Below are some of Dr Arthur Tjandra‘s TikTok videos which he managed to download before he was kicked out from TikTok for allegedly looking like a porn star. Either that, or his imitation of Bruce Lee’s epic yelling when he filmed his Shaolin Kungfu video, sounded more like orgasmic cry, rather than Bruce Lee’s kungfu yell.

The following videos were recorded using Huawei P30 Lite, Dr Arthur Tjandra‘s first (and only) smart phone, which he purchased during Covid-19 pandemic.

As he has been kicked out from all social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, Dr Arthur Tjandra created his own TokTok channel and hosted all his videos himself on his own website and server. This way, no one can kick him out anymore!

2023 TokTok Videos

2022 TokTok Videos

2022 TikTok Videos

2021 TikTok Videos

2020 TikTok Videos

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