This mother of 4 kids in her late-30s has previously visited Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie and sees herself being transformed. In the past, she declined to have pictures and videos of her surgeries published. However, as she is so ecstatic with the transformation that she sees now, she finally agrees to sign photographic and videographic consent for the first time, allowing Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie to publish videos taken during this session.

As she had not given consent to publicize her previous sessions, we would not mention what had been done previously. She had left arm liposuction performed by Dr Arthur Tjandra 3 months ago. This video shows the result of left arm liposuction, 3 months later. Even before full resolution of swelling and complete recovery, one can see how beautiful her left arm has become, as compared to her right arm. Although throughout our website, YouTube channel and blog, we always mention just “arms” liposuction, , in reality, when Dr Arthur Tjandra performs “arms” liposuction, he does not perform it only on the arms, but the entire upper body, which includes the entire circumference of the arms, shoulders, armpits and upper back! This is Dr Arthur Tjandra‘s signature 3-dimensional liposculpting. Most surgeons perform liposuction on only a small segment of the lower arms during arms liposuction. Case 399 is one of our favorite cases! They do not perform it on the entire circumference, let alone the entire upper body. Why? Because most surgeons use powerful devices when they perform liposuction. Try search for anyone else who still performs liposuction using a micro-cannula measuring just 2 mm in diameter. The danger of performing whole circumferential liposuction on large segment of the limbs (either upper or lower body) is that disruption to blood supply to the skin may occur, increasing the risk of skin necrosis. When a surgeon performs liposuction, it is like raising a flap, which separates the skin from the underlying muscles. When powerful devices are used to raise this flap, many of the blood vessels are destroyed, cutting off blood supply to the skin. If only small flap is raised which results in blood vessels disruption, the skin may still get blood supply from adjacent skin, whose blood supply has not been disrupted. But, can you imagine performing 3-dimensional liposuction on the entire length and circumference of the thighs, from hips all the way down to the knees, and raising a flap, an extremely large flap as you do so? There is no way the affected skin in the middle part of the thighs can still get blood supply from adjacent skin on the abdomen or calves, for instance! If there is complete disruption to blood vessels supplying the skin, the skin will just die off, resulting in skin breakdown and non-healing ulcers! The shoulders and upper back are two other areas which prone to this complication. That is why you never heard of other surgeons performing shoulders and upper back liposuction, besides Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie! Search the world wide web, and find us one surgeon, just one other surgeon besides Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie and his mentor, Dr Fong Poh Him of Heal Group, who performs whole circumferential liposuction on the entire length of the arms or thighs, without complications! This is only possible if it is performed with micro-cannula and a syringe, just like what Dr Arthur Tjandra does! But who still performs liposuction with such an obsolete and primitive method these days? Well, sometimes back to basic is still the best! Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie has been performing liposuction with just a syringe and a micro-cannula for the last 15 years. He is probably the only surgeon in the world who has performed more than 10,000 liposuction surgeries! He has published 5000 photographs on his website, 3000 videos on his YouTube channel (almost 1000 of which have been removed by YouTube), and close to 1000 videos on this blog. His results speak for themselves. Back to basic is still the best! But, performing liposuction with just a syringe and a micro-cannula which measures just 2 mm in diameter is extremely time-consuming. It is also extremely tiring and physically-demanding. Not many surgeons are up to this kind of task. Only the extremely fit, such as a marathon runner like Dr Arthur Tjandra and Dr Fong Poh Him, can face this kind of physical challenge. What happens to the rest? Well, the rest just use machines! Those are the best solutions for “not-so-fit” surgeons. You do not want your surgeon to faint or drop dead half way through your surgery because of exhaustion, right? Remember, however, machines do not determine the outcome of your surgery. The skill and experience of the surgeon does! An inexperienced pilot may still crash the most advanced F16 fighter jet! An experienced pilot will fly you safely to your destination in a Boeing 40C, the oldest Boeing airliner still in flying condition, albeit slow. But, ask yourself. Do you really need your surgery to be over as fast as possible? Besides, you have to remember that liposuction is not merely taking out fat. It is more of sculpting the body into desirable beautiful shape. It is a work of art. When you talk about work of art, you cannot rush it and put a time limit to it. Can you rush an artist to finish a painting or sculpture within a stipulated time? Can you rush a musician to compose a musical piece within a stipulated time frame? That is the reason why Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie only accepts one patient and performs one surgery per day! Because he sees every single patient as a piece of art work, and he will spend as much time as he needs to create a masterpiece! All existing patients of his will have noticed that there is no clock and window in the operating room. No one knows what the time is. No one is allowed to leave until a surgery is completed. And surgery will not be stopped until Dr Arthur Tjandra is ultimately satisfied with the result!

Video 1: Result of left arm liposuction, 3 months later. A comparison between right and left arms: before and after liposuction.

Please note that the left arm has not fully recovered and the swelling has not completely subsided. The final result is going to be much better than this!


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