This case study was first published on our Elixir de Vie YouTube channel in October 2016. However, all videos related to this case were removed by YouTube as soon as they were published. Their reason? Inappropriate content. We wonder what is so inappropriate about publishing videos of a patient who has had failed procedure done elsewhere, then decides to come to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie (www.elixirdevie.sg) for a revision surgery to be done. The irony is that we actually create yet another masterpiece! And YouTube deletes the videos of this masterpiece! This patient’s face is not shown. Her tits are covered with surgical tapes. Her chee-bye (a.k.a. pussy) is also covered with surgical tape. Basically, with tits and chee-bye covered, she is just like wearing a pair of mini underwear! We cannot help thinking what is so inappropriate with videos showing result of fat-freezing procedure, and how Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie (www.elixirdevie.sg) performs liposuction surgery on this patient to rectify the problem. But, it then crosses our mind. Could what YouTube mean as inappropriate is not so much of nudity, but the fact that we label this case study as a “failed” case of fat-freezing method. Could it be the fact that Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie (www.elixirdevie.sg) takes 3 separate videos to show this patient’s entire body and explains why it is unrealistic to expect fat-freezing procedure to be able to address the issues that this patient has, and why it is so unethical for a doctor to make a patient pay tens of thousands of dollars, selling her the idea that fat-freezing procedure can “freeze” away liters and liters of fat! Hence, we search for all our videos which show failed fat-freezing procedure, and true enough, all the videos which show results of fat-freezing procedure have been removed by YouTube! It is understandable for YouTube to bow to pressures to remove these videos, considering that YouTube’s revenues come from advertisers. Advertisers may not want patients to learn the truth. Advertisers may want to block information which may affect their revenues. However, YouTube must also remember that it is content creators and providers like us, who actually make it possible for them to sell advertisement space!


Anyway, this mother of 2 children in her mid-30s, who was a former model and flight attendant, had spent tens of thousands of dollars (SGD) on fat-freezing procedure on her whole body, however she was extremely disappointed with the result. All the fat which she hoped to “freeze” away, still remains! She finally comes to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie (www.elixirdevie.sg) who explains to her that although it may be possible to “freeze” small amount of fat with multiple sessions of “fat-freezing” procedure, it is unrealistic to expect this method to be able to get rid of liters and liters of fat! Even if it did work, one might need to go for thousands of sessions, spending probably a few million dollars, before one could “freeze” away liters of fat! However, one must also remember that a true liposuction procedure involves more than just fat removal. It also involves sculpting of the body. Hence, the correct term to use is liposculpting. With fat-freezing and other non-surgical methods of fat removal, one cannot do a targeted removal on a specific spot. One may freeze a particular area, however there is no guarantee that all the fat in that area can be successfully “frozen”.  Just imagine what the result would be if some fat cells disappear and some do not!  One may end up sitting in front of one’s TV and cry while singing to the song “Frozen”!

During this first session, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie (www.elixirdevie.sg) performs liposuction surgery on her thighs, removing 3.5 L of fat, as well as performs autologous fat grafting buttocks augmentation (Brazilian butt lift) for her. She finally realizes that she is so gullible, to believe that 3.5 L of fat in her thighs could be “frozen” away!

Video 1: A woman with breasts implants who is still “flat-chested”.


Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie (www.elixirdevie.sg) has explained this phenomenon in great detail in the previous case study: Patient No. 407.

This video has been uploaded to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udobRP5BT1w

Video 2: Why are my arms still flabby after “fat-freezing”?


This video has been uploaded to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J45BWgdOrPY

Video 3: Doc, why don’t I see any result after “fat-freezing” on my thighs?


This videos has been uploaded to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROu-78fD0vE

Video 4: My granny butt still persist after “fat-freezing”!


Sagging buttocks (a.k.a. granny butt) is extremely common in even the slimmest women in their teenage years! This is caused by thick fat over the “saddle bags”, as well as heavy lower half of the buttocks, which weigh and drag the buttocks down causing them to sag like granny buttocks, hence the term granny butt!

This videos has been uploaded to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfJ5Uh3q6MI

Video 5: A slim woman with persistent flabby butterfly arms and thick armpit fat after “fat-freezing”.


This video has been uploaded to  YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3w4ozmRcsU

When a video like this, which shows only arms and nothing else, is being removed by YouTube for having “inappropriate content” you know that they are just making up excuse to remove all our videos. An extremely powerful force is behind the action of having hundreds of our videos removed by YouTube. After all, the one who has the most money, controls what information the public and prospective patients receive. Information which may be detrimental to them may be censored, even on YouTube! After all, YouTube’s revenues come from advertisers, not from content creators! Advertisers control what prospective patients are allowed to learn. Any information which may negatively affect their revenues is blocked!

Video 6: Thighs liposuction after “fat-freezing”.


This video has been uploaded to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_KazRIBOAk

Video 7: Autologous fat grafting left buttock augmentation/Brazilian buttocks lift.


This video has been uploaded to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXs90zrGFhs

Video 8: Autologous fat grafting buttocks augmentation/Brazilian buttocks lift.


This video has been uploaded to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nieoJ2E5dg

Video 9: Result of left thigh liposuction.


This video has been uploaded to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2tnKRyn7OM

Video 10: Result of thighs liposuction: A Masterpiece!


This video has been uploaded to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihMysxev5D8

Video 11: Result of thighs liposuction: A Masterpiece!


This video has been uploaded to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbMbjCm1SXo

Video 12: Result of thighs liposuction and Brazilian buttocks lift, the next day.


This video has been uploaded to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw3MfY21y9Q

Video 13: Result of thighs liposuction and Brazilian buttocks lift: A Masterpiece!


This video has been uploaded to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVto2uTkm-M

Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie (www.elixirdevie.sg) points out why her buttocks still appear squarish or “boxy” even after Brazilian butt lift. This is because she still has significant fat over her “love handles”. When she returns 3 months later for her abdominal liposuction, Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie (www.elixirdevie.sg) shows the transformation of her body after removal of fat from the entire torso, which also affects how her buttocks appear!

Video 14: Result of thighs liposuction and Brazilian butt lift, 3 months later: A Masterpiece!

This patient returns to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie (www.elixirdevie.sg)  3 months later to have her second session of liposuction. This time round,  it is performed on her abdomen; not just her abdomen, but her entire torso. There is a lot of loose, wrinkling skin on her thighs as her thighs were pretty huge before liposuction. Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie (www.elixirdevie.sg) managed to remove 3.5 L of fat from her thighs! She has been advised to wear post-op compression garments for a few months to help her skin retract back nicely, but she only wore them intermittently during the first 1 month post-operatively! A surgeon can do his best to perform a surgery, however a patient also needs to play her role during the recovery period! A combination of what a surgeon and a patient do determine the final outcome of a surgery! There are also still a lot of greyish pigmentation on the skin, which are expected after bruises disappear, and may take a few months to resolve! There is still pretty much swelling after 3 months, hence her thighs will be much smaller than this when all the swelling subsides approximately 6 to 9 months after liposuction!


Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie (www.elixirdevie.sg) explains how important it is to remove the “love handles” to produce a nice arch of the lower back, which will give rise to a much perkier and rounder hips and buttocks. He goes on to compare his own lower back arch and buttocks with patient’s! With the current existing “love handles”, the patient’s hips appear squarish and manly! Once Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie (www.elixirdevie.sg) performs liposuction on her entire torso, one can see the transformation from squarish, manly hips to become more womanly, curvaceous hips and hour-glass figure!



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