This athlete in her mid-30s returns to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie for her third session, 6 weeks after her second session. This time round, after realizing that she could obtain even better result with 3-dimensional liposuction done on her torso, instead of just upper and lower abdomen, she requests for liposuction on her flanks and lower back/love handles. Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie stresses the importance of having completely fat-free lower back in order to have a nice lower back arch. A beautiful lower back arch makes one’s buttocks appear perkier. He likes to compare his lower back arch and buttocks with his patients’ and often put even his slimmest female patients to shame!

She blogs about her experience here:

She also uploads all the videos we took during her surgeries on YouTube:

In anticipation of YouTube deleting all her videos again, which they have already done because YouTube has been instructed to block all information on awake syringe liposuction under local anesthesia so that consumers/patients are not aware this method exists at all, this intelligent patient has also created another blog for her videos:

Video 14: Result of frontal tummy liposuction (excluding flanks and love handles) and autologous fat transfer breasts augmentation 5.5 months later.


Video 15: Result of arms liposuction (excluding armpits and upper back), 6 weeks later.


Video 16: Result of anterior abdominal liposuction, without flanks and love handles.


Video 17: I thought I look good after liposuction of my frontal tummy.  I have no idea how I look from behind, until I watch this video!


Video 18: Result of autologous fat grafting left breast augmentation.


Video 19: Result of liposuction of left flank and love handle. A comparison between right and left sides, before and after liposuction.


Video 20: Result of autologous fat transfer breasts augmentation.


Video 21: Result of 3-dimensional abdominal liposuction including flanks and love handles: A Masterpiece!untitled-8-copyuntitled-82-copyuntitled-83-copyuntitled-84-copyuntitled-85

Video 22: Flanks and love handles liposuction, the next day: A Masterpiece!


The result, 6 months later, can be seen here: Patient No. 369: Result of abdominal liposuction and autologous fat grafting.

This is a list of her case studies:

Session 1: 

Patient No. 369, Session 1: Frontal abdominal liposuction and fat transfer breasts augmentation

Session 2:

Patient No. 369, Session 2: Arms liposuction excluding upper back, and result of abdominal liposuction 4 months later

Session 3:

Patient No. 369, Session 3: Flanks and love handles liposuction and autologous fat transfer breasts augmentation: A Masterpiece!

Session 4:

Patient No. 369: Result of autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation and abdominal liposuction, 1 year later

Patient No. 369: Result of incomplete upper body liposuction (excluding armpits and upper back), 6 months later

Patient No. 369, Session 4: Jowls and neck/double chin liposuction


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Combination of liposuction and autologous fat grafting to breasts or/and buttocks can be seen here:

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