This extremely slim woman in her mid-20s came to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie four months ago for autologous fat transfer breasts augmentation and left inner thigh liposuction. We have blogged about her experience previously.  She has also written about her experience in her own blog.

She now returns for left outer thigh liposuction and second session of autologous fat transfer breasts augmentation. The reason she splits her thighs liposuction into 4 separate sessions: left inner thigh, left outer thigh, right inner thigh and right outer thigh, is so that she can make good use of the fat obtained from thighs liposuction, for 4 sessions of autologous fat transfer to her breasts. Why doesn’t she just get the entire thighs done in 1 session of liposuction instead of 4 sessions, and freeze the fat for future fat transfer? This is because Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie has different approach in autologous fat grafting where based on his experience, the less time fat cells spend outside the body, the higher the chance of survival after fat transfer. Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie typically injects fat back into the body within 3 minutes after it is aspirated out. Besides, you never know what may happen to the fat cells during storage, transportation, thawing, etc. With this approach, he sees his autologous fat grafting survival rate of approximately 90% after 5 years, an astonishing high rate compared to the worldwide rate of only 30-60% after 1 year!

Just a few days ago, we had an old patient who returned for her final session of autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation more than 3 years after it was first done. Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie managed to increase her cup size from A to E cup with multiple sessions of fat grafting procedure. If the fat injected during this final session survives well, it is likely that she is going to have F-cup breasts. However, she is quite reluctant to blog about her experience and she refuses to even get the videos from us, let alone upload them. This is one example of a selfish patient who does not give back to the society, although she learned about Dr Arthur Tjandra from other patients’ blogs and results. Perhaps it never crosses her mind that if none of Dr Arthur Tjandra‘s previous patients had blogged about their experience and results, she would have never picked up the courage to fly from a first world country to a small city (not even the capital city!) in a third world country to get her surgery done. It is because so many of our patients from first-world countries have blogged about and shared their experience in great detail, that other prospective patients from the same first-world countries have no more reservation about flying all the way to Medan to get their surgeries done. It is because of other patients’ generosity and kindness who shared their experience on the internet, that she avoided spending top dollars in her own country for mediocre or even no or worse still, botched results, like what we have shown in a lot of the videos we have published on our YouTube channel, as well as this blog. It saddens Dr Arthur Tjandra to see that such patients exist. So far, this is the second patient whose breasts size are increased from A-cup to E-cup with multiple sessions of fat grafting. The first case has been published on our website many years ago, before we started publishing videos. Most of our patients managed to increase their size from A-cup to B- or C-cup with 3 sessions of fat grafting, which is good enough for most women. As much as we would like to flaunt and showcase our A to E cup case, it would probably take another 6-12 months before Dr Arthur Tjandra finally uploads the videos himself and blogs about it!

Video 8: Result of left inner thigh liposuction, 4 months later.


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