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After having published more than 2000 videos of  our surgeries and results of our surgeries on YouTube from 2013 to 2016, we finally decide to start afresh with our own blog and vlog. During that 3 year period, many of our videos were removed by YouTube. The last straw came on 1st Dec 2016 when YouTube shut down our account without any warning and prevented us from accessing it. It was reinstated after we appealed and when contacted, YouTube provided this reply:

Dec 2, 2016


We have re-reviewed your account and have concluded that it is not in violation of our Terms of Service. Therefore, we have unsuspended your account. This means your account is once again active and operational, and in good standing.

If you have forgotten your password, please visit this link to reset it:

The YouTube Team

If we have not violated any of their terms, why did they delete most of our videos? Most of our videos are gone now. Take this video for instance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyMcD1pFJHM&feature=youtu.be

It is a video showing how syringe liposuction is being performed on the thighs. The patient’s whole body was covered with surgical drapes, except the thighs, which were exposed. Why is the video being deleted, when the patient’s breasts and pussy are not even exposed?

Or this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZCPSuxym5A&t=0s

which shows the result of Dr Arthur Tjandra‘s knees, calves and ankles liposuction. We never know that showing someone’s knees, calves and ankles on the internet is considered offensive, or even pornography!

At first, we thought that YouTube might have just employed a bunch of new guys from Saudi, or perhaps they had outsourced all the jobs to Saudi. No wonder Donald Trump is so mad! In Saudi, women are allowed to show only their eyes! So, we tried to talk some sense into these guys. Hey, this is a cosmetic surgery channel. Our surgeon, the famous Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie, is a respectable surgeon known for his works in liposculpting, autologous fat grafting breasts and buttocks augmentation, chee-bye-plasty and also lanjiao-plasty. So, how are we going to show surgeries and results of surgeries on breasts, buttocks, chee-byes and lan-jiaos if we cannot show these anatomies? Besides, the last time we checked, YouTube allows nudity, as long as it is not sexually-explicit. In order to prevent access by unintended audience, we have also voluntarily age-restricted all our videos! We have watched many videos of people bonking one another on YouTube, and strangely, those are allowed on YouTube! Many surgeons have also uploaded videos of their surgeries on YouTube without having their videos taken down although it clearly shows nudity, such as this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we8GTQ3_HH0

So, we are quite perplexed why we are the only one being targeted? After doing some research, we finally realize that we are the only cosmetic surgery clinic in the whole world which publishes raw, unedited videos of our surgeries in an extremely transparent manner, from the beginning till the end; from the moment Dr Arthur Tjandra performs marking, until he finishes his surgeries. We also show the immediate results of our surgeries in video format, with follow-up videos taken the next day after surgeries, months, and years later when patients return to us for subsequent surgeries. No other surgeon in the entire world does what we do! Most surgeons show results of their surgeries in picture format, not videos. Even when they show videos and publish on YouTube, one realizes that the results are still shown as slideshows and pictures, not real patients being video-taped! Now we realize what the real problem is! What we have been doing has caused uneasiness to surgeons who have been showing heavily-edited/Photoshopped results of their surgeries and unable to show videos instead of photos. Dr Arthur Tjandra breaks the long-held tradition and raises patients’ awareness of rampant photo-editing in the cosmetic surgery industry and has done something which no other surgeon in the world has ever done before, by posting raw, unedited videos of his surgeries! Dr Arthur Tjandra has raised the bar too high for other surgeons to follow. Obviously, there has been a lot of lobbying going on, which tries to persuade YouTube to shut down our channel, because our channel has garnered too many viewership and subscribers. If all prospective patients expect their surgeons to show results of their surgeries in video format, a lot of surgeons may go out of business!


Before we popularized the concept of syringe liposuction, did you even know it existed? Do you know that liposuction can be performed with just a plastic syringe and it is so much safer and produce even much better result as well as minimizing risks of complications? Then why isn’t anyone offering syringe liposuction? Search the internet and tell us who else offers syringe liposuction in the world. It can’t be just Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie, can it? The truth is, other than Prof Fong Poh Him, his mentor in Singapore, no one else in the world is currently offering syringe liposuction! The fact is syringe liposuction is no longer being taught in plastic surgery residency training. The last time plastic surgery residents train with syringe liposuction was back in the 1990s. Liposuction is a multi-billion dollar industry. It makes no sense for companies to sell cheap plastic syringes to surgeons. It makes more sense for them to create fanciful and expensive devices to sell to surgeons and patients. But how many surgeons out there actually tell patients that using modern liposuction devices, such as ultrasound-assisted liposuction, carries much bigger risk than syringe liposuction? How many patients know that ultrasound-assisted liposuction may cause burns? Take a look at a case posted by a real patient on Realself.com! After all, when you use ultrasound heat to melt fat, do you really expect that it can’t burn anything else, especially when you perform high-definition liposuction so close to the skin? Our effort to raise awareness of syringe liposuction has certainly hurt a lot of pockets. It is not surprising, therefore, to see major forces lobbying YouTube to try to shut us down and have all our videos removed, forever!

Many patients ask us why we have to strip them naked when taking videos. Well, it is high time we revealed the darkest secret in the cosmetic surgery industry. Many clinics and surgeons take pictures or videos of 2 different persons and pass them off as the same person, one as before surgery, and the other as after surgery. However, certain characteristics such as the size, shape and color of nipples, the size of the areolas, presence of stretch marks on the breasts, tan lines on the breasts, shape, color and type of hair of the pubic area, tan lines on buttocks, stretch marks on hips and buttocks may give away the cheat. Therefore, it is very important to cover the breasts and buttocks as well as pubic area when one wants to pass off 2 different persons as the same person. One only needs to worry about finding 2 different persons of the same height, and don’t have to worry about individual characteristics which may give someone away. Besides, breasts and buttocks can be easily augmented using padded underwear. There is not even a need to perform surgery. If you are going to ask patients to wear underwear, while shooting videos of the result of breasts and buttocks augmentation, how do we know whether those underwear have not been padded? Why even bother to call it before and after surgery videos, if you can’t bare for all to see? That’s why we strip all our patients naked. After all, these are medical videos, intended for adults and prospective patients of the same gender. If a pervert wants to wank off to videos of naked women, there are more vulgar videos of people having sexual intercourse on YouTube, which are allowed, by the way. Hence, one can see where this is heading. Our videos are all taken down because of alleged “pornography”. Even videos showing calves are not spared. One may assume that the reviewer may have arrived fresh by boat from Saudi, or the job of reviewing posted videos has been outsourced to Saudi. But, there really is a major force behind this which does not want patients to expect surgeons to show results in video format. The industry wants to remain in status quo. They want to be able to continue showing patients edited (Photoshopped) photos. And when they show videos, they want the easy way out, by using 2 different persons by covering their identifiable characteristics. It is much more difficult to edit videos, although it is not impossible. Using 2 different persons is much easier and cheaper option. The presence of Elixir de Vie channel and all our videos, and the way we present our results threaten the survival of many of these cheats. That’s why they have been lobbying for us to be shut down!

Therefore, we have decided to stop uploading videos to YouTube and start our own blog/vlog where we will be publishing video case studies like how we have been doing on YouTube for the last 3 years.

Update on 9 Dec 2016: Unfortunately, this platform only allows us to upload a video clip with the size of not larger than 1 GB, while most of our video clips are larger than 1 GB. Therefore, we will no longer be uploading videos. We will be publishing screen shots taken from the video clips instead, in our case studies. All patients who sign photographic and videographic consent forms will be given all videos taken before, during and after surgeries, right after their surgeries. But, please bring your own storage device, the larger the capacity, the better, because most often than not, a patient will end up having multiple videos taken throughout the procedure, from beginning to the end, with total size of more than 12 GB! This just shows how transparent our entire surgical procedures are!! Hospitals and clinics do not even allow patients to take a peek at their own medical records/case notes, because they worry that patients may pick up something which may be used against the hospitals and clinics. And here we are, video-taping every single step of our surgeries, from beginning till the end, and release them to ALL our patients who sign consents for these videos to be taken. This shows just how confident our surgeon is! Our patients are encouraged to blog about their experience, and also to upload and publish videos of their surgeries and results, either through independent blogs, or on Realself.com, just like what one of our patients does on Realself.com. She blogs about her experience, as well as uploads some of her videos for people to watch. She is Case 400 on our YouTube channel, but unfortunately, YouTube has deleted 14 out of the 15 videos we have uploaded for this particular case study, including those extremely benign videos which show autologous fat transfer procedure to her face. Perhaps the YouTube we used to know has been indoctrinated with different view these days. Perhaps YouTube has now adopted the view that women must not reveal their faces to strangers. A woman can only reveal her eyes in public. All other parts of her body must be completely covered. That is perhaps why, our videos showing something as benign as calves and ankles liposuction have also been removed by YouTube. A woman may be stoned to death in certain countries if she reveals her ankles and calves in public. It is sad to see the world becoming more and more indoctrinated by extremely conservative religious view these days. Patients are the ones who suffer as a result of this, because now they are unable to view results of surgeries before choosing their surgeons. Because it is considered “sinful” to reveal body parts like face, calves and ankles! Unfortunately, YouTube has also embraced this doctrine. First, Dr Arthur Tjandra’s personal Facebook account was terminated by Facebook after he shared photos of his breasts augmentation surgeries, NOT with the public, BUT with only the 300 “friends” he has on his Facebook list, most of whom were doctors and surgeons. Perhaps it was also one of those surgeons who felt threatened by his very existence who reported him to Facebook. Now, his videos on YouTube have also been mass-deleted. There are only 2 explanations to this phenomenon: Facebook and YouTube have adopted the ultra-conservationist religious view, or competitors are trying very hard to shut him down because they do not want the public to learn about the truth!

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