every single stage of his surgeries, from the moment he does pre-operative marking, until the completion of the surgeries, as well as follow-up videos taken months and years later, when patients return for other procedures or subsequent surgeries. Try ask to see and read your medical records/case notes the next time you visit a hospital or a clinic. Although the records contain information about yourself, you will never be allowed to read them, as they may contain information (read: error or negligence) which may be used against the doctor, clinic and hospital! And here we are, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie baring all for the whole world to see and watch by publishing raw, unedited videos of his surgeries, from the very beginning to the end! Why? Because he is extremely confident with and takes pride in his works and he has nothing to hide! All his patients who sign videographic consent get a set of videos taken before, during and after their surgeries! As a matter of fact, when we just started our private practice more than 8 years ago, 2 sets of photographs and later on, videos, were taken. One set was taken with patient’s own camera or recording device, and another set was taken with Dr Arthur’s camera or device. This shows just how transparent and confident Dr Arthur Tjandra is, with his works! An act which threatens the survival of many surgeons, as well as liposuction devices manufacturers. An act which prompts these people to lobby YouTube to shut down our YouTube channel in early December 2016, after repeatedly deleting our videos over the 3 year period we have been publishing case studies on our YouTube channel, from 2013 to 2016. His personal Facebook account was closed down by Facebook 2 months earlier, after one of his 300 “friends” repeatedly reported his breasts augmentation pictures, which could be viewed only by “friends”, as pornography. This is obviously a very personal attack! After we appealed, Elixir de Vie YouTube channel was reinstated. Facebook rejected Dr Arthur’s appeal. However, we found that most of our videos have been deleted by YouTube. That is why we have started afresh with this new blog. We cannot, however, re-publish all the cases we have previously published on our YouTube channel on this blog. There are a few thousand videos which we have published on our YouTube channel for Case 1 to Case 398. One case number represents one particular patient. Hence one case number may consist of multiple videos of multiple surgeries. We are starting with Case 399 on this new blog. Besides our own blog, many of our patients who are not bloggers, have also created personal blogs to blog about their journey at Elixir de Vie with Dr Arthur Tjandra. Those who find creating personal blogs too cumbersome, post their experience on another platform where real patients share their plastic surgery journey: Realself.com.

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