This mother of 2 children in her late-30s managed to slim down with vigorous exercise and crash dieting after 2 pregnancies, but alas, look at what happens to her face! She burnt off all her facial fat at the same time! She looks haggard, old and sad now! Unfortunately, with exercising and dieting, you cannot order your body to burn off fat from certain areas, and preserve fat in another areas. Facial fat, especially in the cheeks and mid-face, is needed to retain youthful appearance. Women need fat in their breasts and buttocks to maintain their femininity. Unfortunately, all this desired fat may be burnt off during exercise and dieting. This is why liposuction and autologous fat grafting procedures are such useful tools to shift fat to turn undesirable fat into desirable fat!

This patient comes to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie for a full face autologous fat grafting to her forehead and cheeks/mid-face, which rejuvenates her look and make her appear 10  years younger!

Video 10: Pre-operative assessment.

Video 11: Result of autologous fat grafting to forehead and mid-face.


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