This is the same patient whose first, second and third sessions of whole body transformation series we previously blogged about: Patient No. 54, Session 1, Result of abdominal liposuction and fat transfer breasts augmentation 7 months later, Patient No. 54, Session 2: Inner thighs liposuction, and Patient No. 53, Session 3.

She now returns to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie for her final session of whole body transformation series where she is going to get liposuction performed on her right thigh, and the fat transferred to her breasts (for the 3rd time) and to her buttocks (for the 2nd time).

Video 22: Result of left thigh liposuction, 1.5 months later.

Video 23: Completion of fat injection to left breast. Right breast: big B/small C cup after 2 sessions. Left breast: C cup after 3 sessions.

Video 24: Completion of fat injection into both breasts.

Video 25: Completion of fat injection into left buttock.

Video 26: Finally, A to C cup breasts with 3 sessions of fat injection over 3 years and 2 months!

Video 27: Beautiful, shapely thighs and knees after liposuction.

Video 28: Completion of autologous fat grafting buttocks augmentation (Brazilian butt lift).

Video 29: Finally, A Masterpiece!!

It’s ironic, isn’t it, when patients who are not labelled a masterpieces happily blog about their experience, but those who are labelled as masterpieces do not even care. Not even a word of thanks!


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  1. You are right, some women do not want others to find you and have the chance to be body beautiful. They want to be the most beautiful. In my opinion, a beautiful appearance without a beautiful heart still lacks. If only there is a way to sculpt their heart.

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