This extremely slim woman in her mid-20s who weighs just 42 kg, came to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie four months ago for autologous fat transfer breasts augmentation and left inner thigh liposuction. We have blogged about her experience previously.  She has also written about her experience in her own blog.

She now returns for left outer thigh liposuction and autologous fat grafting to her breasts for the second time, and to her buttocks for the first time.

She has blogged about her experience, as well as uploaded videos of her surgeries to her own YouTube channel. She is one of a handful of selfless patients who decide to give back to the internet society. She found out about Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie through the internet, through patients’ blogs and videos we uploaded to our YouTube channel. However, as our competitors manage to sabotage us by getting YouTube to delete most of our videos, and we have decided to stop publishing case studies on YouTube since early December 2016, we have to rely on our patients themselves to upload and publish their surgical videos. All our surgeries are filmed from the beginning till the end, and all patients who allow the process to be filmed by signing consent forms, are given a set of all these videos. This is how transparent we are! Doctors, surgeons, clinics and hospitals will never allow patients to read their own medical records/case notes, unless there is a court order, as they are afraid that there is something which may be used against them and to sue them. And here we are, filming every single step of our surgeries! This just shows how transparent and confident Dr Arthur Tjandra is, of the works he produces! Anyway, as this patient finds that other patients’ blogs and all the videos we have uploaded help her make up her mind on which surgeon to choose and she is glad that she has finally made the decision to fly all the way from Shenzhen to Medan for Dr Arthur Tjandra, she returns the favor of what others have done to help her, by blogging about her experience and publishing her videos! If only all patients could be as selfless as she is!

Video 9: Pre-operative marking of the left thigh. Comparison of right and left frontal thighs, before and after liposuction.

Many patients are advised by their surgeons that it is unnecessary to perform liposuction on the frontal thighs, as there is hardly any fat there! As a matter of fact, almost all liposuction surgeons offer just inner and outer thighs liposuction, ignoring the fact that they need to aspirate fat out from the frontal thighs, back of thighs, saddle bags, lower buttocks, hips and even knees, if they would like to obtain good result! This video of the thighs of an extremely slim woman who weighs just 42 kg is the ultimate proof that it is important to perform a 3-dimensional liposuction of the body, whether it’s arms, abdomen or thighs, if one wishes to obtain good result. If the difference is so significant in such a slim woman who weighs just 42 kg, can you imagine how big the difference is going to be in a person with thick, thunder thighs? We have to thank this patient for volunteering to get her entire left thigh done first, before addressing her right thigh in the next sessions. By opting to have this done, we can show what a huge difference 3-dimensional liposuction can do to even such a slim woman with thin thighs, especially after the completion of this session when her entire left thigh has been completely lipo-ed! So, the next time you see a surgeon for thighs liposuction, you’d better ask him to mark out for you the exact areas he is going to aspirate the fat from! Better still, ask him to film the entire process so that you could see whether there is any difference between before and after liposuction. This is possibly what our competitors are so scared of, that we set a precedent for all patients and surgeons to follow and change the future of the practice of cosmetic surgery. This is possibly why they sabotaged us and managed to get YouTube to suspend our channel, deleting a lot of our videos in the process, before the channel was finally re-instated. But, even after deleting thousands of our videos, we still have 2,167 videos left on our channel! Youtube2167

One day, our YouTube channel may be forever removed by YouTube as our competitors succeed in lobbying YouTube for its permanent removal. We have explained in great detail on our home page, why a lot of stakeholders find the thousands of videos we have published are bad for their businesses. But, even though our channel is permanently deleted, we will leave a mark in history as the only surgeon in the world who has confidently published thousands of raw, unedited videos of our surgeries. We would like to challenge you to find one, only ONE other surgeon who has published 100 videos of his surgeries for the world to scrutinize. If you could give us ONE name, please contact us, and you will win a handsome prize!

Video 10: Completion of autologous fat transfer to left breast.

Video 11: Completion of autologous fat transfer to both breasts.

Video 12: Completion of autologous fat injection into left buttock. A comparison between right and left buttocks, before and after fat injection.

Video 13: Completion of Brazilian butt lift/autologous fat grafting buttocks augmentation.

Video 14: Completion of left thigh liposuction. A comparison between right and left thighs, before and after liposuction.

Video 15: Result of autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation, the next day.

Video 16: Result of left thigh liposuction and Brazilian butt lift, the next day. What a stark difference between right and left thighs, even on such a slim patient with relatively thin thighs!

Video 17: Bubble butt on the left and granny butt on the right: Why it is so important to remove fat from your saddle bags! Imagine how sagging and flat her right buttock would be without Brazilian butt lift!

Video 18: Hip dip on the right side, and smooth curvaceous hip on the left. Why it is important to perform 3-dimensional sculpting!


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